This is part of the 109 to overseas series showing how you can use a brand’s style with Western retailers.  :idea:
Previous brands: Delyle, OneSpo, Glad News

I hope everyone’s been looking at the staff-chan coordinates and regular people from mixi to see how they can make a Gilfy look. I  searched 3 easy and cheap stores: Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and YesStyle to gather some pieces for looks. I’m sorry users who are in Asia Japan about using YesStyle. I know when I tried to look at the site when I was in Japan I was immediately blocked :(   Hopefully you guys can still use Urban and Forever 21 for looks :-D


YesStyle’s brand IMiusa does a ton of Gilfy-style shirts.

YesStyle – I’Miusa casual tee $19.00

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Phew Gilfy week is fun but tiresome. Gilfy Week ends on the 31st and then on Feburary 1st the doll will have an ASK ANYTHING open submit form that will be open for a week. During that time I’ll be posting articles: Gyaru Recessionista (topic courtesy of malignita), Jobs for Gyaru (another topic courtesy of malignita), and Being and Gaijin Gal and Safety in Japan. After a week I’ll be slowly trying to answer your questions. It was tons of fun doing it the first time around, so I curiously await what you have to ask this time :-D

As for the Giveaway I’ll be keeping it open until the 17th of February when I get back home from Paris  :idea:

06 by Gilfy, Backs, Gilfy and ReDark for Spring 2010

Spring style has not come out for Glad News nor Heaven and Earth, so Gilfy and Backs are the only ones to show what Rock means this Spring. So far for Gilfy the theme seems largely military, with pieces of preppy thrown in. Personally I like what’s happening with Gilfy and I’m hoping for a strong season this time.

Nice Strong look, quite military. Notice the hat styling, this is becoming more popular to wear a hat this way.

40+ more pics of Spring trends from 06, Backs, Gilfy and ReDark under the cut.

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Gilfy was my first love when starting out shopping at 109 so I think a week of love to one of the most popular gal stores is needed.

Maison Gilfy’s 109 store

I used to be such a Gilfy whore that I got to the point I couldn’t go a day without wearing something Gilfy. A hat. a bag. a dress… anything. However I was saddened by the turn out of their last few seasons. I admit my love wanes sometimes, but I still look to them for great original designs.

So this week is all about Gilf-gilf-gilfy~! :idea:

Gilfy is obscenely popular. Gilfy/ReDark/Backs has 31 stores in Japan, Gilfy alone has 15 :!: . Compared to popular Mar*s store that only has 12 total locations, it’s just dwarfed. Gilfy transcends gyaru, but even with its immense popularity spilling out it still is very much a favorite with gals. They were the number one advertiser to Shibuhara’s Pop Sister issue 1 while still supporting Ageha as well.

Upcoming this week

Gilfy, Backs, ReDark history:

arti-sanal Gilfy in Osaka OPA

Gilfy means gilded + beautify = Gilfy. Debuting in 2004 in 109 after winning the 109 scout for new talent competition. Gilfy started their own style with bias mismatch seemed cotton teamed with non-Engrish words, zipper accents, oddly placed details and perennial plaid. They’ve made themselves their own brand of rock.

Shibuya 109 ReDark

ReDark was known as the AmeKaji brand arm and was debuted in 2008 Spring to much fanfare, but had repetitive seasons and has since changed to more Backs monotone style. Its future currently seems the most perilous and other than the 109 store and Nagoya Passe mall it has no other self-contained store.

Backs at Osaka OPA

Backs opened in Fall 2008 became instantly popular for its mix of monotone and mannish looks with close-fitting styles and black rimmed glasses. In magazines sometimes people now call their look Backs-kei, meaning it has gained its own style genre. Backs has made a name for itself with accessories that combine well with other rock/mannish/oraora styles such as watches, glasses and tennis shoes.

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I’ll be updating this post the more reveals I find. Most of the pictures are from the brand’s mixi communities.

Since all the fukubukuro have been on sale pictures keep popping up of the reveal. I’ll be hunting more pics down as they come up so check back even if I’m posting above it.

Spiral Girl link to picture possibilities

Baby Shoop

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