Lily Brown (リリーブラウン ) Japan is a sister clothing brand of mega popular 20 year old brand Snidel. Its concept is “Vintage Future Dress” (ヴィンテージフューチャードレス). It’s a relatively new brand only three years old this Fall (2011 started).

However it’s a very popular brand with the otona kawaii set since it focuses on similar clothing to Snidel and has the Snidel name recognition to back it. Along with Snidel its also has Fray ID, Fur Fur and Gelato Pique under the Mash Group of brands. All selling through usagi-online It has over 20 stores in Japan and many stores in China and Hong Kong. Quite a meteoric rise in three years!

I would firmly place Lily Brown Japan in the otona kawaii set. It’s often featured in Sweet, Vivi and JJ. While its look can be mote-kei it’s not really the focus.

Lily Brown Japan Ikebukuro Parco

I went to the Ikebukuro Parco Lily Brown and checked out their cute style.


Definite “Vintage Future Dress” to her look. She looks a bit 70s but still current.

lily brown japan

Sadly my bag is blocking out some of her dress, but it was a popular style. They also did it in cardigan form. Knits are a big part of their style every season and they do really nice ones.


Her make-up fits with the otona kawaii set. Eyelash extensions, simple eyeline and a sweet lip color.


Her nails were stellar. They look so nice even though they’ve been worn for about a month judging by the grow-out.


Their shoes are one of the reasons I put them out of the mote-kei set. Clogs and fake fur seem a bit Man Repeller, but they’re so cute I had to take a shot of them up close. They always do great shoes each season.

Now is a great time to open to Lily Brown Japan. Their pricey items are now on sale for Fall at usagi-online or splurge with their Spring style reservations through fashionwalker.

I’ll talk about the brand more soon and I have many more shop staff snaps to show. So please stay tuned if you’d like to look at a more adult brand!

Looking for more shop staff snaps? Stay tuned and view over 100 previous shop staff

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Some non-gyaru shop staff to show this time from Stay Real and Candy Stripper. I get excited I think more to show non-gyaru shop staff because I enjoy all types of shop staff doing their own cool style.

Theflyingace asked

“Have you ever been treated poorly by a shop staff for being a gaijin despite having pretty awesome Japanese language/communication abilities?” Most of your posts show you getting along with shop staff but I had always wondered if some weren’t as friendly, even due to just their personalities?”

BTW best places to ask me questions are the blog/twitter/tumblr. Either 3 are great to contact me. Mail I’m crap at so you’ll get a quicker answer via those 3 first. Blog comments that are questions I’ll try to get to or put it in a post like this.

My answer:

Well admittedly in hindsight I remember the nice ones more. But shop staff are usually hired because they’re cute, they have a look the brand wants, and they’re friendly. Bonuses are rewarded on how many sales they make so being friendly is usually a bonus to that. However, because of the pressures of quotas it feels like some shop staff are very pushy to buy things.

DIA in Shibuya 109 I’m pretty sure has a strict quota because they are very very pushy. I don’t blame them because they have to make money or they’re fired and it only benefits them if you buy from them. However I feel this has made some of them fake, while some of them are so super friendly but just want you to buy everything.

If a shop staff is fake or pushy I just won’t buy from them, but really it’s rare.

Most are very kind, many are curious about what a gaijin is doing speaking Japanese to them and about my life. Lately with the rise of personal and shop blogs I get asked to take a lot more pictures with them for their blogs (more on that below). If I ask to take pictures they want to know about my blog, or they’re used to posing for pictures, or the majority are genuinely shocked or honored I’d ask them.

Candy Stripper – Shinjuku My Lord



These two girls were a gem to talk to in the My Lord shopping mall of Shinjuku station. (engrish giggles). Candy Stripper staff are always so adorable!

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