I keep meaning to do conversation Fridays and then Friday rolls around and I get set for my own weekend and la-de-da weekend is over… bad blogger! I’ve also been working on a new gal era post and talk and so many things to say, but for now I thought maybe a then vs. now post with small trends may be a good thing.



I’ve been talking about a lot of these trends except for the last two.

Otaku-kei Gyaru


Otaku-Gyaru (ヲタク系ギャル) is something press has been titling a few girls mainly from Popteen popular model and singer Hikari Shiina aka Pikarin (椎名ひかり – ぴかりん) and Okawaki Serika aka Serikamacho (奥脇晴梨夏 – せりかまちょ). Although I feel like Egg model Kanako Kawabata with her extreme Spongebob love falls under this category too. Hikari Shiina has a monthly segment in Popteen where she cosplays her favorite characters. Pikarin has really gotten popular lately.

Pikarin’s song “侵略ぴかりん伝説☆” or Shinryaku Pikarin Densetsu☆ with definite Akiba-idol flavor


Screen shot 2013-10-18 at 6.48.38 PM

Hashtag #everything

After PopSister died there was this kind of question whether Shibuhara (previous post) died with it, but in reality Harajuku and Shibuya have never been closer however Shibuhara seems to be a dead term. But in jumps NeoGal ネオギャル as currently coined by Vivi magazine.  Anni aka Missalmightyx blogs about Neo Gal here and I think she touches on lots of good points. Vivi’s webshop has collabed some clothing they consider Neo Gal (here). To add fuel to the fire Runway-Webstore just redesigned (owner of Emoda, Murua, Jouetie, Ungrid, Laguna Moon and more) and they’ve decided to make a section called “NeoGal

Now whether what Fig & Viper and Jouetie do is more NeoGal or what WAS mode-gyaru is now NeoGal… that’s a curious one since magazines and brands are saying differently. I tend to side with Jouetie and Fig & Viper.  :regret:



Do you agree with the above old and new, do you think differently? Comment below! This is made for discussion  :smiley: