Instead of making several small posts I decided to combine lots of little news items into one big post. Info about your favorite gal brand might be below :heartsmile:

Gyaru Mooks

3 gyaru brands are launching mooks for their Autumn/Winter collection: EMODA, w♥c, and Gilfy. These mooks do not encompass all fashion to come out by that brand that season, but show the majority of it. Also they usually have special model appearances. It’s a great way to see the brand’s outlook for the season. I’d so buy all three if I wasn’t saving some ¥¥¥ for heading back to Japan.

With the MOOK purchase you get Ena Matsumoto produced gel eyeliner in brown and an EMODA pouch that looks like their shopping bags. :stars:

Other than a catalog: Celeb guests, Ena style for 30 days, Ena’s face and hair tutorials ( link)

W♥C is more of a straight up catalog with present of tiny beige x blue Kumatan ECO bag :kumatan: ( link)

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Super quick post since I’m yet again out of town and being a busy bee. :cheery:

The ultra fabulous Chinatsu Wakatsuki has released a ton of items for WC summer.

There’s tons of new clothing on the website, including WC logo underwear teehee! Too fun!

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the new releases. :loveword:

So much to buy and so little money :^_^;;:

Golden Week Lucky Bags

What’s even worse money wise is the 109 webstore is offering fabulous Golden Week lucky bags. All are 5250 yen (around 50.00 USD) and contain around 5 items. The best thing… they’re not all sold out! :icon_eek:

Agejo lover Golds Infinity, rock-kei Glad News, amkaji Vence, pop-style Miia and more are offering grab bags. Ohhhh dear, so hard to pass up :!:

Miia – 15000 worth of items (around $150.00) clothing + a small item

Liz Lisa – Denim bag, a t-shirt, a scrunchie and some other things. 5 items in total.

Glad News – All they say is it’s summery items. (still want)

Golds Infinity – 5 items in total. A top, bottoms, hair fragrance and popular items

Arghhh I want the Glad News and Miia ones. Damn you fabulous gal stores. :evil: I’m going crazy with clothing want :-S :hearts3:

Golds Infinity has been a revelation in the last year. They’ve been around for a few years, mostly holding onto a small group of women who liked a more “ero” (erotic) style, but not the matchy-matchy that Mar*s does. They’re also known for being cheap, so they were kind of the discount Mar*s or MeJane (Golds is often 1,000 to 2,000 yen cheaper, or $12 to $23USD).

However, S/S 2009 they decided to hire girls that looked more Agejo and made them have the highest, curliest hair and longest gal nails and their staff-chan started looking more like models. Along with having a renewed web presence and webstore, this has really brought a growth in popularity for Golds. :stepup:

Golds Infinity details:

katakana: ゴールズ インフィニティ
number of stores: 6
their concept this season: None listed, but for last season it was “Elegance Casual mixed with a Traditional look”
what it really is this season: Classic Agejo highlighted by pastels, lace and flowy items.

Just look and give that a handclap right now from your laptop/cellphone. Perfect Agejo.
What’s Agejo? THIS is Agejo.

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