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If you’ve missed me tweeting or tumbling about it Nicola on graphic-noise painstakingly translated the new Jelly issue headline article “GAL is…” where Jelly models speak about what they think gyaru is now.

I like how Jelly magazine didn’t take a consensus about  gyaru but instead let the models explain it in their own words. This is just one magazine, but I enjoy hearing their opinions.

I do have a few complaints with a lot of the models saying they have gotten more natural and yet they’re not exactly…

– Eyelash extensions have gained in popularity. So a model may say they’re not in false eyelashes but instead they’re in the same thing but it’s extensions.

– Many of the models have gone through plastic surgery, fillers, or Botox. Of course if you change your nose you don’t need to shade it as much. So they may speak about using less make-up but it’s not exactly the same. I’m not shaming surgery, but I do feel it’s something to be considered.

I think it’s a bit disingenuous, and not entirely true.   :regret:

Edit: I think Charlotte put it better in the comments section the point I was trying to make. Check below :)

I also think gyaru will have a backlash and become more crazy. I think the way of fashion to ramp up and then tone down and then ramp up again.

Soul Sister is doing quite well and I think that’s for two reasons: people still want to get wild, be flashy and sexy and they focus on everyday gals more often. It’s a shame the magazines talking more about gyaru as a mentality like Jellyy cannot focus on everyday girls as well. Instead Jelly’s street snaps are filled with models.  :heartbreak:

Mipochi January 2013 and January 2014

An example of change is Soul Sister model Mipochi (

I tried to be as unbiased as I could about this so I simply selected her most recent face (make-up), outfit and nail photos I could from her blog. Then I went back exactly a year ago in Januarary 2013 and tried to find the best quality shots of her face, outfit and nails.

Mipochi Make-up


Mipochi Nails


Mipochi Coordinates


I chose her because she has been very popular as a Soul Sister model. Whatever inferences you draw between Mipochi 2013 and 2014 is all you.

However, I do not doubt there have been women and girls who have toned-up their style and not toned down in the same time frame. The rise of discount webstores like Yumetenbo that offer more extreme gyaru styles are making it attainable for people in the countryside to be as stylish. Soul Sister’s roots are the countryside so of course this goes hand-in-hand.

Oneegyaru agejo mix in the traditional way of Lip Service and Rienda from the the early 2010s seems to be still very popular in Kyoto and Hiroshima from my recent visit in November. One of my favorite blogs to read lately is Charlotte’s and she confirms this in her recent Kyoto discount gyaru post. If anything it’s just gyaru is getting so much more broad and there’s much more of a range.

On Universal-Doll I’ve decided to add in other styles and brands I do not consider gyaru just because my own Japanese fashion interests are changing and broadening. While I think the core of the Doll will always be gyaru-centric I want to explore more things. I hope you keep reading…. :bow:


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A post all about japanese gyaru magazines, your textbooks to gyaru style it’s part of the Japanese Fashion University posts, a series of posts that go further in depth into Japanese style.. I always find it silly when people think gyaru style is small. 16 magazines supported and it’s small?! (dafaq) With such a wide range of styles and ages represented you’re sure to mix and match to find your preference.

Data found from Japanese wiki, Digital Zasshi and Magazine-data. Covers are from the most recent issues taken from Fujisan.




jpn: 姉ageha
since: 2011
style: Adult gyaru, beauty

A relatively new magazine that bills itself for the 25-35 crowd. Less flashy dressing than Ageha, but similar target audience. Many of the models also model for Ageha. It’s worth noting that many of the popular Ageha models are currently in this age group (Sakurina turns 30 next month).

Edit: AneAgeha like all InForest publications went bankrupt, however AneAgeha was rebirthed by SCawaii’s publisher and is still printing (8/2014 update)




jpn: ブレンダ
since: 2003
style: oneegyaru, cool, overseas style, gossip
popular models: Reiko Ide, Yui Hasegawa, Natsumi Yoshida

Blenda is the oneegyaru key magazine started by Popteen during the Oneegyaru boom to build an older audience. Focusing on simple mixed with glamorous. Their models have a high-low mix to their outfits: brand bags or watches mixed with gyaru brand clothing. Their dressing is often inspired by popular celebrities (mostly Western).

Edit: Blenda printed its final issue for September 2014. No news on where the models have gone (8/2014 update)


Decolog Paper


jpn: デコログ
since: 2010
style: blogger, adult gyaru

Another blogsite to paper. Decolog makes a bi-monthly magazine focusing on street snaps and shop staff style. Popular models are on the cover, but it’s geared for the regular older gyaru.

Edit: Decolog Paper last published 5/2014 issue. It has since decided to change its name to Dorothy Rose and aim towards an older audience. (8/2014 update)

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Both Jelly and Egg have put out make-up rankings based on surveys. They differ, so let’s check out all the trending make-up and I’ll add some personal reviews on some of the products. :up:

This post is image heavy, so wait for items to reload. Jelly pages scanned by me.

Jelly – February 2011 issue – Rankings

They asked 500 models, Jelly Gals (the sub models that appear in street snaps), shop Presidents and shop staff.

For Jelly you’ll notice they’re added more expensive cosmetics along with their rankings. Since MAC make-up is sometimes 2x more expensive in Japan they’re really getting pricey in their purchases.

Also below on each page lists favorite items from each store.

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Quick post since I’ve been busy this weekend and hopped up on pain pills after messing up my knee. Hurrah :^_^;;:

I really wanted to talk about another thing in the September Jelly issue about bottoms, since they’re such a concern as we turn to Fall and need to keep warm yet fabulous. There’s a lot of different looks Jelly provided and styled. Something for all gyaru here :-D

All 1000px width. Click to enlarge.

The Newest Bottom Trends. They’re saying turning on parade, let’s say marching :wink:

Pankinsu/Paginsu aka Jeggings – We talked about these back in MODE Week, but they’re really everywhere. I prefer to call them the romanized pankinsu or paginsu, since it sounds like someone saying punk kids. Jeggings to me sounds like a disease :-S

Either way you want to call them, they’re the big trend in bottoms and should keep you warmer than tights and shorts :upheart:

That gorgeous splatter top above is by EMODA. I am sure there will be more splatter print trend this Winter.

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