I was feeling meh most of this month since the weather was wonky and I got sick, but here’s a few selected outfits/make.

Slanted sparkle white + peach french along with dots, a 3-d big dot and large diamond shapes. I think they look really organic and remind me of sea life. Pretty short this time :mrgreen:

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Egoist has turned out 23(!!!!) looks for Spring/Summer and they stick well to their comfortable yet sexy brand of celebrity casual (セレブカジ). So many looks and deals below!

Egoist details:
katakana: エゴイスト
website: http://www.egoist-inc.com/
number of stores: 28 + 3 outlets
this season’s concept: No listed one, but they did some nice Engrish: Only one mouth for a reason, a dream within a dream.
what it’s really this season: Strong celeb casual, lots of short shorts with flowy tops. Western and a bit Native.

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In other shop news, Cecil McBee was scaring me for a while.

Wrinkled, ill-fitted and cheap. Prom from HELL!!

Then they decided to appease the fashion gods who still were puking in their mouths about that mess (not a hot mess, just a mess).

Classic. Perfect with hot pants. The casual boyfriend blazer.
Handclap Cecil.

LDS also put out their version of the blazer. Very stylish. Berets are back as well.

Lip Service decided to do the same thing as Cecil and put out some mess to scare me into thinking they might have a bad season.

What a weird drape. Slightly post-apocalyptic slightly just bad.

And then they put out this cute sexy corset print.
One*Spo also did one so I’m calling corset print a trend.

Egoist has been holding down the fort doing sexy basics right, and also a few other cute items.

In black it’s adorable and grey it works as well.
Fab party dress, now shake it.

Also putting out this hot motorcycle jacket. Sexay sexay.

Leather jackets are back this year and Valentines High also decided to put one out in black, white and adorable pink.

Cocolulu has also put out some rockin’ outfits. Sorry I don’t talk about them much, their Ame-kaji style often feels a little to close to home (my American home that is) so I don’t shop from them, but their shoes might change my mind.

Love them! They have lots of great sneaker options.

Two great shirts. Great job at placing stripes away from the midsection. Love the print.

Screaming yellow cap, great for redheads and brunettes.

Ji.maxx sometimes seems to miss the mark, but this onepiece is just…

Comfortable, sexy and cute. I have to hunt this down.