Spiral Girl is one of my favorite brands and they’ve carried over their pop gal concept into this season mixing military. Spiral Girl doesn’t take itself too seriously and that translates well into their bold catalog.

SPIRAL GIRL details:
katakana: スパイラルガール
style: pop gal, trend
website: http://www.spiralgirl.jp/
webstore: http://store.roomy-s.jp/shop/spiralgirl
number of stores: 28 stores (3 in Tokyo) + 1 outlet + 1 store in Hawaii & 1 store in Taiwan
since: 2004
this season’s concept: None stated
what it’s really this season: Military and 90s grunge themes with bold red x olive combinations
model: Kiko Mizuhara 水原希子 (Vivi model)

Fall 2010 gyaru trends featured from Spiral Girl: chino pants, badges, nordic print, military, chunky knits, fuzzy black and white sweater, printed tights, olive, red, shoulder stole, brown leather x sheepskin, fur boots

Spiral Girl AW Catalog

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A little bit of a side track today since Mar*s unleashed their 2010 Spring & Summer collection. Mar*s has a huge fan base and I’d call it second to Gilfy and extremely popular with the Agejo crowd. They’ve released looks that seem more about their personal style than trends, which personally is a good thing since those who enjoy buying Mar*s their items won’t look dated next Summer or even the one after that. :wink:

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