Some of the most extreme Swarovski deco photos I’ve taken in Japan and I’ve taken a lot. Although crystal deco has faded a bit, there’s still a lot of amazing shops in Japan doing stellar work. Also, don’t miss out the stunning fully blinged out crytsal Mercedes.

Kobe’s Amazing Hello Kitty & Bike Crystal Deco


I love unusual deco! That Michael Jackson photo is amazing! I’ve always wanted to do toy car deco. Check out that classic UK taxi and the cool British old phone booth. Everything is coming up UK for this Kobe deco shop called “Salon de Barbie”. Sadly I think the shop is now closed, but please enjoy their amazing work!


Billiken was created in America by an American (wiki) but is now a symbol of of Osaka and of good luck. Surely choosing gold to deco it out was a great idea.


I am still debating whether the Hanshin Tigers bike tops my own deco bike. But I’m impressed! I love unsual color deco.


It’s obvious my nail art set-up is not as fancy as this. They were using it to advertise at-home starter sets, but wow those UV lamps for nail gel curing are stunning!


Small deco shops in Japan look like this with small amounts of parts to buy and then in store windows the big flashy deco work.


I would’ve never thought that it would be a good idea to deco action figures. Check out the “Kamen Rider” deco along with giant wearable belt.


Most deco shops like this one in Kobe under the train tracks is more common of a deco shop with just phones to advertise and small goods.

Deco shop in Fukuoka Tenjin Core

fukuoka-iphone-crystal-deco fukuoka-phone-deco

Flip phones are dying out slower in Japan than in the states, but deco shops still display good work whether its on old tech or not.

Swarovski Deco in Osaka

But the extreme deco belongs to Car Customizer DaD and their full Swarovski covered Mercedes.

osaka-swarovski-crystal-mercedes swarovskideco-car-japan-osaka

It’s on display alway at their Osaka location. Insane, right?

If you share these photos please credit.  :loveword:

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Same ole’ school, friends, exhaustion cycle :sage: Here’s pictures around Kobe from last month. Next up: a few trend updates :stepup:

I was really cold so we headed to Kobe OPA which is connected to the train station. OPA contains the majority of brand gal fashion in Kobe. The adorable signature cat in Christmas wear.

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Last of my Kobe pics! Thanks for all the lovely comments! I think there’s some good cheap gal shopping to be had in Kobe (in the covered mall to the right of the station) and in OPA. However as the 6th largest city it is limited in its gal activities. My friend and I even had a hard time finding a game center with purikura :^_^;;: But don’t like that stop you from galling yourself up and enjoying Kobe!

Most people just club in Osaka since it’s close. I think the problem with Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe being so close together (an hour away from each other or less), is that it dilutes all the concentration that a city like Tokyo has.

There is definite gal in Kobe, however don’t expect a Shibuya-like atmosphere.

Kobe Gal Services

However, smaller cities often have cheaper hair/nail/tanning places, so if you’re there for a while you might want to check out a deal.

A sign for Kobe gal hair salon Tomato


For example, in hot pepper salon ACHIEVE アチーブ is running an exte special for all-you-want (つけ放題) for 8800 yen (around $90.00). It’s near impossible to find exte hodai for under 10000 yen in Tokyo.

Here’s an example from their Hot Pepper site of their work :sparkle2:

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Another group of pictures from Kobe. :sparkle2:  The fabulous Atashida who currently lives in Kobe caught my wording in my previous post calling Kobe a commuter city. I didn’t mean it’s solely a suburban getaway from Osaka. Definitely not! It’s no Yokohama or Chiba (for those of you more familiar with Tokyo) :wink:

I meant it’s a short commute to Osaka. Just an hour by regular train from Osaka and the fare is 400 yen oneway. Which is pretty cheap considering you’re going to a whole other city! :note:

Kogals getting off from school.

Kobe Kogals, notice the bear charms hanging off. Very popular with kogals.


Kogals heading to karaoke (me and my friend Ko spotted them there)

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