Eyelashes look very different from my gyaru Japanese false eyelashes comparison I did last year. Eyelash trends are a big part of gyaru make-up and in this post I’m going to talk about some big changes and new additions to three major false eyelash cosmetic companies: Diamond Lash ダイヤモンドラッシュ,  Eyemazing アイメイジング and Jewerich ジュエリッチ.

The major trend keywords are: feathery, brown, and eyelash extension.

Diamond Lash Rich Brown Series

Diamond Beauty (http://diamond-beauty.jp/) has launched two new eyelash lines. One is the “Little Wink Series” which is a feathery shorter lash series. The newest one that came out last month is their “Rich Brown Series”.


You can see they follow both trends of feathery and brown.

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