Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I’ve got a few actual fashion and travel related posts I really want to do, but for now enjoy some Christmas in Japan photos from the last two years, including magical times at Tokyo Disney Sea. Foods, lights, trees and random Santas.


I’ve blogged about Sweets Forest in Jiyugaoka before but they stepped their game up in a redesign and Christmas fantasy. Talk about a great date spot.

The walkway up to Sweets Forest is equally pretty.


I only had one seasonal sweet and this was from a Popcorn pop-up place. Popcorn is still really popular in Japan. They filled popcorn, puffed rice and other light things and poured DRY ICE over the whole thing. The they topped with matcha ice cream and raspberries. It was smoking while I ate it with the toothpicks. Probably super unsafe to be eating dry ice items, but I followed the directions and saved my ice cream until last and made it through. My mouth smoked each time I ate some. I looked like I was vaping LOL


Most houses in Japan are boring looking and don’t decorate for Christmas, but this one in my neighborhood did ad their garlands even lit up at night.


Floresta‘s 2016 special donut for Christmas. Delicious as always.


Line icon Brown is decorated in the Harajuku store for Christmas. Human hand prints for size.


Cannibal mascot Peko-chan is ready to deliver presents in the Fujiya in Nakano.


Odd eat-park NamjaTown in Ikebukuro fancied up for Christmas.


Osaka Shinsaibashi OPA is using Santa to advertise their credit card.

christmasinjapan-qpot-christmas-dessert christmasinjapan-qpot-christmas-latte christmasinjapan-shibuya-christmas-tree-parco

Shibuya Parco was lit up for Christmas. Cuteness factor by Frances (franceslovesyou)


Shibuya 109 for 2015 Christmas did Exile and a nice red and green theme. This year it’s silver with Exo. I’m not a fan. They turned an old discount shop on B2 into an event space for EXO this year. Event space (along with theme cafes) is the answer all around Japan on how to deal failing clothing stores and weakening malls. Shibuya 0101 also now has event spaces, theme cafes and floor for otaku merchandise. Quite a step-down for the mall that used to house all Sweet magazine‘s main stores. There you go, trend commentary in a Christmas photo post. BOOM.


If Roppongi could not get more boring they’ve put out the dullest tree in front of Roppongi Hills.


Darth Santa is the only way I want presents from now on at Kiddyland Harajuku.

Tokyo Disney Christmas

Tokyo Disney Sea is my favorite Disney, but after going to Christmas event at Walt Disney World Florida I have to say America does Christmas better. But there a few things that are better in Japan.


Every year Christmas Wishes is the theme of Christmas in Tokyo Disney.


I buy the monorail passes because I save them. I’ve tried to get myself out of this because it’s cheaper to suica, but isn’t it so pretty?


One of the Christmas positives about Japan Disney is how they light up the whole park. The Toy Story area is my favorite.


In 2016 they were a bit too busy celebrating Tokyo Disney Sea’s 15th anniversary so Christmas didn’t get as fancy.


Another Japan Disney positive is their seasonal drinks and foods. I can’t believe America Disney doesn’t jump on more seasonal foods. Mostly all America does is seasonal cupcakes. I’m not a sweet drink fan but this was cute and warm. I went the day after it snowed in Tokyo and it was still cold.


The Italian themed Tokyo Disney Sea all wonderfully lit up near the waterside.


So many adorable seasonal Disney merch. I only bought a cup this year.


Tsumtsum Disney tree in Shibuya Hikarie Disney pop-up. How many distorted mes can you spot?

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Alice and I went to Tokyo Disney Sea for the day last Spring and it was one of the best Disney Sea trips. The day called for rain and I think that drove away a lot of Disney visitors so we got to ride tons of rides and eat lots of Disney food.

A Mickey-shaped churro?
An edible Sinbad Chandu-tiger tail?

Eat all the fun Disney foods!



Mickey Churros. Delicious and cute! My type of food :bow:


Ariel’s resort which always looks spectacular.


Sinbad’s Chandu-man. Or meatbun shaped tail. Not the best, not the worst.


Our footwear on the merry-go-round. We do Disney in style :bow:


30 years of Disney Sea! Disney Sea is the only privately owned Disney in the world. It also is my favorite.


I love kids at Disney. Always so happy!


Check out that Princess in training!


Also the well-dressed matching gyaru that visit. Disney is all ages!


Ahh Marie! My favorite! Marie finished posing with people when I found her.


At a restaurant we got Mickey shaped salmon jelly in our seafood cocktail, was surprisingly delicious.


Disney is great during the day, but cool at night too. No wonder it’s a top date destination.


Spring carnival did a full floral Mickey.


More floral theme.


At sunset, Disney Sea is really so pretty.

To be honest I never was the biggest Disney fan until I went to the Japan ones, I have friends who say the same! Disney Sea is definitely my favorite, but all Disney is so magical.

