Delyle came out earlier this Spring with the same cosmetic prints and skirts, and they were looking depressing for the season. It was obvious they weren’t leading the trends so when they started massive sales during Golden Week I wasn’t too surprised. :depressed: They have however turned the corner and are making adorable collections that suit trends, but stay true to their look.

Now I have to say this is BY FAR their cutest collection. DELYLE PETIT for KIDS :hearts3:

How cute is their little kid model! DAWWW adorable!!

I really like how Delyle kept with clothes they’re currently selling, but made them kid friendly. I know Gyaru Gaki pointed out these Mars-esque clothes for children like gal mamas were training their kids to be hos, but this is just so cute. I know when I was a kid I would’ve been really happy to wear these girly clothes.

Their little kid bag gets me. So cute!

But they’re also improved their adult line as well :stepup:

Delyle Collaborations

First they’re doing an Audrey Hepburn collab

Breakfast at Tiffany’s and My Fair Lady!! EEeee my two favorite Audrey movies :cheery:

This is just such a perfect collaboration for them and keeps their PARIS CHIC theme alive!

They also decided on a Delyle x Minnie Mouse collaboration.

While I love the Audrey collection more, I like how they only chose Minnie to keep their collab more girly and suited to their brand.

Their tshirts are priced quite well at 3150 yen (around $34.00). :sparkle2:

Delyle and Trends

Delyle decides to follow the Marine Trend which is emerging the second side of Spring, and they’re doing it in a classy way. I really love the 3rd look. I think I might buy that short jacket and skirt.

They’re also choosing to do the denim trend with girly touches. I love the black lining on the skirt, which is a Delyle touch :up:

Too much cute items, and they’re all still available on their website. They’ve also started using TENSO which is a shipping  service. Their rates seem to be really good, and you order on your own. Apparently they give you a Japanese shipping address and you get to buy without having to tell anyone. :-D

I think I’ll try them for my Delyle order, their items are too cute to pass up :oops:

Do you love Delyle’s new pieces, or are you needing more floral or tiedye? :sparkle2:

Ghostface killah

LOL It seems on the gyaru_secrets, I was called out for being too pale and uhhh making my eyes too big(?).  I really am super pale, indeed. Once a boy in middle-school asked me if I was albino. I told him I was half ^_^v teehee! I did tan this summer, but with it costing around $30.00 a trip in Japan (their monthly packages are rare or very expensive), and the upcoming joy of tights I decided to stop for the winter. Not to mention the skin erosion.

Now I’m back to my pale self. As I’ve said before, when I tan I notice non-gyaru Japanese enjoy calling me gyaru, but with the gyaru community I think they see white girl (as in race) not white girl (as in albino) first. However, with the rise of Agejo I think tanning has really stopped for a lot of people. Agejos are usually the ones with the purchasing power so you’ll see many more Agejos out and buying instead of looking and saving $$ for tanning and working a part-time job.

It feels like there’s now two pulling factions of gal culture with Agejo pulling to paleness and Oraorakei and Nuts style Rock heading to tanning (or black skin as its called. BTW it’s considered a compliment when someone comments on your tan and says your really black. Hilarity ensues when you hear Japanese people say this to a white person in English). I do appreciate how gal has opened yet again to allow those who don’t want to tan into its circle.

The popular tanning place: Blacky
Jul,y 09 in a Delyle onepiece. I miss being that brown.
But I do not want this as my future nsfw

Anyways if you’re turned off by my skin, I’m sorry I guess. I do not plan to tan until shorts season. I really admire many of the Japanese who take a live for the now approach and tan until they’re “black”, but I just can’t do that myself. Skin cancer and less elasticity in skin doesn’t appeal to me until my legs are out 24/7.

I also hope to make this blog about as less about me as possible. If it was more about me I’d be discussing papers, my cats, my freakish love of Mexican food and pie, and my obsession with Sportscenter. Not too fun, eh? View Post