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Discussing two polar opposite gal brands, in so many ways, today. JSG & Murua’s fall selections. I decided to post these two to show the broad spectrum of what gal can be. :love:


JSG details:
katakana: ジェイエスジー
style: hade, trend
number of stores: 5
years around: Fall 2006 (walked the TGC A/W 2006)
this season’s concept: “Bubble Pop Electric” simple items mixed to have impact
what it’s really this season: Monotone military trends with a hint of BritPOP look.
model: Ranzuki’s Nicorun

JSG – aka Japan Super Girl – the brand Kaoru Watanabe helped produce. The brand that was known for being so hade (aka flashy), that it was made for Egg magazine covers.

The two headline looks for this season. Styled their remind of late JSG.

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Character x gal brands are huge!! It used to not be that way until a sassy kitten named Hello Kitty decided to cuddle up with JSG and Delyle. Then poof Mickey, Betty Boop, Marvel characters, Snoopy, Usavich’s Rabbits and it’s blown up!

W*C decided to make its own mascot and you know how well that is doing (in case you don’t, it’s HUUUUUUGE!). :sparkle2: I am wondering if other brands will try to make their own in the future.

So far the brands involved with character goods are: w*c, ReDark, Vence, Spiral Girl, Lip Service, Glad News, JSG, Delyle, Ruvap, Moussy, LDS, LB-03, Love Boat, Liz Lisa Doll and Miia. :star2:

Let’s take a look at the character pieces happening for Spring!

JSG x Hello Kitty

Spring’s newest JSG parkas done as a collaboration of JSG, Popteen and Hello Kitty. Very hade.

Since I don’t talk about JSG a lot, I thought I’d discuss JSG while it’s a topic.

:star2:  JSG history and current state:

JSG stands for Japanese Super Girl, it started out in 2006 as being produced and designed by Kaoru Watanabe of late Egg magazine fame. Whether she still has creative control is unclear, but JSG continues to have a strong following with teenagers. It’s under the Credge brand which controls Lip Service, Valentine’s High, Minirdees, and men’s brand LaGust. JSG is going strong with 2 new branch openings this Spring in Shinsaibashi OPA (Osaka) and Kawaramachi OPA (Kyoto).

If you’re missing Kaoru, she’s recently begun to blog again about new mama-hood on her ameblog she continues to stay in the top 250 bloggers in the rankings despite being out of magazines. :sparkle2: Go Kaoru, go!

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The trends for A/W 2009 are easy to see into three categories.

Mannish Feminine

This is a big trend affecting pretty much every store. Each store looks to this trend to draw upon it.

Napoleon Jackets

Seen at: LDS, One*Spo, OneWay, Redark

Gilfy’s new 0/6 brand decided to make it into a shirt

Seen at: Everywhere! Egoist to JSG!

Fake plaid under dress by Real Mar*s

Incorporate plaid into your fall. The latest Blenda spoke even about wearing a plaid onepiece as a light outer to your t-shirt dresses. Mix and play around.

Menswear shirts
Seen at: Duras

Making a mannish item feminine

Preferably oversized, was done in the summer but the mannish trend carried this one along.

Trad jackets
Seen at: Lip Service, Duras, Egoist, Delyle
Oversized or cropped helps accentuate the look.

Seen at: Lip Service, Ji*maxx, Egoist, OneWay

Oversized by Lip Service

Menswear grey and black are very popular.

Motorcycle boots
Seen at: Esperanza, Egoist, Bonita
Best mixed with a trad jacket and leggings.

Ladies first

Seen at: oh jesus everywhere

Leopard coats seen at Dazzlin, GN and Lip Service

Especially trending is the leopard beret. Looks very cute with a monotone look or a pink dress.

Chanelesque Jackets
Seen at: Honeys, Delyle, One*Spo

Tweed is especially popular. Great as overcoats to sweet dresses.

Seen at: You name it. Most at $10-$15

LDS Leopard one

Looks great with the feminine style and mannish dressing.

Flower print dresses
Seen at: OneWay, Love Boat, Shake Shake

Dazzlin sweet print

Done best with a black background and paired with a riders jacket.

Fur accents
Seen at: One*Spo, Lip Service, Egoist, Mars

Fun fur fluff by Duras

Done best as a stole, or fake fur crop jacket.


Lace leggings are currently rising, but lace dresses, lace tshirts, lace trim. It’s all very popular right now.

Rock it out

Leggings! Leggings! Leggings!

Seen at: Your house in your room

Shagadelic front slash leggings
A mix with all the trends by Glad News

They’re everywhere. They crop up as fake denim, they’re ripped, they’re skinned, their metallic

Thigh High boots
Seen at: the corner

They’re hot with jeans, fluffy skirts or jean shorts. Make sure to get some heel on yours or you’ll be stumpy legged.

Union Jack
Seen at: One*Spo, Glad News, Cecil McBee

Gilfy’s take on the trend

Oh heck even I love the flag. Great bold print on dresses.

Seen at: JSG, Glad News, Tutuha

JSG’s cute thick cardi

Most all shoe options really
The more buckles, studs, useless hardware a shoe has the better it is this season.

Other trends popping:
– Vertical striped leggings
– Kitson sparkle bags
– Leggings that match jacket material (such as both moko moko)

Now go shopping!