okinawa naha
No edit, right before landing. So gorgeous :alpaca:

Okinawa has been super high on my bucket list of Japan for so long! That I went still shocks me! I had wanted to go for years but the cost of hotels and airfare are both usually crazy, but since a ton of budget airlines have moved into Japan it’s made it so much cheaper to fly to Okinawa. My flight cost: $175 via Jetstar and Peach. If you’re a foreigner ANA and JAL visitor deals (visitor visa required) to always keep it at around $210 USD, too.

I went with my girl Lucie and it was our second time traveling together. We make good travel companions. Our tiredness just makes us more sarcastic, usually towards each other :cat: She told me I was spending too much time primping and goes “Hurry up Scubasa.” ….best damn pun ever for gal and beach. I live for Scubasa.

Sadly since it’s an ocean resort a lot of things I did I couldn’t capture on film. :heartbreak:


:bow: Lucie’s first time kayaking and my first time trying to kayak in the ocean!
:bow: Getting an amazing massage, body scrub and sauna

and best of all

:bow: We got a private boat trip to snorkel! For only $30 each we signed up for the group trip but it ended up being only Lucie, me and the driver! Such good timing! During our trip our scuba our driver (and diver) picked up a blue starfish and put it on his head like a hairpin. So hilarious! Why did I not buy a waterproof camera for these things :heartbreak: We also got to feed fish and watch them follow us which as great!

A lot of the days were overcast, but islands tend to do that. :sweatbubble:

Lucie in Black Milk and GOA walking to the lighthouse


Walking on the beach after our relaxing massages and body scrubs. View Post