Aymmy in the Batty Girls is a clothing brand that is the project of Zipper magazine model Ayumi Seto (瀬戸あゆみ). Ayumi has long been considered a figure-head in Aomoji-kei dressing, and the Aymmy brand reflects that style.



What’s Aomoji-kei?

Aomoji-kei (青文字系 あおもじけい) is a reactive style to Akamoji-kei (赤文字系). Akamojikei is the soft, date and appealing style often seen in CanCam and JJ (post on Akamojikei magazines and Motekei).

The essense of Aomoji-kei is cute and girly, but dressing just for yourself. You don’t need others to think it’s cute or appealing.

Aomoji-kei was named by Yusuke Nakagawa who runs Asobi System. Asobi System is a large Harajuku-based promotions and talent company known for producing Capsule and Kyary Pyamu Pyamu as well as popular models like Ayumi Seto.

Aomoji has two broad areas of style according to Asobi System. 1. the natural-kei of “mer” magazine or 2. the Harajuku-centric Aymmy style. However most people associate Aomoji-kei with the Aymmy look. Often Aomoji-kei is considered the umbrella term of Harajuku fashion that doesn’t have a defined term like lolita, fairy and cult-party.

Kyary Pyamu Pyamu before she evolved into a popstar was considered during her street snap era to be the Aomoji-kei figurehead.

Age range: Aomoji-kei is a youth style targeting ages 15-25.

Magazines Kera, Zipper, Mer, Sweet and Cutie all to a certain extent promote this look.

Brands aren’t as important for this style since it focuses on a mix-and-match but Aymmy, Galaxxxy, Candy Stripper, Jouetie, Merry Jenny, and Listen Flavor can also be considered Aomoji. Popular model Eva Pinkland can also be considered Aomoji. All of these brands use bright colors, comfortable shoes (sneakers, flats, platforms, oxfords), mix and match, punk and skater style, fun prints, and layering.



Aymmy details:


Brand concept:

The brand concept is actually around a parody of Ayumi Seto herself known as “Aymmy”. She’s a 17-year-old girl. She was born in California, USA. This brand is about her life. Which includes her fashion, interests, friends, and living environment. She does not stick to skating, rock, punk, or military. She has her own sense of style. Her style is basic on American culture and mix pop edge. She shows her own street style. Nobody can imitate her batty style. Her look is a style, she’s not focused on fashion.

You can read all about Aymmy’s interests in English on their website: http://www.aymmy.com/eng/


Brand style:

Aymmy centers on a very pop-retro look, with bright colors, comfortable fun shoes, and a mix-and-match fashion sense.

The first thing many will notice is the Aymmy logo is based off of Wendy’s. Wendy’s has had an odd future in Japan. It’s never been very popular it closed its 71 stores in Japan in 2008 (Versus 3,400 McDonalds in Japan). It has since reopened in 2011. (source)

Aymmy online:

http://www.aymmy.com/ | instagram: http://instagram.com/aymmy93 | facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Aymmy | twitter: https://twitter.com/aymmy1993

Aymmy stores:

http://store.aymmy.com/ web only for now, Pop-Up below



Aymmy Fall Winter 2014 Exhibiton Style

aymmy-exhibition-fall2014-coordinates aymmy-fall-exhibition-style-4 aymmy-fall2014-exhibitionshots-2 aymmy-fall2014-exhibitionshots aymmy-fallexhibition-2014-styleaymmy-exhibition-looks-1 aymmy-fall-exhibition-plaid-style

Even though Aymmy is an Aomoji brand it shares a lot of gyaru brand clothing trends: PLAID, longer skirts, sweater set-ups, sailor-style jackets, and long light jackets.

It’s an exceptionally girly and uniform collection for Aomoji style. I’m excited to see what the Aomoji lovers do to mix up the look.


Aymmy in Harajuku La Foret

Aymmy has no stores yet, but did have a pop-up store in Harajuku La Foret that I got to see. And by pop-up they mean pop-up, this shop was a tiny shoebox! However it seems to have been doing a brisk business.




What a cute shoe box! I love the turquoise and red theme. It goes well with Aomoji style.


I spotted these girls later in La Foret. I don’t like taking pictures without asking but I was in a hurry and felt these girls needed to be represented with their cute Aymmy style. Perfect everyday Aomoji style.


Hopefully they and other fans can help Aymmy make an actual store soon!

Next I’ll be talking about Larme magazine and Larme-kei. As a teaser did you know Larme has its roots in Ageha?


This was a Japanese Fashion University post about Aomoji-kei. Want to learn more in depth about Japanese fashion? Click here.

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Fabulous casual cute Jouetie shop staff. I always love how they take Jouetie and make it their own.

I realized I’m stuck. In a good way. I took a ton of shop staff pictures in March and April, and 28 different shop staff this November and I realized the way I put them out I’ll never get to Fall until it’s Spring in Japan and I’m back taking a ton of shop staff photos again so I’m going to go back and forth.



Her nails are amazing aren’t they! They’re gel judging by the grow out but I’ve never seen such an awesome chrome finish.

I also really love the little tiny bit of glitter she put under her eyes. Did you miss it? It’s that cute and small. Would you like to know more about Jouetie or see more of their shop staff check out the Jouetie tag.

Kind of sad I passed on this sweater because she is rockin’ it.

I went back to Jouetie La Foret and she was there again and said she visited my blog. “I saw your blog” is pretty much the most naked and scary statement to say to a blogger. :rushed: Want to make me anxious? Tell me that. Nervous sweats every time.  :sweatbubble:

She said it was very kawaii and full of pink. That’s for sure. Damn I get more saccharine each year.  :dotbow: :regret: I think she’s much more kawaii. She’s rocking her short hair so well.  :bow:


Not a gal store, but Ehyphen BonBon (http://www.ehyphen.jp/bonbon/) at La Foret in Harajuku is a store that all Shibuhara lovers and sweet gyaru may love. If you like Jouetie, Liz Lisa, Ank Rouge, or L.D.S. then take a look at Ehyphen BonBon! Definitely the best new designed store opening in Tokyo.

Ehyphen BonBon is the new line and lone stand-alone store from Ehyphen World Gallery, a mote-kei or girly brand that has tons of stores and is a bit like Lowry’s Farm. Both Ehyphen World Gallery and Ehyphen Bon Bon have reasonable good prices and their materials and construction are quite good. Tops & skirts around 20 to 45 dollars and dresses at 40 to 60 dollars. Usually $10 less than their counterpart gyaru brands.

Each season they’re doing collabs with both Amo and Hello Kitty. Both are the highlights of the brand.

Photos of the EHyphen Bon Bon store in La Foret, Harajuku

I went to their signature store and even from the outside you can tell you’ll be seeing some super cute merchandise in the inside.

ehyphen-bonbon-harajuku-laforet-storeehyphen-bonbon-harajuku-laforet-popcornpopper ehyphen-gallery-bonbon-cashier-harajuku View Post