You’d think when faced with the entire gorgeous island of Okinawa I would be on a beach somewhere blorping like a contented lazy seal. But no I’m some sort of gyaru insect and gyaru malls are the bug zapper that draws me in.

Proof that gyaru is everywhere in Japan, gyaru mall chain OPA has one in the main city Naha (那覇オーパ) It’s actually on the main drag is a mix of discount brands and more popular gyaru stores like Egoist and Lip Service. Sadly though it closed this July. I don’t know what the gyaru youth will do now, but I guess the declining youth population had a big deal to do with it in Naha Okinawa. Shucks.

okinawa naha opa

gyaru okinawa

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DIA spec/ DIA / SONGEURダイヤ ソジュールダイヤ) you’re the ninja of the gyaru world. You have barely a web presence and no on-line shop. You’ve recently started a facebook page, but that’s years after its time (check other gyaru brands on facebook and mixi).

They even state on their official ameblo blog that they don’t sell on-line. So I try to take shots of DIA stores especially. Not the best quality of photos at all. But I figured it was either show you bad or none. Something about the DIA lighting just killed my camera pictures from Machida 109 DIA, Omiya Arche DIA, and Osaka OPA DIA. They’re slowly changing and brightening DIA stores with renewals (DIA in 109 just got one). If you need more DIA fix and you’re new to the blog check out this previous shot post or their selection of staff blogs or gaijin gyaru blogs like Ultimate Luxury.


Photo of the new, brighter songuer DIA at Shibuya 109. (from the Shibuya 109 twitter feed). I think this goes along with DIA softening a bit. More resort casual and less gold.

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I’ll be updating this post the more reveals I find. Most of the pictures are from the brand’s mixi communities.

Since all the fukubukuro have been on sale pictures keep popping up of the reveal. I’ll be hunting more pics down as they come up so check back even if I’m posting above it.

Spiral Girl link to picture possibilities

Baby Shoop

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Thanks for the tons of questions for the Ask Anything post. I’ll be trying to do one every 2 months as long as the questions/suggestions keep coming in ^_^v

School’s Over!!!!

After having a few days of being a shut-in and grinding out papers while I had 3 hrs of sleep at a time, I’m done!!! Damn I was exhausted. I celebrated by singing 4 hrs of karaoke that day, margaritas and mexican food.
Got an e-mail from my prof teaching my classes this year, A’s in every class! Woot!!
Heading out for 1000yen 2hr nomihodai with the boys.

Pre-sales have already started at some stores, Glad News, Gilfy, and Mar*s already have sale items. More to come soon!

Fukubukuro’s available:
Liz Lisa‘s 10,000yen for 50,000 of merchandise and a rolling suitcase and 5,000yen for a 10,000yen of merchadise and a bag.
Glad News also has theirs on their rakuten website 10,500 yen for 503,000 yen of mercandise and a bag.
Delyle has a 10000 yen bag and a 5000 yen bag on their website

It’s a hunt to find more, but hopefully those who are looking can grab them. I’m waiting for Lip Service and One*Spo, but I’m still on the fence @ buying the Glad News one.

Recent Buys


My first DIA purchase! My staff-chan was amazingly nice. I love their rough/oraora/haadi/rock style, but I just never nabbed a piece from them. I bought a tee that’s back-front reversable. ^_^

Glad News
I can’t stop buying from this store. They’re prints are too fun. I really appreciate them as a rock-style store that doesn’t take itself seriously.
Their sweater material is so comfy!
Slowly they’ve started to have some great items, and now their presale is making them all around $50USD.
Pre-sale nab, so comfy and warm
I also nabbed the Tsubasa x Backs Ugg boots in black ^_^v
Their popular fake shirt skirt
Worn together
Layers + zips + crazynon English = Gilfy
I haven’t bought much from them this season, but I really love their balloon + stud detailing in this.
Lately these are my everyday boots. A nice & comfy 5cm hidden heel + thigh high length.
Dolly Wink!
I finally found Tsubasa’s new Dolly Wink in Shinagawa station’s Atre. A month in and this is the only place I’ve seen it in Tokyo. In Osaka I saw them everywhere, but Tokyo seems to either be sold out or not distributing it.
Nabbed the case and the bottom Doll lashes for 1760 yen.
I don’t know how I feel about how thick the clear strip is.
On, I have no clue why I look saddish in this. Sorry for the bad lighting >_<;;
They’re good, but I’m not sold on the price vs. bulk lashes. The eyelash case though is fabulous and very travel friendly.
Missing peeps
I’m in my last week of Tokyo and people are leaving for winter break before me and making me all sad.
Me and my boys.
What can I say, I treasure every moment with them and dare people to find funner, nicer, more bitch-karma loving friends. Being without them is making me sad.
Me and Yujin and her man after all-you-can-eat sukiyaki.
She’s probably going to study in the states when I head back to Japan. I’m gonna miss this girl. We’ve been friends since I moved to Japan.