A little Liz Lisa shop staff snap break which is always the best kind of break. I’ve been working on a buying circle lens post in Japan and working on eating healthy in Japan which grew two part post and working on the hair series and the Larme series. I need to finish one article darnit, but I always multitask.

Liz Lisa Hiroshima Parco shop staff are always lovely. I’ve taken photos of them back in 2011. And documented the Hiroshima Parco mall then, too. But now with a better camera and more shots = better shop staff coverage. WOOT!

hiroshima parco liz lisa shop staff

That cozy knit with the short skirt is so classic winter Liz Lisa shop staff style. Winter Liz Lisa previous post

hiroshima parco liz lisa

I love how the muted browns of her outfit really make her orange skirt pop. Liz Lisa eco bags are super cute, too.

liz lisa hiroshima

Classic Liz Lisa make-up and hair. It’s so lovely.

liz lisa shop staff

There she is in the full Liz Lisa shop in Hiroshima Parco. Just blending right in.


Simple make-up had already started last year, and I think it’s stayed the same for Liz Lisa girls this year. This girl is really making me want a fuzzy sweater right now.

The fabulous tumblr for Liz Lisa liz-lisa.tumblr.com did a great post on all the instagrams of Liz Lisa. Go check it out!

Looking for more Liz Lisa posts? I’ve got you covered! So many Liz Lisa shop staff to come and mentions about their new style soon. But for now check out previous posts here

Looking for more shop staff snaps? Stay tuned and view over 100 previous shop staff

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Added two more items to the gyaru sales and discounted everything. Worldwide shipping included now, buy one get 50% off for US buyers too! One more week only!


Since I talked about my current food habits on tumblr, I thought I’d do a food post here, too!

One of the top foods I always miss when I’m not in Japan is Hiroshima style okonomiyaki (お好み焼き). To me one of the greatest mysteries is how Osaka style Okonomiyaki got more popular than Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki. I may love Osaka and consider it my favorite city in the world, but Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki is 10x more delicious!

So how are Osaka style and Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki different? Both have a similar recipe of cabbage, pancake batter, egg, and pork. Osaka’s are mixed and use much less cabbage. Hiroshima style is known for its use of soba or udon noodles and tends to use 3x as much cabbage and its thicker and the ingredients are not mixed. More cabbage = more filling on healthy food = better for you!

Both styles of Okonomiyaki have delicious variants like: mochi, cheese, squid, shrimp, green onions, kimchi and octopus.

If you’re in Hiroshima, the place you go to Okonomiyaki is Okonomimura (お好み村). It’s a haven of 27 Okonomiyaki small shops that is popular with locals and tourists. Their Okonomiyaki sauce is specially made just for Okonomimura shops.

It’s right next to Parco on the Hatchobori tram stop.

To enter you go up the stairs and immediately you will see a dozen Okonomiyaki shops.

On this small floor there are about 8 shops. The cook will immediately ask you to seat anyone you pass.

Seating is on stools around a hook-shaped teppanyaki grill. There is usually the chef and someone to handle the cash and do clean up. Often there’s a tv in the corner playing.

The seating more filled up. The chef will usually direct you where to sit. Often there’s a traditional style (vertical with prices displayed in kanji like 一000 to show it’s 1000yen) but since this place is tourist friendly they usually have regular menus or the many places staff knows a few English words like “squid” or “check”.

My chef from last time (I did ask to take pictures) with the tv and coat hangers. Most menus just have Okonomiyaki with toppings and then beer, soft drinks or whiskey highballs as a drink.

My mochi cheese Hiroshima Okonomiyaki. The correct top of Hiroshima style is the sauce and aonori which is dried seaweed flakes. No bonito or mayonaise like Osaka style.

Mochi is amazing inside Onomoyaki. The chef first grills it on the teppanyaki grill for a while to get it nice and chewy and then chops it up and places it within the Okonomiyaki for easy eating.

My squid, mochi and green onion topped Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki with udon noodles instead of soba. “Mochi ika” is one of the most popular Hiroshima Okonomiyaki toppings. Both the squid and mochi are very chewy and filling!

Pickled ginger is sometimes optional, it’s more of a chef’s discretion. Also chefs sometimes top the Okonomiyaki with squid or shrimp instead of putting it in.

How to Okonomiyaki! Do not, ever ever eat from the grill. Instead you’re given a small metal spatula and you cut very small portions off.

Transfer that portion to a bowl and then eat from it with chopsticks.

Hiroshima Okonomiyaki is very filling and super cheap especially from Okonomimura. A meal will set you back 500-700yen only! Around $7-10! So cheap!! Delicious food in Japan doesn’t always have to cost!

I previous blogged about the gyaru stores (here) and nightlife (post 1, post 2) in Hiroshima, but I have yet to really discuss my visit to Hiroshima (広島). I decided to travel there in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami of last March. I’m glad I did visit Hiroshima, but to be honest I’m not exactly sure why. The food is amazing and the city is well laid out with great nature spots and streetcars delivering you to central areas. It has its own unique style of how it looks, but you cannot help think that it’s because Hiroshima is a modern city made that way by its sad past.

As always scroll over if you’d like a description or just enjoy the photos.  :upheart:

Since Hiroshima was a city I’d never been to I was so excited to check out the city and how gal was. Admittedly I was a bit downhearted by the reaction I’d received there. Honestly most didn’t know how to deal with foreigners in their store since it was a bit harder to get there and a few floors up. I’ve heard from others that Hiroshima is extremely nice, but honestly I can’t feel that way. Especially not after the warm hearted way I’d been treated in Nagoya and Osaka. :worries:

Duras – Hiroshima Parco

While the lace dress didn’t suit me as much it really shined on the shop staff on the left. I love their butterfly belt trend. Everything like usual from Duras feels a bit Bridget Bardot and I can’t help but love that. Great paisley and lace help out the nice 1970s retro feel.

The shop staff on the right’s simple acrylic nails. A nude feminine look that really suits Duras clothing.

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