Comfilax is DIA Spec’s grown up sister. The Kurogyaru chief brand has branched out into Oneegyaru and that alone should spark a post here, but how they’ve done it is one of the bigger reasons I’m writing up about it. More down below along with a meme started by the brand, but first introductions!

Comfilax is a word combination of “Comfortable” and “Relax”.

Their brand introduction is peppered with the worst new Engrish-Japanese katakana like Citylike シティライク and Onelike ワンライク. Which had me going like that Project Runway “blood orange” moment. But mainly they aim to combine sweet, sexy and a downtown feel by using color variations and textiles. And an emphasis on real clothes リアルクローズ.

Real clothes has been such a odd fashion phrase lately, meaning not runway and priced well. In layman’s terms: an actual working slave could afford it. There’s even an extremely ambiguous Japan wiki entry about it.


Comfilax details:

katakana: コンフィラックス
webstore: mobacolle
number of stores: one personal store in Shibuya 109, featured in all seven DIA spec stores
started: February 2014
shibuya 109 blog: crooz


Comfilax made meme


The top that made a meme styled in Onee casual by Comfilax shop staff.


The cute cleavage details and bonus it’s reversible!

….and before I go any further I’ve got to shout out cuties Emi and Lea for first posting about Comfilax when they discussed this top.

Yes that top actually became a meme. Gathered by rocketnews here for English and on matome.


A compilation of some of my favorites :loveword:

And possibly because of that, or in spite of that, it’s sold out several times and keeps being restocked. Maybe they’ll make a summer one?

The details and cleavage say DIA spec, but the simplicity is Comfilax!

Comfilax Styling on the Web

So I’m sorry to quickly turn you off the brand because their website features two things that never work out when discussing “real clothes” a) a white model that looks nothing like real styling b) horrible catalog shots possibly worst I’ve seen.


Model that doesn’t fit the brand? Check


Yup. Check the shop staff above. Now look back. What in the hell…

Engineer boots? With an Onee set-up?

Awkward posing? Check  Possible wig? Yes  Making a short girl look shorter with unflattering shoe/sock cut off? Yes

Basic hand on hip posing and weird pee pose? Yes

I promise this is not the brand or I would have not talked about it.

Comfilax Stying with DIA stores

DIA spec’s company is doing something smart with Comfilax. It does have its own stand alone shop in Shibuya 109, but the expansion has been into DIA original stores. I mentioned in my previous post that Oneegyaru is a very strong market with great sales currently. And I think this is a very smart business move by DIA. Instead of DIA changing up their whole style, they’ve instead incorporated another style into the stores.

Kurogyaru brand DIA still has a strong core audience. Fashionsnap in their report of Shibuya 109’s fukubukuro event this year specifically mentions DIA as a reason people were choosing Shibuya 109 to queue up for. They interviewed a girl who came from Yamanashi prefecture, which is the Mt. Fuji area about 2 hours away by Shinkansen, for a DIA bag. But I think they realize they could grab some of their audience that may be moving into Oneegyaru.

Here’s the staff of DIA Machida modeling Comfilax coats.

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 3.55.36 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 11.48.35 AM

The first staff looks fully Onee while the bottom one as a DIAxOnee mix to it.


More DIA shop staff in Onee outfits by their sister brand.


And Comfilax styling done by its own Shibuya 109 shop staff. A little more toned down, but still very Onee.

 Even though you do not see a rhinestoned belt or gold painted pants, they’re still in stores. DIA has just diversified while keeping true to its origins.

dia-egg-model-yun-mobacolleFormer Egg model YUN modeling the DIA spec collection for mobacolle

As a note both DIA Spec and Comfilax are on sale now on mobacolle! Good discounts for a brand that JUST got on the webshopping trend. Previous post: How to buy on mobacolle using tenso.

As a note: I really want to thank everyone who commented or RTed or corrected my last article on the Fall of Gyaru masking the problems with Japan fashion. I didn’t think I’d wake up the next day to read so many responses and I really thank y’all. I’ve been editing and fixing and editing more and will continue to do so. What started out as a rant and my ire with people quick to dismiss a very broad style movement that has been around for years with misinformation and bias, turned into something good I guess.  :cheery:

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