When you wish upon a star… :stars:

After not doing a shopping post in a while it’s downright intimidating to show how much I went crazy on. It got instantly cold here in Tokyo so I felt the need to stock up on winter pieces. And I did… ^_^;;


My purchases from my trip to Tokyo Disney Sea.

Washcloth and bathing headband
The cute headband
Halloween mask and blinky ring
(everyone at Disney wears a hair accessory hat/plushie/mask)
Marie passcase and hairbow <3 Marie
Glad News
I thought GN was going to have a horrid winter judging by their early releases, but I was happily wrong. Love all their fun prints!
New leopard fake fur coat w hoodie!!
Pic from the GN site
They finally got this comfy sweatshirt dress back in! Luvs it
Love this crazy faux multilayered hoodie
On with hotpants from Ascent Gem
This and the shirt below was 2 for $40
GN shirt and new skirt from Zara
Crazy print close-up
More skull love from GN and plaid shirt from Zara
Lately I’ve been really liking some Zara pieces. Since it’s in Centaagai a lot of gals shop there.
Along with the plaid shirt and leopard skirt I got this combo
Shorts + shirt for $40.00
Black damage shorts seem to be really trending ATM
Lip Service
Continuing their excellent Winter!
My new leather “rider” jacket from Lippy. Love the high collar
Catalog pic (one on the left)
Leopard scarf, sigh I keep buying so much leopard ^_^;;;
Pretty lavendar onepiece and accessories
Party bag and digicam case with detachable strap
My first purchase from tutuHA! A giant stud belt bag <3
…I love winter clothes!!

Image Change!

My hair change officially took 11 hours in total. I think pulling out my hair would have been quicker >_

I was tired of my hair, I loved the look and the color stayed well, but it felt really limiting style-wise sometimes. I enjoyed it while it lasted though :) I went back to Dude, but he told me I shouldn’t bleach my hair so they instead did dark blonde with red highlights. But it looked simply black with a red sheen. I was looking gothy and I’m much too pale to pull of such a dark color and not look creepy.

Doing asianposes shoot in the face!
Goth-chan >_<
So I remembered a thread on ricoche recommending yuhouse and they have a good special right now on exte+color so I figured I might as well be happy with my color so I went there. Yuhouse is a nice salon and the team who did my hair took 6 hours in total to do it. They felt meticulous and one top of the long process it was to bleach, dye and blowdry and exte my hair.
I was able to catch up on magazines and they had a good selection of egg, Ageha, Blenda, Jelly, and even OL mags. A lolita wanting hairset for a live came in as well as a trio of kogals.
The exte were done by one person slowly braiding all 60 in and going back to color match. The guy seemed a bit of a perfectionist so it was slow but well done. The hair quality feels good, and they glue lock extensions so all you have to do is twist the glue to remove the exte. Fabulous for girls with long mori nails (me) whose man isn’t always around to act like a monkey and cut them out. Yuhouse comes tentatively recommended but I want to see how their dye lasts and exte hold up before I give a proper thumbs up.
Dye + bleach + 60 exte was $211 approx and post exte trim, glue lock and blowout were free. Pretty awesome price for Tokyo ^_^v
The new brown red me, hurrah!
Lip Service white leopard scarf


A belated Happy Halloween. Between hair, school, and trying to plan for spending time with two of my friends on their birthdays it’s been busy. I also went to a host club, Joker, not recommended. I was already drunk so that’s why it was alrightish. ^_^; My choice of the night isn’t pictured. He was a sweet Chiba boy named Shuu who wants to go to UCLA Berkeley next fall and his English was brokenly cute.

I took Rina‘s advice and went to Sixi (I so need to write you a card for a free hair make since you referred me :)). Kabukicho places tend to be dark and old and cramped, but Sixi was the exact opposite. Even though it’s in the basement it was well lit with nice spacing between stations.

During the process, and yes I was boobs out.
I was an army bitch in a sparkly camo OP for my costume.
I gave the stylist two pictures from the recent Ageha I took with my cellphone as inspiration, but she yells out for the recent ageha and POOF Ageha appeared! We were able to work out a style from it, and having the mag there made it much easier.
The final product! Hair explosion!

The party was fun, but next night was Tokyo Disney Sea. Tokyo Disney Sea (TDS) was recommended by Egg readers as the best date spot to go in Tokyo. Instead of the screaming kids or pack of families that you might imagine when you think of Disney, there’s tons of couples. Couples get pair t-shirts, pair phone charms, pair passcases, pair towels, pair every-goddamn-thing. It’s a merchandising boom!

TDS is also the park in Tokyo doing a Halloween theme so there’s all these cute Halloween related things. It’s cute on top of cute! I went last month with my man after Fukuoka and did the couple-thing, but this time was for my friend’s 20th bday. We went late and just had a fun time walking around.

The moutain that you shoot out of in Journey to the Center of the Earth ride.
My boys <3
TDS at night. So pretty!
Me n Sebastian luvin the Tower of Terror
OMG I wanted to take this home! But it was 6900 yen >_<;;

Okay that’s enough @ me, next up surging winter trends!