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I’ve talked about Yumetenbo / Dreamv(international store) in the past and it should be a well known name to those who like Japanese fashion. However they’ve really been changing lately. Mon Lily by web megastore Yumetenbo / Dreamv and has many collaborations and close ties with Larme Magazine it can be easily called Larme-kei as its main style. Larme-kei is part of the niche fashion markets that Yumetenbo is trying to cover. In this post I’m going to talk about their niche styles and more closely about their brand mon Lily.

Yumetenbo’s Past Market Model

Yumetenbo is known for latching onto trends and producing cheap second wave fashion from popular gyaru brands. High brands inspire gyaru brands who in turn inspire Yumetenbo/Galstar and other discount brands. It’s a cycle that has been happening for years. Personally I think they’re one of the reasons La Parfait shuttered its doors since they produce lots of hime items for cheap.

They’ve also tried to grab onto any new trend back with Mode Gyaru and Mori Gyaru. But recently they’ve decided to go a different way.


Very watered down version of the fashion cycle. Yumetenbo has been on that Discount brand ledge. Now they’re on a whole different one for many of their niche brands. Niche meaning they don’t have to appeal to everyone or even copy what high brands are doing. Instead they hope to find a core audience looking for a specific style.



Yumetenbo Produced Brands for Niche Fashion Markets

Instead of replicating what gyaru brands have been doing they’ve decided to create their own. And it’s not mass appeal but through niche fashion and being the producer. Below are some of their small style groups they’re trying to profit from.

Niche fashion forrays by Yumetenbo

:bow: Classic Yumetenbo Himekaji brand Dear My Love

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 12.34.55 PM

Diable Baiserr’s newest coordinates.

:bow: Former agejo now Oneegyaru brand Diable Baiserr

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 12.37.11 PM

Plumprimo trendy newest styles. From Onee to Ank Rouge styles.

:bow: Plus size brand Plumprimo which is still going strong.


:bow: The very popular dance and idol style with JK (junior high) girls now has a kid’s brand called Prismstone. Interestingly they say “look like an anime heroine” as their tagline for Prismstone. The sizing is done in kids sizes which is 120cm to 160cm. I’d talk more about this brand but I don’t think it fits my core readers. But still, interesting!


LNK for NeoGal was their first Western-style lookbook shoot using only white models. Ways they’re trying to replicate the NeoGal look. Different from Yumetenbo’s usual method of using Japanese models for webstore catalog shots.

:bow: Their newest is their LN-K brand for NeogalWhich adds yet another brand to Neogal. Unsure how this unproducer backed brand will thrive but the items look cute if not slightly K-Pop style rips.

:bow: And Larme Magazine collaboration brand “mon Lily”  Which this whole post was supposed to be about…



From Net to Brick and Mortar

Japan has a very confusing relationship with technology.

For example, Japanese cellphones in the beginning were the more diverse, personalized and functional in the planet. I left for Japan in 2007 with a Razr. In Japan there were QR codes and even paying with your cell. But the iPhone and Android have completely taken over and yet you’ll still see a lot of people in Japan with flip phones.

On the website end in 2007 a ton of websites made themselves completely mobile friendly and it was the main way of browsing the net for a lot of Japanese. Net shopping became huge. But the iPhone swept over Japan very quickly and yet shopping websites were slow to change. Two years ago I could go onto popular gyaru brands and only get their very retro and extremely limited mobile site.

Now brands are embracing technology and even the last two gyaru brand hold outs OneSpo (fashionwalker) and DIA (mobacolle) are now on big fashion webstores. 

So what is interesting to me is Yumetenbo has decided to open brick-and-mortar shops.

The first one is called the webshop’s name: Yumetenbo (actually called by kanji 夢展望) in HEP 5 in Osaka. I curse myself for not stopping by when I was in HEP 5 3 weeks ago. But instead enjoy photos from the official hep5.

yumetenbo-hep52yumetenbo-hep5-3yumetenbo-hep5-4 yumetenbo-hep5

Quite a large store housing all brands from Yumetenbo. Looks about the size of many WEGOs for comparison. I do think they hope to battle WEGO in size if they can for a different market of buyers.


The second one is mon Lily in Ikebukuro P’ Parco which opened in August of this year. Which is why I started writing this post and from now I’ll only talk about it and continue with it for the next few days.



Mon Lily in Ikebukuro P’ Parco

mon Lily was launched last year with the Larme magazine audience in mind. Larme has done many collaborations with brands but mon Lily is its biggest cohort in fashion.  When mon Lily opened their first actual store in Ikebukuro Parco a Larme model event was held and there was a Larme collaboration novelty given away for those who purchased enough.

I find this to be a very interesting step in Japanese fashion, it’s about as close as a magazine and a brand have gotten. But they still seem to be separate with Yumetenbo running the show.


Ikebukuro P’ Parco itself is an interesting venue. I’ve previously snapped a Candy Stripper shop staff there. The mall itself is separate from the train station and a bit behind it away from the popular Sunshine Street walk. P’ Parco is trying to revive itself with a Nico Nico cafe and trying to attract more stores, especially those with a aomojikei feel to them like Candy Stripper, Jouetie and others.


Outside the main Parco building in Ikebukuro signs trying to direct people to the updated P’ Parco including Mon Lily.

Mon Lily is located on the second floor of P’ Parco and the shop staff kindly let me take photos of the shop.


The entrance to the very small shop.


A view of the full layout of the store. Just three clothing racks and a flat display for shirts.


All the sweet and soft colors of Mon Lily for fall.


Some of their dresses and cardigans neatly hung up. Their flatform shoes have been one of their best selling items.


Their Christmas display along with Larme issue 13 open to the Mon Lily layout.


Another angle of the Christmas tree because I thought it was so cute and replicable. I can’t have a Christmas tree this year because I have a kitten, but I really want to do it next year when Olaf calms down.


This is going to be a three parter on mon Lily that will continue tomorrow. The second part will be about their clothing and styles for Winter and also a review of the pieces I bought along with shots from the current Larme magazine featuring mon Lily. The third will be shop staff photos.

Why don’t I blog as often? Well every Lego game on the XBOX and I keep writing these incredibly long posts that I work on for several days. So I may be slower but hopefully more thorough?



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