Plumprimo is a new plus size brand in collaboration with plus-size magazine LaFarfa by gyaru mega webstore Yumetenbo.

Japan especially women’s fashion, for the longest time had this “freesize” or “onesize” mentality about clothing. Either items come in Small and Medium (XS – S in western sizing) or “onesize”. Onesize is completely non-representational of how Japanese women actually look. Slowly there’s a lot more sizing and choices for the size XXS to the size 6L girl. This season not one, but two brands are out for plus sized girls! I’m going to talk about both of them, and a brand made for petite girls as well. Because onesize doesn’t fit all.

Marshmallow? Try Pocchari

Plus-size term in Japan is usually pocchari (ぽっちゃり) meaning chubby or plump not the marshmallow term that’s jumping around the overseas media.  Or simply ぽっちゃ子 pocchako or chubby girl. ぽっちゃカワ is a term La Farfa has been using to describe chubby cute. La Farfa holds “ぽちゃティブ祭り” Pocha-tive Matsuri as a way for fans to enjoy themselves with the models. I love the play on words Pocha-tive. So…positive. :smiley:

LaFarfa magazine:

Plumprimo  (プランプリモ) is a collaboration with LaFarfa magazine (ラ・ファーファ) A magazine solely for plus-sized Japanese women fronted by icon Naomi Watanabe who is producing the other plus-sized brand coming out, PUNYUS.

LaFarfa is neither solely gal nor anything else, it’s a mix for all young plus-sized girls. It’s on its fifth issue, but its first came out last March. So it’s not exactly bimonthly. Personally, I’ve found it hard to find in big magazine stores (I looked!).

One of the best ways to check out LaFarfa is their youtube channel

Their introductory video



Some LaFarfa spreads. The bottom on is from their newest issue which came out this month from the adult brand As Know As using their L-size items.

All their blogs are on the LaFarfa site:
Some models instagrams: Ruby and Ui Ando


Plumprimo details:

stores: 0 – web only
overseas store:
parent brand: Yumetenbo
sizes: 3L to 6L
theme: Official theme is: “ぷにモテ甘辛トレンドSTYLE” Po ni mote amakara trend style. Po from pocchari of course. Meaning to have an attractive spicy sweet trend style for chubby girls. Cute, sexy, and beautiful looks. A broad variety of trendy fashion.

Plumprimo’s initial brand offering is seven items to buy: three dresses, one jacket, one pair of shorts, a loose t-shirt and a top and pagging set. However, judging by their their teaser shot (above) there is more clothing coming up!


plumprimo-outfit1 plumprimo-outfit3 plumprimo-outfit4plumprimo-outfit2 plumprimo-outfit6 plumprimo-outfit5 plumprimo-outfit7

Yumetenbo x LaFarfa definitely went gyaru with Plumprimo. Onee, kurogyaru, agejo, and sweet style mix all represented.

:stepup: Pros: A big pro for this brand is Yumetenbo is selling the same items in S-LL sizes (sleeveless dresss here)! Admittedly a bit less selection, but it’s not a design choice where chubbier means less stylish or requirements on how they should dress. Happy for that plus-positive side!

:sage: Cons: A small complaint is the three dresses above their waists are only available as 3L or 4L. That’s not exactly the 3L-6L the brand promises.

Japanese sizing is usually one or two down from Western sizing so 3L-6L is XL/2L-3L/4Lish Western. All items are available for pre-order shipping out mostly at the end of this month.

Plumprimo is available on the Global Rakuten site of Yumetenbo (Dreamvs) so no Tenso required.

Again, purchasing power shows how much these brands will last. MA*RS did a plus size line 3 years back and it couldn’t last. So if you like it, buy it!