Along with letting me photograph the mon Lily store in Ikebukuro P’ Parco, the mon Lily staff kindly agreed to pose for shop staff snaps for the blog. I’m glad I got to photograph them. I feel like their style is more reflective of everyday Larme girls. Swankiss seems to get the reblogs and hype with good reason. But Larmekei and Larme Magazine aren’t really about just flashiness or flounces.


The angel wall proved the perfect place to take photos of them. I really need my own angel wall!

Since it’s a new store I guess there wasn’t a shoe requirement. It usually depends store by store if the brands make the shop staff wear their own shoes or not. I wonder if the girl on the left was a rock style lover?


Lovely close-ups of their outfits. Everything looks very nicely tailored on them. I really like the interesting fabric/texture on the girl on the left’s romper (found here).


They’re actually in matching tops with little hearts cut out of them (seen here).


Outfits suited to two angels.


Recently Larme is trying to focus less on eyelashes (judging by their current magazines makeup sections). She decided to forgo them and just focus on circle lens and liner. She also decided on a pink-red shadow under her eyes instead of sparkly for eye definition. This is an upcoming trend about how to deal with eyebags and definition. Using colored shadows instead of sparkle to give the eye more impact.

When you scroll up to the other photos her eyes are definitely making an impact in the shots not as close-up. So surprising without eyelashes and darker shadows.

The other shop staff went the eyeliner and eyelash route, so both are working for the brand.


You can see her red-pink under eye shadow from this angle better. I’m unsure if it would work for my eyeshape, but the trend is neat.

She’s also in simple Seiso hair with a trend velvet ribbon. Little velvet hair ribbons were big this Winter across most genres. I love how the collar frills and stands up so well. I may have to get this top.

mon Lily in Larme magazine

Sorry about the quality of these pics. I just don’t have the time right now to take better pics and my back dies each time I scan so that’s off the table. I’ll try to do some better shots of other parts of Larme later. Definitely when the Larme series continues.


Larme issue 13 did retro style icons mixed with current clothes. They used Yui Kanno x Jane Birkin and a Monlily dress styled as a top and dress.


Then Maria x Brigitte Bardot which is tons of great inspo


All the possible outfits. Love the knee length Larme feel.


The blue apron dress on the right is a Larme x MonLily collab.


Another Larme collab. This cute coat.


Adorable shoes and barrettes paired with more pricey items from Isbit Daikanyama (another store featured lots in Larme magazine).

In case you missed it this is a three part quick series of posts about mon Lily and Yumetenbo. 

Part one: Yumetenbo’s niche fashion forrays and mon Lily’s Ikebukuro store

Part two: mon Lily review and picks to buy now for Spring 2015 

Part three: mon Lily Ikebukuro shop staff and images of mon Lily from Larme magazine (this post)


A post tomorrow for Christmas all about Christmas photos from Japan and then a break. But hope you enjoyed this full peak into the brand and more Larme in the blog  :loveword:


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Mon Lily by Yumetenbo like in the earlier post is one of the new actual stores by webstore Yumetenbo. With its collaborations with Larme magazine the new brand really piqued my interest. In those post I’d like to talk about their style for Spring 2015 and also how they’re not typical Yumetenbo.


Discount meant bad quality

I first bought from Yumetenbo back in 2008. I was back in the States and thirsting for some gyaru clothing. Their price point was cheaper than gyaru brands so I took the plunge. I ordered three items and when they arrived with some other gyaru brand items combined in a shopping service (before Yumetenbo had an international store). Looking at the items vs what I had ordered from other brands I couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

Sure my items were cheap but everything looked cheap. Hazy prints, cheap buttons,threads not properly cut, the cheapest lining, if any was provided on sheer items. The quality was bad. I wore once or sold most of my items. Partially it was my fault for buying too trendy, but the rest was just crap. I never bought from Yumetenbo again. I’d rather pay the $10-$20 US more for something nicer.

So when Yumetenbo announced they were doing a collaboration with Larme magazine and opening an actual store I wasn’t too excited. I mean sure I could see the clothes in person but cheap lining and bad quality were going to be even more apparent in person. And that seemed to go against what Larme magazine is about.


Larme and Yumetenbo odd partners


Larme magazine features a bunch of brands that are in Sweet magazine that are known for accepting a high price tag for higher quality. Like Mercury Duo, rosebullet or Dazzlin. Or they’re what are known as DC Brand in Japan,  brands founded in Japan and people know they’re paying a high price tag for original designs. (I’ll talk more about DC Brands when I make another Japanese fashion history term post). Like brands such as Milk, Cannabis, Honey Salon by Foppish or lilLilly.

