Fint Japan is part seiso, part otome, part otona kawaii and all great as demonstrated by these super adorable shop staff. Nagoya Passe is a great mall right near the main Nagoya train station and always has stellar staff. The Fint Nagoya Passe store is quite small, really just kind of a short spur of a place, but always has great staff manning it. I went there last Spring and last Fall and I’ll probably be back this Spring because I do love Nagoya and a quick drop to Passe is always fun.

fint japan nagoya passe shop staff

The whole gang at Fint Japan Nagoya Passe!

So much individual style. Their shoe choices are just so damn cute!

Gingham again will be a trend for Spring. Gingham can’t be stopped. Along with girly denim.


Fint Japan staff are the best. I love this giggly shot.

I wouldn’t have paired that seashell look with gingham, but I think it looks cute together. Fint has such a mix-and-match style. You can really take it a lot of style directions.


It’s always the great details that keep me going back to Fint, and their great prices. Check out that super detailed seashell collar and her cute flower headpiece.


Two girls were both rocking the double braids so I guess it was a trend within the staff. I like how her clear rubber bands don’t distract from the style. I think her coordinate and style look very otome. A detailed collar over a cardigan and a girly prim length skirt.


Some really cute lashes on this girl! Lashes may have started in Japan as an everyday gal thing, but they’ve really dissipated and now everyone wears lashes. This girl reads as very seiso to me. Straight hair, dainty acessories, girly outfit but still simple and clean.


Her hand painted nails and delicate accessories really seemed to match her sweet personality.


Maybe a bit hard to tell but mermaid nails! Even though her nails are grown out I think they’re still pretty. It’s a process of everyone who has nails.

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Fint shop staff from last Fall. Oh the Fint girls are so lovely and put together. In Shijuku Mi Lord the shop is quite small area wise, but it makes up in the sheer volume of clothes, shoes and accessories stuffed inside. Along with the look it feels like you’re in Mary Poppins bag. The pull items from under covers and nooks and cupboards, and magically there it appears. Somehow three staff man the tiny corner store and a crowd of constant customers make walking with big shopping bags more of a yoga workout than shopping.

Fint customers I’ve seen are a lot of types: seiso girls, off duty lolitas, aomoji types (the “mer” magazine side) and larme-kei lovers. I was once asked if I was lolita by a shop staff, possibly because of my perky hair ribbon I was wearing.

fint shinjuku mi lord

This shop staff in particular was doing her best Little Red Riding hood impression with Seiso elements but staying true to the Fint aesthetic.

I have blog cards! They look like my blog. You may have seen them in a previous shop staff photo. I don’t ask them to hold it, but I’m happy she choose to.



All her accessories and simple make-up suit her tonal outfit so well. I love the little red ring accessory. The signature Q on it means its a QPot ring. Very fitting of Fint to stay away from the red outfit red lipstick trap, it suits their style to go more neutral.


Her adorable braids and cape. There are a lot of wolves in sheeps clothing in Japan, I hope she stays safe on her commute home.  :smiley:
One big change is since my last posts about the store in March (brand introduction | Spring trends)  they have seperated their Fint brand and their An Another Angelus brand. There are now three An Another Angelus stores along with the Fint shops (shoplist), including a new An Another Angelus shop inside Shinjuku Mi Lord.

I hope to talk more about both brands current season soon, but for now peep their on-line store. Their main themes are schoolgirl plaids and celestial prints.


Want more Fint? I have a gaggle of Fint girls from Nagoya coming up but for now check out previous brand posts.

Need more Japanese shop staffs? Approaching 120 shop staff photos

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What is Seiso?

Seiso (清楚) is a more codified style but also more of a feeling. The kanji itself meaning “neat and clean” or “polished”. It’s a fashion style that also has its origins in Akamojikei magazines. It’s a style for both youth and young adults, the age range being around 16-35. Its exact history isn’t well known because “polished” has been a concept since there’s been clothing and many of the brands supporting it have been around for a long time. However the look as it is codified now started around 2006.

Seiso is for girls and women who want to look cute yet in a clean style. The style doesn’t really look at the opposite sex as a starting point (unlike Motekei or Akamojikei). Instead it’s about your own look of polish and feeling feminine. It’s a very popular style especially with young girls. The youth magazines that support it selling very well (Seventeen and Popteen).



Seiso vs. Otona Kawaii

Seiso is similar to Otona Kawaii, however it’s not Otona Kawaii. Otona Kawaii focuses on a softer look and less tailored.

fint Seiso vs. Otona Kawaii

A great example are these Fint (brand post 1 | 2 ) coordinates. A shop staff on their blog put together two coordinates featuring the same skirt. To the left is her Seiso coordinate and the right is her Otona Kawaii coordinate. With Seiso the hair is simple and the outfit is smooth to the body.


Seiso vs. Otona Kawaii

Similar length and cut hair but different styles. To the left is very Seiso hair. Smooth, girly, polished.  No curl or bottom curl is more popular than all throughout curl. Side parted bangs are very common. To the right is Otona Kawaii hair with volume and softness and a light messiness.

Makeup tends to be pretty similar between both trends with a soft natural feeling, although Seiso wearing less is better.

Breaking down Seiso

Unlike say gyaru or lolita you won’t see magazines saying “Top 10 Seiso Coordinates” instead it’s more of a feeling of “that’s really Seiso” or Seiso-kei (清楚系). Girls often won’t say they’re this style, but instead will say an outfit or hairstyle is “Seiso” or they like to dress in a polished fashion. The more common term for girls who follow this style is “Seiso Joshi” (清楚女子).

