Due to kitty delays I’m going to be packing this all in, so we’re going to go fast on the Doll. Autumn collections for 7 brands in 7 days (if everything works out right :^_^;;: ) Lots of lovely eyecandy to see and trends to discuss :upani:

This is a post about EGOIST for Fall 2010, but it’s a post also about shop staff. make-up and more :stepup: Super image heavy post today with 26 images below :upheart:

EGOIST details:
katakana: エゴイスト
style: celeb, adult, casual
website: http://egoist-inc.com/ english http://www.egoist-inc.com/en/
number of stores: 27 + 3 outlets + 2 stores in Hong Kong
since: 1996
this season’s concept: Play Gothic “Only one mouth for a reason, a dream within a dream”
what it’s really this season: Celeb casual with strong overseas concept
model: Seri Iwahori (34 year old ex-Vivi model)

Promo Shots

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A fabulous new book is coming out as an August issue for June called “The Marukyuu Book” The Shibuya 109 Bible (amazon.jp page). It’ll cost 1680 yen and is 114 pages.

The publisher put out a discussion of its contents that I translated

24 hours in 109. Documenting a day in the life of 109.

109 News:
109 Business topics. 109 net shop. 109 stage (the 8th floor with Mongrelly, MarpleQ, Jewels Prom). Lavish stores. 109 credit card information.

What personifies 109 beauty.

Emina posted this photo of herself in the book on her blog.

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It’s the time during the Spring fashion cycle that we see which brands triumph and which brands hold massive sales. Sales means benefits for us, so for those who love a good bargain can reep the fabulous deals :up:

Liz Lisa

The girlish queen herself is offering a 24hr sale that you have to jump on! Most of the items are 50% off and it’s not the out of fashion pieces, but trending maxi dresses, sweet Spring jackets and delicate lace onepieces. :stars:

All the sales here

Both Dress and Jacket are 50% off. The dress is now 5000 yen ($50.00), great for Liz Lisa!

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While I was in Hawaii I was able to nab the May issue of SCawaii with w*c chief Wakatsuki Chinatsu as the covergirl :korila:

It’s a fabulous issue and a few trend updates really stuck with me. SCawaii is doing a great job with their mag showing trends and great coordinates. Sometimes I pass them up for the flashier Popteen and Ageha, but SCawaii really does smart looks. :sparkle2:

Chinatsu in Chanel showcasing our Mori Jewelry trend. So hard to beat.

The title for this issue: Power Mori “Value Set” Issue (lol)

I talked about Mori (盛り) previously during the Mori Gyaru article, it is a verb meaning to raise or build up. It’s used more like a video game idea of Leveling Up. Kind of like how the chant “Age! Age!” has become some popular with gals (meaning to raise up as well). It’s so common to see in magazines recently when discussing hair, make-up, coordinates and now jewelry. :cheery:

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