Sure there’s the occasional Galstar item or such, but Larme isn’t really focusing on discounts. More a quality core wardrobe that fits a lady.

In my mind there was definitely a gap between Larme’s look and Yumetenbo. I mean money rules all so I figured a magazine could overlook its price point and stoop down to cuddle with a discount brand. Instead I was surprised to find quite good quality from mon Lily.


mon Lily clothing review


mon Lily price points

Winter prices averaged. Summer is usually cheaper. Liz Lisa’s average price points in parenthesis for perspective.

Onepiece: 3,000-8,000 yen with the occasional 2,000 yen onepiece. Medium price 4,500 or $42 (LL 9,000 yen $88)

Tops: 2,000-7,000 yen. Higher price is usually a sweater or cardigan. Average 3,000 yen for a shirt $28 or 6,000 yen for cardigan $56 (LL 6,700 yen $64)

Pants: 2,000-4,000 for shorts. Average 3,500 yen or $35 (LL 7,000 yen $68)

Skirts: 4,000-7,000 yen with the occassional 2,000 yen skirt. Medium price 4,500 yen or $42 (LL 7,000 yen $68)

Shoes: 6,000-8,000. Medium price 7,000 yen or $66 (LL 11,000 yen or $106)

It seems they’re doing a hybrid between super discounted and pricey Liz Lisa.


mon Lily sizing

the brand sizes it’s items as Japanese Medium and Large. These sizings are consistent with an American or Euro X-Small to Medium, depending on vanity sizing. Sometimes the sizing is only Japanese Medium meaning a US Small.

The skirts and dresses often have elastic in the waist and flare in the hips allowing for variable sizing. However some of the dresses and skirts have no elastic and waists stop around 68 cm for those.  Being a web brand they have kindly listed very detailed sizing if you’d like to take a peak. Also listed on each item is whether there are pockets, what type of fastening and buttons.


mon Lily purchases


 Purchase one – Puff Sleeve Ribbed Knit




 The full name of this shirt and I’m not going to lie is the “Fluffy Puff Poodle Rib Cut-Sew Top” (link)

I bought the Off White color like Larme’s Risa is wearing.

Personal Shots of the item


Mon Lily have these nice sewn in tags that are gauzy and not irritating.


The tags are held together by a non-plastic and the tag itself is a pleasing shape. It was a 10% sale at the time (Pre Christmas wind up) and I paid 4,140 yen before tax which translates to $34 USD right now.


Ugly photo but it shows two of the things I really like about this top.

1) How nice and detailed the ribbing is.

2) The elastic band under the puff rib to sit on your arm right and actually make it puff.


The poodle part is quite layered and shimmery without being flashy.

I think I will get a lot of use out of this in Spring when I don’t have to cover up the sleeve details with a coat.

Purchase Two – Fluffy Cardigan




Officially called the “Fluffy Tunic Cardigan” (link) I call it my bear cardigan. :rila:

Personal shots of the item


Laid out it’s just like rolling through pink meringue peaks.


They put the tag nicely on the side and it’s inside the seam so no tag issues.

It was 6,000 yen but again I was there for 10% off so 5600 yen so $47 USD. I would’ve paid so much more. It’s both warm, cute and soooo comfortable. It feels so soft. I wore it on the plane ride home. On chilly nights I put it over roomwear. And I do occasionally go outside in it (insta coordinate of it). And bonus it makes a pretty background for insta photos.

The material fuzzed the first day I used it and it did transfer some fuzz to my clothes, but every wear after that I was good.

So my total was around $80 USD I bought two things I’ll wear for a long time. I’m extremely satisfied with the quality and details of mon Lily.

While I don’t know if the rest of Yumetenbo has changed I know for sure this brand’s items are really nice. Their clothing is more simple than Liz Lisa, but I think the quality is same or better than Liz Lisa. And since mon Lily has an international shipping site through rakuten I will probably buy much more.

mon Lily has Spring trends

I always think now is kind of an odd time to be shopping. Sure it’s cold and Winter is still going to be around for a while. But brands have done their Spring exhibitions and will start rolling out parts of their collections January 1st. Luckily this brand already has some items in stores that could make great pieces layered under winter items, but ready to shine on their own in Spring.


