A few different tutorials on how to tie and wear the Mode scarf turban popularized by Murua producer Momoko Ogihara. It’s so popular that Jelly called it the “ogimomo” style after Momoko Ogihara.

I’m going to show several different ways to wear it and one should suit your face shape and hair style :cheery:

As a note Momoko seems to have more of a heart-shaped face. Ena has an oval-shaped face, as do I. I’d love to see how this looks on other facial shapes. :stepup:

One of the great things about the scarf turban is your hair can be any length to do these.

You will need a long scarf and/or headband or bobbypins if you have bangs. That is all :up:

We’re going to be doing the vertical scarf turban or true “ogimomo” first as shown by Murua ladies

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Still recovering from being sick, so instead I thought I’d make a quick hair post about the new two-tone gal hair. Who has it, how it’s done, and opinions. :heartshake:

So of course you ladies know about old two-tone hair, if not here’s a quick recap :smiley:

This was the typical gal two-tone. Or what shall be called for purposes of this entry: vertical two-tone. Tons of ladies had it from Popteen’s Kumickky to Ageha twins Chika & Chie. However like any trend it’s becoming a bit dated.

Now the trend is horizontal two-tone and gradation. This is becoming a big trend: at least one model from Popteen, Jelly, and Egg have this style.

Blunt Horizontal Two-tone – Model examples


model for: Jelly and Egg

style: black to red two-tone

from: extensions

Number one ranking crooz blogger, Yunkuro, was one of the first to try out horizontal two-tone. She’s been obsessed with Mode lately, so she wanted sleek hair that showed off her Mode coordinates.

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I get a ton of hair questions, and finally I decided to bite the bullet and show to good resources of color and style for gal hair. Super image heavy below :stars:

Hot Pepper Hair Directory

Did you know there’s a directory you can use to look at different styles and colors of gal hair easily? You can! I promise it’s really easy, and here’s some step by step ways to look through a big hair directory. :yayblush:

The main page here

(click to enlarge)

I put some translations in, but this is the main page of Hot Pepper Beauty.

It’s a great resource for finding all types of beauty salons: nails, extension, hairset, facialists and more.

But for now we’re just going to work on hair and looking at that orange box to the right :star:

First you pick your length and then you choose your style!

Of course I have gyaru checked :yayblush: But you can check more than one :heartexclaim:

This is the drop down box from above and the length types. I’d be a Medium according to them.

So choose style and length and click the grey box :stars:

(click to enlarge)

On the top of the page after you click the box, you’ll see this if you want to get even more specific.

I was running out of room so I choose S M L to represent less, regular, and more.

Clicking on Gyaru + Long gave me 27 pages of hair styles, these are just a few of them.

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Here’s a post about my skin care rituals since it’s been a meme flowing around the gal blogosphere. Blooomzy (here), LucieLu (here), Samispoon (here) Sara Mari (here) & Tori (here) did it. I figured as a “yank” (though it hurts my Southern soul to say that), I should even out the Brit to Yank ratio. Also, I get a lot of haircare questions so I thought I’d share what works for me. :heart2:


My skin type:

It’s quite oily and I had break-outs starting in my late teens. I’ve got some scars left over from that. I do still breakout although a lot less recently.

My main triggers for breakouts are stress & time of the month. :^_^;;:

Daily Skincare

Lush Herbalism Cleanser (link) – Good all around cleanser. I often switch it up with the Lush Sea Salt cleanser. Stored in my Marie container. Makes my bathroom feel cute :heart2:

Lush Tea Tree Toner (link) – Nice toner that’s not strong.

Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion (link sephora) – A perfect nighttime lotion for blemish prone skin. I think Lush wins with skincare except moisturizer. Lush’s ones were so heavy and irritated my eyes. Murad is neither thankfully. :upheart: I just bought my second bottle :loveword:

Blistex Lip Infusion – A nice roller balm that’s a great alternative to chapstick. Nice over matte lips as well.

Acnefree 10 – Enough benzoyl peroxide without bleaching my pillowcases. Drugstore buy that’s amazingly gentle.

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