Ever listen to one of those songs that starts dreadfully slow and you get bored but then it speeds up until it’s absolute madness? Well that song was my life for the last 2 weeks. :cry: So much stress!

Between my laptop breaking 4 days before I flew out, to jillions of appointments, to dealing with my family before I left. Urgh madness!

I’m in Tokyo now! Unsure if they’ve installed internet in my new place (it’s being readied), so hopefully I can still talk to you guys. If not I’ll be on in a week :loveword:

My favorite nails of all time people, of all time! (handclap yourself if you thought Kanye)

Done by Vicki (at Nail Mogul)

Gonna miss my Vicki. She turned into a friend and we chatted about so much inappropriate stuff it was great. :hearts2: :upheart:

Houston TEXANS represent :stepup:

Nails themselves done in lame glitter. Turquoise ones are FOR AUDREY in China Glaze with either a lame glitter on top of them, or Swarovski crystals in “Mint Alabaster”

The crystal ones are done by just lame acrylics and “Crystal AB” Swarovski crystals.

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Instead of making several small posts I decided to combine lots of little news items into one big post. Info about your favorite gal brand might be below :heartsmile:

Gyaru Mooks

3 gyaru brands are launching mooks for their Autumn/Winter collection: EMODA, w♥c, and Gilfy. These mooks do not encompass all fashion to come out by that brand that season, but show the majority of it. Also they usually have special model appearances. It’s a great way to see the brand’s outlook for the season. I’d so buy all three if I wasn’t saving some ¥¥¥ for heading back to Japan.

With the MOOK purchase you get Ena Matsumoto produced gel eyeliner in brown and an EMODA pouch that looks like their shopping bags. :stars:

Other than a catalog: Celeb guests, Ena style for 30 days, Ena’s face and hair tutorials (amazon.jp link)

W♥C is more of a straight up catalog with present of tiny beige x blue Kumatan ECO bag :kumatan: (amazon.jp link)

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Your gyaru detective is here, trudging the web to find more exhibition pictures that’ll give us a sneak peek to this Fall’s trending fashions. :waves:   :wink:

Some makes me salivate with credit card in hand. :heartlove:  Others make me want to go into my closet and hide and tell my clothes I do love them, it’s just their ugly sisters I hate :(

Brands below: Backs, Gilfy, Cecil McBee, Fabulous by Cecil McBee, Titty & Co, Moussy, Miia & Dazzlin

A note concerning fur:

There’s going to be a lot of fur fashion discussions with the upcoming season shaping up how it is, so I thought I’d get this out of the way. I understand people have polarizing opinions on the use of fur in fashion. The fact of the matter is we’re discussing Japanese fashion. I will not hide the use of fur, because I consider it my job to report on all gal fashion. Japanese fashion yearly uses a lot of fur and PETA and other campaigners have not gotten into Japanese mindsets. Fur is soft and warm, that’s all it is to Japanese. As consumers we make our own choices by supporting or boycotting items.

I implore ladies to keep the Doll from being a fur debate. This is a place to discuss fashion not to question ethics. Please keep the commentary strictly on fashion. :heart:


A look from the BACKS exhibition. Short pants, suspenders & bowler hats. Gyaru Newsie anyone? :cat:

Fur small items being marketed. Possible scrunchies?


More from the Gilfy exhibition. Long stoles, more leopard.

I admit seeing mannequins like this does make me think of a Real Doll teaparty or other creepy fetish things. :!:

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To be honest the Jelly August issue is a blatant in-between season issue. Full of diet tips, models own coordinates and pages of make-up. No news breaking trend in sight. :^_^;;: Well that’s what all August issues of magazines will end up being :depressed:

The cover is fly!

But wait, there’s awesome…!

However, they might have heard all my calls and put a WHOLE LOT OF AWESOME into ONE FEATURE!

Does is have Mode Gyaru? CHECK
Does it have superbod and style icon DETSU KOROHI? CHECK!
Does it have charisma shop staff girl extraordinaire EMINA? CHECK!

….and it has Gilfy, W♥C, Emoda, and Murua all with regular-ish gals doing coordinates! :cheery:

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