Seiso is often called “Retro Kawaii” in magazines. It’s also a term used to describe Idol-kei, especially AKB48’s rival Nogizaka46 (乃木坂46).


Nogizaka46 in very smooth “polished” hair.


Seiso themes:

A big word I like to use to describe the style is tailored. If the outfit looks girly yet tailored, than chances are its this style.

Common themes no matter the season are:

Hair – black or brown hair, bottom undercurl or straight hair with bangs,

Make-up – simple natural make-up

Colors – neutral tones especially browns, whites and beiges, use of one pastel, pinks, preppy colors such as red, navy and green. In the coordinates you’ll see there’s not a lot of black, instead navy or grey is a more common color.

Coordinate themes – a trad jacket over a onepiece, a cardigan or knit set, flared not tight skirt, blouses instead of t-shirts, tailored instead of casual.

Seiso-style magazines :

Seiso magazines are varied because it’s a youth and adult fashion look: Seventeen and Popteen are youth fashion magazines. More and Mina are both older magazines. All magazines listed above do not just feature Seiso style. I chronicled Popteen’s move to SeisoGyaru previously here.

Seiso-style brands:

Rope, Earth Music Ecology, Nice Claup, Fint, Allamanda by INGNI, Lowry’s Farm, Mystic, Axes Femmes, Mysty Woman, Apuweiser-Riche, Minirdees, Amavel. Sweet gyaru brands such as Ank Rouge and Ingni can also be worn more Seiso.

Shop Staff Coordinates in Seiso Style

All of the coordinates shown are by shop staff who titled their looks Seiso.


Fint shop staff in the same onepiece.


MystyWoman (left) and Earth Music Ecology (right) shop staff


EHyphen World Gallery (left) and Lodispotto (right) wearing neat-and-clean items


Two Nice Claup shop staff


Classic Seiso hair: straight with a curl


Ank Rouge Director Okarie posted her summer Seiso coordinate.

Style points to note: simple beiges and whites, hair half up, straight hair with side fringe

Although all the coordinates feature shorter skirts or ones right above the knee with the maxi and flare skirt trends of this season expect to see longer skirt coordinates. However they will probably be paired with a tailored blouse and the same simple hair.

Seiso Coordinates

Thanks to Coordisnap there’s over 1,000 posts of Seiso coordinates by everyday girls.

everyday everyday

This is all from summer so you can see there’s more of a summer silhouette, but the look remains similar. You can see most of the girls have smooth, straight semi-long dark hair. That’s the default Seiso-style hair for everyday girls who aren’t shop staff, but highschool or college age.

With Larme-kei emerging a lot of the youth brands of Seiso are starting to cater towards it. However most of the outfits in Larme magazine aren’t Seiso even if some of the seis0-like brands are in Larme, it’s all about styling and color choices. Again the keys for this look are simple, tailored with smooth hair which isn’t Larme style.

More resources?

Hair – A link of Seiso hairstyles tagged by hairstylists on Kirei Style

Adult Seiso – Here’s a good Naver of adult Seiso coordinates:

An amusing article about a girl who won the Love SunShine Gyaru model competition last year who turned Seiso

This was a Japanese Fashion University post. Want to learn more in depth about Japanese fashion? Click here.

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After the brand introduction yesterday, it’s time to get into the style of Spring for Fint and An Another Angelus.

Before you go down the road about Fint and An Another Angelus just being Lolita-lite, their new Spring line was recently featured in April 2014 issue of Vivi.


Showing off that who and how they wear it are almost as important as the actual design of the clothes. Not very Lolita right, just a relaxed girly feel. Fint and An Another Angelus can both be very mixable brands.

Lili for Fint

Fint’s design for Spring is based on a 1953 movie called “Lili” about a naive French girl who has a relationship with a carnival puppeteer.

(fear warning marionettes)

Honestly I have no idea how Japanese brands get a hold of much less pick their inspiration from 1950s films (Dazzlin did a 1960s french film inspo last year), but there we have it. Lots carnival elements and prim blouses do give homage to “Lili”.

Fint’s Summer Collection Video

Fint also did a collection movie to show off their Summer looks. I can’t say I recommend it unless you like hazy shots and not to many clothing images.

Fint for Spring 2014


Most items from Fint have wonderful details. The Shell collar shirt was very muted but on trend. There are carnival horse themes throughout and majority are wonderfuly done on skirts like the one above.

As usual their cardigans are excellent and they would fit right in with an Ank Rouge, Mercury Duo, Liz Lisa or any other sweet or adult girly brand.

03041921_5315a91ae09c6 03101055_531d1b75a73fb 03181650_5327fae170a99 03171853_5326c5fdefeb2 03151115_5323b7d18a161 03131549_532154e5edfeb

Lots of carnival motifs, some retro nautical looks, knee-length trend.

An Another Angelus

More adult brand “An Another Angelus” is more of the same but with a few more girly twists.  An Another Angelus is doing more of a rose theme than a carnival theme. No merry-go-round horse prints to be found.  However you will find roses on most every item of Spring “An Another Angelus”




Those ghost-heart shoes are super cute. A rose theme in everything!

Shinjuku MiLord An Another Angelus Blog ( has fabulous shop staff style and here’s some modeling their Spring collection.





Lots of cute style that looks sweet yet comfortable.

In case you missed it, all Fint and An ANother Angelus info is on the previous post here

These are two brands featured in the new bimonthly magazine Larme. I will be talking about Larme and its style upcoming, but before that I’m going to highlight three brands that are showing Japanese fashion is becoming “everysize” instead of “freesize”. Please look forward to it! :bow: