Socks have always been popular in all Japanese fashions. When you have to take off your shoes in daily life often in front of others, it’s a smart idea to be wearing cute socks. So why socks are not solely a gyaru trend, they’re really popular lately in gyaru. I’ve been meaning to talk about socks since I talked about gyaru shoe stores in Japan.

Selections from my personal collection bought this Spring, mostly from Tutuanna.


Three completely gyaru dress styles from Murua’s producer Momoko Ogihara, Secret Magic shop staff & Jouetie shop staff. The common look? SOCKS! 

Fall exhibitions thus far the ladies have been touting printed socks with loafer and thick sole oxfords, so it’ll continue to trend.

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Pearl barrettes to pearl earrings came to my notice because of the super cute city barrettes by Jouetie (previous post). Even though pearls are thought of as super girly I think they’re in a lot of styles. From agejo Ma*rs to oneegyaru Duras to adult Laguna Moon to hippie Love Girls Market and Ungrid.

While it’s mainly an accessory trend I have seen a lot of pearl shoulder-embellished tank tops to go under loose shirts in clothing. The upcoming Laguna Moon dress takes pearls to a whole new level. I really love that style for summer.


I really love the cities barrettes. If I order from runway-channel soon I definitely want the Tokyo one. Pearl accessories is the one Spring accessories trend that will go into Fall. I didn’t see chokers at exhibition and anklets are a true summer trend. I did see pearl accessories in Fall exhibitions for 2013-14. This trend gets my vote for the thrifty gyaru.  :dotbow:


Dazzlin’ shows all the pearls that will be popular for Fall! :bow:

It’s only after I started to make my New Years Resolution of organizing my Ame-life that I realized how many hats I own. It’s rather mind boggling! :oops:

Lip Service dress and One*Spo sparkle beret.

So I got them together and started taking pics.

:!:   I found out I own 32 hats in total.   :!:

I think hats are a great accessory choice (obviously). For short hair they allow you to show body under your hat without having to bother with the top. For extensions they often hide troublesome areas. That’s pretty much why they’re an eternal gal choice.

It doesn’t hurt that Japan’s weather is dreadful often and hats save you from humid-hair-syndrome or i-am-getting-soaked problems :^_^;;: . Seriously the weather is terrible in most seasons, people when in groups often speak about the one nice day that month. Or in August will discuss the days it didn’t rain with reverence.

Cute ski-hat style (ignore the blur thumb -_- )

My Cecil McBee staff-chan in her fedora.

So are you a hat freak, sometimes wear hats, or never ever?

Below for hat pics, photos and shop info… upcoming post about what hats are the boom now :wink:

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