I’m heading to Japan soon and I’ll be doing the majority of my shopping there for my Japan Spring wardrobe. I don’t plan to buy that much, or rather less than I have in the past. I feel I have my current style mood right now of what I want to wear and build around that. This is my Japan Spring wardrobe wish list I definitely can’t afford to buy it all, but I’ll definitely try it all on.  I love seeing these posts from other bloggers, so I hope you’ll enjoy mine.

My current theme for Spring/Summer is: Girly bohemian casual.

Where I live I now spend a lot of dressed up time (i.e. non-potato time) walking to restaurants and shops, so I want cute things that are cute to walk lots in and comfortable also go well with sandals and other easy shoes. I usually walk a few miles a day on days like this and it’s made a lot of my other clothes unwearable for not being comfy for long walks. I’m trying to be really aware of comfy and casual.


Duras Offshoulder Onepiece (here)


japan spring wardrobe

I love everything about this look. Bring back hair scarfs! Duras usually has one piece I’ll buy each season and wear the hell out of. I bet this one will be it. This is Duras look my main goal and look inspiration for Spring/Summer.


Rienda Picnic V-Neck Onepiece (here)


japan spring wardrobe

Rienda brought back this Pucci-inspired print for their 10th anniversary and I really hope it restocks because it seems the perfect dress for summer lunch.

Prints please come back to fashion more! I crave the prints!


Egoist Smart Tapered Pants in Pink (here)


egoist-tapered-pants L0EGO16A33_1

I’m a sucker for pastel pants and I like the loose styling of these pants. They look like they would suit a lot of summer tops.

Datura Rose Panel Tank Onepiece (here)



Datura was a big miss for me for Winter because there was too much repeat, but I really love their Spring line. My favorite is this dress. Wondering how it will fit on my tall potato frame, but I hope to at least try it on and see.


Resexxy Denim Fringe Tight Onepiece (here)



Girly edgy denim is life. I really love the figure flattering V trim.


Resexxy Color Tweed Fringe Jacket (here)



I don’t know if I would’ve look at this twice if not for Emi x Lea‘s love of this and Emi always styling it so well. I really want the blue to offset all my pink purchasing.


Snidel Flower Embroidery Onepiece (here)



The design could either be girly and loose or make me look dumpy. Either way I’ll find out. Love Snidel’s venturing into bohemian for this season.


Cecil McBee Off-Shoulder Blouse (here)



This blouse is already sold-out, but I hope they restock. It looks like it could suit a lot of skirt types.


Dazzlin Felt Hat (here)



That model’s hair is so cute. :hearts3:  Hat addict wants another hat. This is not news.


See by Chloe Gold Wedges (here)



My non-Japanese item on the list. I’ve moved to mostly leather shoes because they hold up better. These gold wedges are perfect. I love gold leaf, I want to see more gold leaf on fashion.


…and for some quirk

Merry Jenny Piping Set-up (here)



Merry Jenny isn’t always my fashion lately, but I usually find something each season I love, buy and wear often. This sleepwear turned day wear suits my roomwear addicted heart.


…and roomwear

Gelato Pique Cotton Lace Set-up (here)



I’m addicted to roomwear and had to include some in my Japan Spring wardrobe wishlist. I plan on doing a series about Japanese roomwear with reviews beyond my blurb I had in the staying cute during winter in Japan. I love that Gelato Pique does one set-up each season that seems so fashion trend. The off shoulder looks really cute but probably still comfy for sleep. Last season’s Gelato Pique trend-as-sleep was gaucho pants. :cheery:


What’s on your Japan Spring wardrobe wishlist?


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I am in love with Cecil McBee for one reason right now and that is because 17 of its stores have official ameblos (check out the entire list here). Most of them started back in 2009, so I am soooo late to the party. :worry: However, they’re just amazing! So many of them update regularly and show off new pieces. It doesn’t hurt that Cecil is so big that there’s always new pieces. :stars:

However what I really like is seeing blogs from different parts of Japan. It’s not just Osaka and Tokyo reporting (like WC), or even Nagoya (Gilfy). Instead Cecil has blogs in Sapporo, Hiratsuka, Utsunomiya, and Sendai also. :upheart:

Maybe it’s the sociologist in me, but I just love this. It’s a way to see how gal looks in Sendai and these far flung places where I might not visit. :loveword:

Also for those of you who looked at the catalog bits from Cecil and thought HMPH that’s NOT gal, look at the shop staff.

