Sendai Forus is the main gyaru mall in north of Japan in Sendai and has the lone Datura store in Sendai. While things seem to be heating up at Sendai Parco and offering a newer easier access point Sendai Forus seems to be recovering from the earthquake and tsunami after effects when a lot of the storefronts were empty. I blogged about visiting back in 2012 (womens | mens | duras and mars shop staff | gilfy and heaven and earth) and again in 2014 to go to Sly. I was back again in 2015 during their late cherry blossom season and I got to snap this lovely Datura shop staff.



I’m so glad I could get several detail snaps of her look because I think she’s a fabulous real Oneegyaru styled girl. The hair and make-up is a balance of natural and fake and acrylics are still popular with Oneegyaru ladies. Datura had amazing pearl and diamante details that are really highlighted with her beautiful style.

She wasn’t carrying the bag of course while she was working but that she thought of dressing up her outfit with a real-style coordinate need like a bag it was very thoughtful and suited her look.

Inside Sendai Forus Datura store

I also was allowed to take a few photos inside Sendai Forus’s Datura store. Even with the poor lighting you can see some sample coordinates and accessories.


I’m really excited for Datura’s Fall collection. As I wrote last year that Datura won Winter Oneegyaru style and they’ve been consistent in really doing good variations of a look that is very wearable and stylish. Not to mention their knits are perfect. At a price point a little lower than Rienda and much lower than Rady it helps that they’ve really capitalized on the budget Oneegyaru who wants to be stylish but needs to pay some bills.


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After my Rady Shinjuku Lumine shop staff theft post I promised I’d post about the Rady Tokyu Plaza ladies. The Tokyu Plaza girls have lived under the shadow of the more popular Lumine EST store but with that store gone the Tokyu Plaza one in Omotensado is bound to be booming with business.


Two fabulous casual Rady styles. Love how a jeweled tunic and jeans just looks so Onee casual with a comfortable pair of heels and the right make-up and hair.


Both short haired! I love short-haired Oneegyaru. They still really look lovely and put together and show how it’s not just long-hair that makes lovely Onee hair.


The store is centered around a jeweled diamond. It’s really big and pretty.

Sorry to block out the shop staff’s face. She was caught off guard and looked a bit severe so I didn’t want to show a bad pic of such a pretty lady.


The girl on the left’s wonderful make-up and delicate accessories.


I love how her lipstick matches the Rady logo. And somehow works with such a cool-toned outfit. Looks very summery!


Even super cute from the side. Such lovely hair with volume Onee curls.


The girl on the right’s nails were spectacular. Perfect Rady style without using the traditional prints. I really want to recreate those Swarovski hearts sometime.


This is a photo of the store I took when it first opened in 2013. The style was much more neon back then. The whole look seems to have softened. The store is still beautifully white and sparkly and gorgeous, however.

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Rady Spring picks

Rady has been putting out their Spring collection on-line ( and have been selling out as quickly as they stock it. Even with the scandal of earlier this year the brand doesn’t seem to be slowing down. I don’t know how Onee I put myself as. I guess I consider my style more vintage-cute-lady, but this Spring’s collection has gotten me wanting so much.


Left: the peach tone looks so nice for summer without being another pink item in the overloaded pink of Onee styles (lavender, blue and yellow also popular this season). And I like how this piece gets away from the trend of just a jeweled neckline.

Right: I love a onesie that is loose on the top and does a nice flare out with shorts really leg flattering.


Two really body flattering prints.

Left: Set-up that focuses the light upward and towards the face and makes the bust look bigger. It also does an arm flare so the shirt doesn’t make the arms look bigger and allows for more air flow during the horrible summer months.

Right: A long narrow front makes the body look slimmer.

Rady is not only killing it with their original prints but how body flattering they are. I was going through their webstore again and found example after example of how they really thought of a woman’s figure. Like how the flared sleeves conceal a smaller breast shape, or how this higher waisted dress flares just enough to be belly flattering.

Mini side rant but I see a lot of brands just slap prints down or do a cut on a dress and it doesn’t seem it corresponds to how the feminine shape is at any body type. I really love that Rady (also Datura) are thinking about the shape of the woman and how to flatter it best.

I will definitely be taking more photos of Rady staff this Spring because I’ll be shopping there a lot.

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Gyda shop staff in Shibuya 109 are just like their Gyda producer Yuria Kushido stylish adult sexy casual.  Fig and Viper producer Alisa Ueno recently called Gyda Neogal . I think that has more to do with Gyda head of sales, Aiko Ueda, who is a fabulous original mix of gyaru, raver and harajuku styling.

Gyda instead offers adult sexy in a casual vibe. Almost #iwokeuplikedis. I’ve profiled the brand since 2011. Their first foray into Shibuya 109 was unsuccessful, but it seems this time the brand is lasting.


Two stylish oneegyaru looks from Gyda on their cool Shibuya 109 shop staff. Love the winter transitional style.


Both of their hair has slight ash tones. I don’t see ash giving up its reign as the tone of choice. Violet is also remaining strong. Peep the wrist tattoo on the short haired shop staff.


This was my shop staff who helped me. She is wearing fabulous make-up and the sports-material sweatshirt I bought.


Great eyeliner meets lower shadow look.


Her nails were newish but one had already chipped off. Acrylics nails and shop staff life sometimes don’t mix. I think they’re quite stylish and have a definite Chanel vibe.

Yuria Kushido seems to be really working on her store and I think her style is really catching on with gyaru and ex-gyaru in their 20s. GYDA now has 11 stores in Japan so they’re succeeding in a tough economy right now. Her look is definitely part of the future face of Shibuya 109.

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At Liz Lisa Harajuku Takeshita store I finally got to take the Shop Staff Snap series outdoors! Liz Lisa Takeshita store is a stand-alone store that used to house Liz Lisa Chambre a Coucher  on the second floor and now houses the Jugetta brand (previous shop staff snap). The Takeshita store doesn’t always have as much merchandise as the Shibuya 109 store or the Shinjuku Alta store, but if you’re in the area it’s a good check. Also because there was so many foreign tourists their English is better.

So happy I got to take a picture of this shop staff in particular because she was showing off the true feeling of classic Liz Lisa and it was super princessy. Now Liz Lisa like most brands have moved to the retro pin-up style and a Larme mix so they are not putting out as much princess items. But last year this girl was showing it all off.



Somehow the combination of white and beige and her brown hair aren’t toned down but rather turnt up by her wonderful feminine styling.


Check out her cute and simple Liz Lisa pumps. I took this picture in November, but the Liz Lisa christmas trees were already up. Aren’t they perfect?


Her princess necklace is so lovely. I’m currently all about pearls, I wish I bought that so I could at least pretend I was as fancy as her.


She had the perfect silky hair. Harajuku along with neighboring Omotensando has a hive of hundreds of hair salons so you’ll always see great hair around there. Luckily I had just come from a treatment or I would’ve felt very unworthy.  :up:


You don’t see over-the-top acrylic nails as much anymore but wow. She’s such a princess.

Of course it being Takeshita which is always 50% tourists as I was taking the pictures tourists came up and started taking pictures of her and me. URGH! Takeshita is the worst. I would avoid it, but the lovely Liz Lisa store and its always kind and beautiful shop staff and the great selection Tutuanna are always reasons I head back.

I am laughably behind on shop staff snaps, which I guess is a good thing. I’ve got so many more, maybe 40 to do so they’ll slowly come out. But since it’s becoming Fall I’ll try to focus on Fall and Winter style ones for now.

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Looking for more shop staff snaps? Stay tuned and view over 100 previous shop staff

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