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Japanese Brand Top Eyelashes

All gals I’m sure know that all eyelashes are not created equal, but it’s good to see the different styles and how they look instantly compared.

Both Vivii of cupcakexcouture (post here) and Maria of ultimateluxury (post here) have both done posts showing several eyelashes side by side (go check out their great posts!).

Since I’m an eyelush junkie I thought I’d post my spoils and show the differences, some of my favorites and my go to bottom lash brand. :happydance: All except for the MAC #7 are Japanese lash brands.

1. Dollywink #2 Sweet Girly
2. Daiso brand #11
3. Sephora collection – Wispy
4. MAC #7 (used their lash band is usually clear but I used black glue adhesive) :worry:
5. Decorative split lashes
6. Decorative – Medium Long
7. Etude House (korean brand) Long Girly
8. Beauty Nailer – VP-06 Exotic Type
9. D.U.P. #1
10. Daiso brand #15

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To be honest the Jelly August issue is a blatant in-between season issue. Full of diet tips, models own coordinates and pages of make-up. No news breaking trend in sight. :^_^;;: Well that’s what all August issues of magazines will end up being :depressed:

The cover is fly!

But wait, there’s awesome…!

However, they might have heard all my calls and put a WHOLE LOT OF AWESOME into ONE FEATURE!

Does is have Mode Gyaru? CHECK
Does it have superbod and style icon DETSU KOROHI? CHECK!
Does it have charisma shop staff girl extraordinaire EMINA? CHECK!

….and it has Gilfy, W♥C, Emoda, and Murua all with regular-ish gals doing coordinates! :cheery:

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A few ways to wear your hair while in mode style and keep it interesting: the Mode Bun, Mode hair accessories, straight vs. curled bob, and two Mode ways to use a scarf in your hair. I’m also trying out Momoko Ogihara’s make-up look. :stars: It’s a reallllly long post :wink:

I first thought of the post, because I really loved Ena Matsumoto’s Mode style bun.

Disclaimer: I am not a model just a simple gal. Also, she’s using a texturized look to offset her sleek outfit.

I went for a more sleek look for a busier outfit. We also do not have the same bangs (obviously).

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