Canmake popular drugstore Japanese cosmetics brand is notoriously good for delivering a quality product that is much nicer than it’s price should warrant. So when I saw they were introducing a new Lip Stain and Balm combination to get on the stain beauty trend I jumped aboard. Their lip stain is Canmake Stay On Balm Rouge “ステイオンバームルージュ”. It’s really popular in Japan and CanMake has since introduced two more shades since its 2012 November start.

Price 620 yen (can find on imomoko for $8.99)

Stay On Balm Rouge comes in six colors:  (01) Rosier Rose ロージアローズ, (02) Smily Gerbera スマイリーガーベラ, (03) Tiny Sweatpea タイニースウィートピー, (04) Savonly Lily シャボンリーリリー, (05) Flowering Cherry Petal フローウィングチェリーペタル, (06) Sweet Clematis スウィートクレマチス

I’m reviewing (01) Rosier Rose

 Real Product Reveal


Their packaging is girly yet basic. The chrome cap has not suffered damage and the paper wrapper looks to be holding strong after 6 months.



The thumb size of the application is huge.


Size comparison to my other current lip glosses and stains. Liz Lisa gloss review here.

Stay-On Balm Rouge 01 Rosier Rose Swatched and Worn


It does apply very smoothly and color is vibrant for being opaque.


iPhone  laziness but you can see it worn. It looks a bit uneven and I think that’s just application issues with the giant thumb of an applicator. The color is vibrant however. :bow:

Just-the-Facts Review for Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge Lip Stain

Pros: :stepup:

– the price
– cute packaging
– nice variety of shades
– smooth, strong color after one pass
– initially moisturizing

Cons: :sage:

– too big of an applicator to be precise
– can be drying after 4 hours and no reapplication
– doesn’t last

Overall:  3/5

Final verdict: I can see going to this as a good tinted lip balm for winter and it’s good for casual days with more natural make-up, but I wish it had more staying power and an easier way to apply. For the price, I would possibly repurchase in they had a color I loved.

Canmake Stay On Balm Rouge Lip Stain Current Line and In-Store Displays



They only had 4 shades at the time. I took these at the Plaza in Ikebukuro Sunshine City.


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