I love Ehyphen BonBon girls! I profiled the singular store in La Foret Harajuku previously. You can also check out regular EHyphen Gallery girls I’ve shop staff snapped before. Each one always has that one detail that makes me really like their look.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This shop staff is wearing full EHyphen BonBon x Amo collaboration items. Model Amo always designs the cutest stuff, patiently waiting for her to open up her own brand!

My favorite part of the outfit? Her candy drip nails. Sure they’ve been worn a lot, but the chocolate with sprinkles ones are so cute and well done! I also really love how she curled her side fringe and made her whole look soft.



Happy new year everyone!! Enjoy this derpy Horse from Tokyo Disney Sea merchandise. Isn’t great/horrible  :lolpastel: I was sick for the last week and missed out on a good Christmas post. I may post it anyways, but for now let’s keep partying and being fabulous in the new year!  :loveword:


Not a gal store, but Ehyphen BonBon (http://www.ehyphen.jp/bonbon/) at La Foret in Harajuku is a store that all Shibuhara lovers and sweet gyaru may love. If you like Jouetie, Liz Lisa, Ank Rouge, or L.D.S. then take a look at Ehyphen BonBon! Definitely the best new designed store opening in Tokyo.

Ehyphen BonBon is the new line and lone stand-alone store from Ehyphen World Gallery, a mote-kei or girly brand that has tons of stores and is a bit like Lowry’s Farm. Both Ehyphen World Gallery and Ehyphen Bon Bon have reasonable good prices and their materials and construction are quite good. Tops & skirts around 20 to 45 dollars and dresses at 40 to 60 dollars. Usually $10 less than their counterpart gyaru brands.

Each season they’re doing collabs with both Amo and Hello Kitty. Both are the highlights of the brand.

Photos of the EHyphen Bon Bon store in La Foret, Harajuku

I went to their signature store and even from the outside you can tell you’ll be seeing some super cute merchandise in the inside.

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