Finger Lickin’ Santa

Are you enjoying your Christmas? Did you get your Christmas KFC?

Crispy for Christmas
Families order weeks in advance to share KFC in Japan. Yes I’m weirded out by it, too. KFC and Japan Christmas info here and here.

New Years Fukubukuro

EDIT: Since it’s going to be 1/1 soon in Japan,  both girlswalker and love-ex have new bags up. Love-Ex has me-jane and Golds Infinity. Girlswalker has those plus Mar*s, Duras, Lip Service and more.

The tradition of New Years is so huge in Japan and other than Hatsumode (first visit of the temple) and eating soba (most soba shops are packed), the concept of fukubukuro is everywhere. Fukubukuro are lucky bags and although 109 stores have them, so does most every apparel business in Japan. Most make-up counters do it as well, and you can often get some serious deals at make-up counters.

Each bag usually cost 10,000yen or around $100.00. Some stores offer bags of $200, $100, and $50.00. Others do multiple different lucky bags of $100.00. It’s a mess, but a happy shopping mess. ✌⋰˚◡˚⋱✌

My lovely friend Sebastian is nabbing me Lip Service, w<3c, and Glad News bags. I admit I’m tempted by both the Liz Lisa and Valentine’s High fuku bags because they’re so cute. ༶❤_❤༶

109 shops have been setting up reservations for their bags, but some just release the day of. Fashionwalker still has some of their bags available, while 109 shops one their website have also been releasing them.

LoveEx which has its own worldwide shipping service also has a few lucky bags up. Maybe more will release on 1/1.

EDIT If you don’t like knowing or are only used to buying through shipping services that use Y! auctions, after 1/2 many should be up and opened showing all items. Or if you’re especially looking for your favorite store like One*Spo or DIA who don’t offer on-line sales of fuku.

Also, for those of you IN Tokyo, while 109 is closed on 1/1, Lumine EST and ALTA are both open so you can try your luck at both of those which have Gilfy, Mars, Swordfish, Valentines High, Cecil McBee, Lip Service and more.

Jagura‘s 109 bag is Kitson-like and does a cute plushy tiger in honor of 2010 as the year of the tiger.
Adorable! It almost convinces me to get the bag.

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I was at 109 with a friend to help her pick out a bday gift for her sister. While I was there at L..Chance I couldn’t resist the cute bow trend that is popping up in accessories.
I picked up 2 of these for pigtails
Sweet necklace that reminds me of Hello Kitty’s bow <3

Sigh… two days later I ended up at 109 again…! Actually I was there because I was originally at 109-2 at Bling Me letting them do some deco work for me, and while I was waiting I headed to 109 ^_^;;

Hair done

Did my hair all poofy, so here’s pics and clearer photos of the color. I’m not in any make-up, and I do indeed have troublesome skin. Hurrah! I am not a photoshopping genius, so it be me it be simple. I do my make-up and such after hair. I tend to do my hair first and then dress, make-up, final hair touches.

Profile (had to fix my back more)
Black metallic scrunchie by American Apparrel
Close-up of my streaks

Onto shopping~

I am seeing a great hot pink trend around, and I love it as a bold winter color. Moussy, Duras, Delyle, and of course Mar*s are all sporting hot pink pieces in their Autumn/Winter looks. Duras and Moussy both have hot pink shoes to match!

I usually don’t shop at Duras, because they’re expensive and their items often seem a little too basic. However, I really like their colorful mod style lately, so I shelled out the extra dough. I spoke on my twitter about Glad News and Duras doing leopard and lip print and said I loved the Glad News print more. The print itself I do, but Glad News did red lips (I never wear red) and the hoodie wasn’t as much my style.

I first tried on their onepiece, but I wasn’t rocking it.
So I fell in love with the cardigan instead. Which can be worn as a onepiece. :)

Mar*s has their trenches in! I love the gold buttons, but I passed up because I won’t buy a Winter coat unless it’s perfect. Since you wear them 100000x and it exemplifies your signature style for the season, you should adore your coat and it should say this is me and I am sexy/badass/awesome/fearless/cute/adult.

Mar*s however has awesome fur stoles and I couldn’t resist their hot pink one. Please let the comment section not turn into a fur vs. no fur debate. Japan loves fur and it is always in their fashions, whether you like it or not you have to accept it as part of the style. End of discussion. Especially since your Mitsu is feeling a bit under the weather, let’s stick to sunny topics!

Shopping bags are important. Many girls carry them when they need extra room, and high school girls often use them as ways to change out of their uniform to go out. Mar*s is especially shopping bag centric. They have a selection of 3 bags and you get to choose your bag. This is their newest one.
The print matches the inside of my stole :)

I got a Scientific Calculator for Math, which I am elementally retarded at. So I had to pretty up my calculator in order to at least look at the silly contraption. Also, my professor who knows me way too well, put up a powerpoint slide of a Hello Kitty simple calculator and told me specifically I could not have it. So of course, I had to take up the dare and make my calculator HK lovely. ^__^v

The front: done in Rose and Light Rose AB
The back: Which I plan to deco a bit more myself.

Bling Me also fixed my phone’s missing crystals for 20.00. Sadly most people think of deco-den when they think of deco, but phones are one of the most mishandled objects. We drop them when we’re drunk, we set them on horrible surfaces, we’re always touching them. It’s one of the worst things TO deco. I actually recommend not decoing your phone if you’re going to be heartbroken about missing crystals, because it will happen and you will be sad.

I also went to Chiara and nabbed a pencil with predone pearl deco. I usually don’t like premade deco with stones, but the pearl seemed more otona-ppoi <3

Loves it.
Now I promise not to shop for like… a while to save up for the Lip Service event >__<;;