My nails for the move to Japan. Nothing special, not 100% my taste. However, I listened to my man and went short, square with no parts for travel and moving purposes. :sage: So boring! Honestly I hate them, just not my style :cloud:

Lesson learned: Don’t listen to my man, he’s too practical :wink:

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Ever listen to one of those songs that starts dreadfully slow and you get bored but then it speeds up until it’s absolute madness? Well that song was my life for the last 2 weeks. :cry: So much stress!

Between my laptop breaking 4 days before I flew out, to jillions of appointments, to dealing with my family before I left. Urgh madness!

I’m in Tokyo now! Unsure if they’ve installed internet in my new place (it’s being readied), so hopefully I can still talk to you guys. If not I’ll be on in a week :loveword:

My favorite nails of all time people, of all time! (handclap yourself if you thought Kanye)

Done by Vicki (at Nail Mogul)

Gonna miss my Vicki. She turned into a friend and we chatted about so much inappropriate stuff it was great. :hearts2: :upheart:

Houston TEXANS represent :stepup:

Nails themselves done in lame glitter. Turquoise ones are FOR AUDREY in China Glaze with either a lame glitter on top of them, or Swarovski crystals in “Mint Alabaster”

The crystal ones are done by just lame acrylics and “Crystal AB” Swarovski crystals.

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I debated whether or not to do a Daily Mitsu this month since I’ve been sick for 2 1/2 weeks and I’m in no mood to put on make-up or do anything remotely dressing up. Two doctors visits, one horrible side effect, 4 medicines, and a series of sinus migranes later I feel like crap.

So if you would like to tell me this month, “Mitsu you look like crap.” I would agree, because I feel like it :busy: But I feel like skipping a month is not being honest. :worry:

Anyhow, how about some pictures of my kitten first? :happydance:

Coco love

We decided to name her Coco! Thank you Tori and other ladies for sending in your fabulous suggestons. Coco seemed to fit her personality well, so she’s now my bounding little Chanel. I have yet to get her docile enough to fit into my handbag yet for pictures :yayblush:

I am now convinced nothing is cuter then kittens playing on their backs.

She’s such a rolly watersnake :upheart:

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