Toot-toot-tooot :music: Presenting the shop staff of Cecil McBee in their fall collection :hands:

This girl is so adorable and I love the black version of the boho look that Liz Lisa is favoring (in brown of course :wink: )

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I’ve decided to make Cecil McBee for Fall a two part post, mainly because Cecil is huge and I don’t think I’ve discussed the gravity that is Cecil. So cue the Imperial March and let’s dive into the mammoth of Cecil :stepup:

Cecil McBee in 109 Kohrinbo in Kanazawa. The typical Cecil McBee store.

CECIL MCBEE is BIG mmmkay?

Let’s discuss Cecil McBee first before showing you parts of the catalog just to explain the brand.

First of all, it is constantly the highest selling brand within 109. It occupies some of the biggest space within 109 (floor 2). It has 8 stores within the Tokyo area. It has the most stores of all gal brands. If there is a Godzilla of Gal, it’s Cecil McBee.

Cecil McBee in Namba, Osaka. There’s an elevator inside the store. It’s massive.


Within Cecil McBee stores there is an extreme variety of styles.

On one side there are party dresses and items for OL girls on a date. Items that are very Aisare and feature in CanCam. Then, there are items that are very trend. If berets are in style then expect 10 different examples of berets in store. Finally, at the end of the spectrum are pieces that could easily be found in DIA: open backs, sparkle buckles, sexy hotpants, etc…

Also, Cecil McBee has a large selection of bags and accessories. Watches, cellphone charms, necklaces, rings, wallets, candles.

There is no “Cecil Style” instead there is something for everyone. Cecil McBee’s price point is also extremely competitive. Dresses for $60.00 and under. Coats for $75.00. Within the gal price range, and Japanese clothing prices in general, these are good prices.

CECIL McBEE Sister Stores

Cecil McBee has also branched out into two others stores: Fabulous by Cecil McBee and Cecil Linc.

:stars: Cecil Linc is more of a style brand concentrating on natural sweet style. It’s an extremely girly brand and featured in Ray, CanCam and JJ. Hime gals may be interested in this brand.

:stars: Fabulous by Cecil McBee is more of a Mote-kei brand featured in mags like Pinky, Ray, Can Cam and JJ as well. It’s a bit of a girly date brand for OL ladies. Gals may like this brand for being adult without being Mode or Celeb.

Catalog & Mook

CECIL MCBEE details:
katakana: セシルマクビー
style: adult, trend
website: http://www.cecilmcbee.jp/
webstore: http://gw.tv/fw/cecil/
number of stores: 31 + 1 outlet
since: 1996
this season’s concept: None stated
what it’s really this season: Trend Mix
model: Several for the mook. Cover model is 39 year old Risa Hirako.

Cecil McBee has put out a mook. If like previous Cecil McBee mooks then it’s available at local convenience stores along with bookstores. This is a move only done by the most popular brands in Japan.

I’ve reported about previous Cecil McBee Winter and Autumn mooks here and here.

Absolutely hot cover! Risa Hirako is such a beauty. (amazon.jp link)

Damn it must be hard looking that gorgeous, glad I don’t have those kinda worries :wink:

Catalog Shots

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Your gyaru detective is here, trudging the web to find more exhibition pictures that’ll give us a sneak peek to this Fall’s trending fashions. :waves:   :wink:

Some makes me salivate with credit card in hand. :heartlove:  Others make me want to go into my closet and hide and tell my clothes I do love them, it’s just their ugly sisters I hate :(

Brands below: Backs, Gilfy, Cecil McBee, Fabulous by Cecil McBee, Titty & Co, Moussy, Miia & Dazzlin

A note concerning fur:

There’s going to be a lot of fur fashion discussions with the upcoming season shaping up how it is, so I thought I’d get this out of the way. I understand people have polarizing opinions on the use of fur in fashion. The fact of the matter is we’re discussing Japanese fashion. I will not hide the use of fur, because I consider it my job to report on all gal fashion. Japanese fashion yearly uses a lot of fur and PETA and other campaigners have not gotten into Japanese mindsets. Fur is soft and warm, that’s all it is to Japanese. As consumers we make our own choices by supporting or boycotting items.

I implore ladies to keep the Doll from being a fur debate. This is a place to discuss fashion not to question ethics. Please keep the commentary strictly on fashion. :heart:


A look from the BACKS exhibition. Short pants, suspenders & bowler hats. Gyaru Newsie anyone? :cat:

Fur small items being marketed. Possible scrunchies?


More from the Gilfy exhibition. Long stoles, more leopard.

I admit seeing mannequins like this does make me think of a Real Doll teaparty or other creepy fetish things. :!:

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