I got a tumblr question (I love tumblr questions! Feel free to ask, they may become a post!):

Can you talk about perfume in Japan on your blog? I heard Japanese people[sic] are not fans of perfume at all, and it’s better to not wear it when visiting.

First of all, in my experience scents are HUGE in Japan and perfume is very popular. People list their favorite brand of perfume on their blog, many people carry a body spray or tiny perfume in their bag, and they’re big on owning more than one item. Japanese deodorant is especially horrible and so I think the scent issue becomes even more popular during summertime. I often get complimented on my perfume in Japan, rarely so in America.

For gyaru the popularity of brand scents has really risen. Back in 2010 I talked about DIA coming out with a fragrance while the short-lived MA*RS scent was on the market. Since then Rienda, Murua, Laguna Moon, Jouetie, Emoda, Liz Lisa and Sly have all put out some kind of scent.

My friend Alice and I used to say the reason we walked into a Liz Lisa store and came out with so much clothing was because the store smelled so good. Other stores are also aware of the power of scent. You can see Murua shop staff constantly misting their store to imprint their brand’s scent on their clientele


Songuer Dia “Love Essence”


Fabulous Oneegyaru Rii is in love with DIA’s perfume (post here). Maybe we can bug her pretty self to describe it?


DIA shop staff looking great with the posters and bottles of “Love Essence” by DIA.



Murua – Deep Amethyst, Pearl Rose and Sugar Citrine


Deep Amethyst by Murua is probably the most popular gyaru brand perfume and with good reason. It smells feminine and exotic without being overpowering. I’ve previously reviewed Murua’s Deep Amethyst scented shampoo and conditioner with glowing remarks especially about its scent. The other two smell nice, Pearl Rose is a rose scent but not a delicate one. Sugar Citrine reminds me of a lighter Clinque’s “Happy”.

Mitsu’s review: I love Deep Amethyst. It smells like jasmine and ylang ylang with other exotic scents mixed in. It’s very light and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments wearing it out. However, my bottle dropped from bathroom sink to my floor and the plastic cracked leaving me with 3/4 on the floor. I can’t believe it cracked from such a low distance. I’m really disappointed by the plastic container and decided not to buy again even if I do love the scent.

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