Just a peak into Spring looks. I expect gingham to be popular again. Every brand I think will feature an off shoulder top or dress. Especially like the one shown with a gathered waist and tiered top. That is the biggest universal trend I’ve seen thus far. Although with instead of Midi skirts for summer there’s a lot of knee-length styles peaking out for Spring. Lots of floral printed skirts too knee and midi.

Although its key focus in Larme style, I feel this brand is very Seiso with its simple looks and calm colors. And I wonder how much of clientele is there for the Larme style and how much is there for the Seiso look, admittedly I feel there is an overlap.


In case you missed it this is a three part quick series of posts about mon Lily and Yumetenbo. 

Part one: Yumetenbo’s niche fashion forrays and mon Lily’s Ikebukuro store

Part two: mon Lily review and picks to buy now for Spring 2015 (this post!)

Part three: (tomorrow) mon Lily Ikebukuro shop staff and images of mon Lily from Larme magazine


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Larme magazine (ラルム) is a new sweet style magazine that started in late 2012. Larme means “tears” in French and is pronounced like “Rarumu” in Japanese. It’s published by Tokuma Shoten (former Egg magazine publisher).

The editor-in-chief of Larme is former Ageha editor 28 year old Haruna Nakagori (中郡暖菜). She started at Ageha when she was 20 in 2006 as a part-time job and then when she graduated in 2008 and was promoted to part of Ageha’s editorial staff.

Larme Editor in Chief Haruna Nakagori (in black) surrounded by Larme models

Larme isn’t Motekei or Gyaru, but something in between.

After the boom and success of Ageha, Ms. Nakagori proposed the Larme concept to In Forest in 2011 (now defunct publisher of Ageha magazine) and while it was originally approved, it got bogged down by upper management and never came to fruition. She left In Forest for Tokuma Shoten (former Egg publisher, current Larme publisher) in hopes create Larme magazine.

“Instead of in Akamoji magazines like Ray and CanCam you won’t see the front of the issue saying it’s “Attractive Black Hair looks” or “Spring Campus Make-up Bible”, “Larme” will have it’s own concept instead. The center of that concept is ‘this is what’s the cutest right now, that’s the reason it’ll stand out.”



Sweet Girly Fashion Artbook

Ms. Nakagori states that concept of Larme is “Sweet Girly fashion Artbook” (甘くてかわいい女の子のファッション絵本). A sweetly cute girl (甘くてかわいい女の子) is the concept for all of Larme style. The image for the magazine is a girl 18 to 25 who lives reading and going to art galleries. Production always starts with this image of a cultured girl.

The first issue came out in September of 2012. Larme magazine started out as a quarterly magazine and by its third issue quickly grew to a bimonthly magazine (six issues a year). The original September 2012 publication had to be reprinted twice because the original printing sold out. The same happened with its second issue, both sold 10,000 issues. By the third issue it was selling 15,000 copies an issue which put it on track with longtime magazine “Ray” (source).




Larme’s creator states that she clearly wants Larme to stand out fashion wise from gyaru and akamoji styles. She wants people to call a look “Larme-kei” or to say “That girl is very Larme” or a designer or photographer to say “this could really fit into Larme”.

The term of Sweetly Cute Girl “甘くてかわいい女の子” is the basis of Larme-kei. Both are used interchangeably to discuss the look. Popteen used the “Amakute Kawaii Onna no Ko” to describe how gyaru is trending. While the popular model Amo is in Larme magazine, and has always been a slight sweet and aomoji style girl, even Amo herself by her fans is simply called Amo-kei with her style. However the look for Larme isn’t just Amo-kei.



Harajuku darling AMO in a full page spread

Larme models

Larme didn’t hold a model search to find their models and currently has no plans to do so. Instead they’ve poached models from several different magazines and looks. Ms. Nakagori says Larme girls are Harajuku-like and Idol-like and Gyaru-like as long as they fit the look of a “Sweetly Cute Girl”.

Former Popteen model Yui Kanno (菅野結以 blog)
Harajuku princess Amo (blog)
former Popteen model Reimi Osawa (大澤玲美 Reipyon blog)
model and talent Risa Nakamura (中村里砂 blog)
former Ageha model Korotaki Maria (黒瀧まりあ blog)
Cutie model and talent Kondo Jasmine (瑛茉ジャスミン blog)
gravure idol Aizawa Rina (逢沢りな)
former AKB48 Watanabe Mayu (渡辺麻友)
current AKB48 Kojima Haruna (Kojiharu 小嶋陽菜)
current Nogizaka46 乃木坂46 Shirashi Mai (白石麻衣)



Larme and Trends

Ms. Nakagori states that she doesn’t want to shy away from trends that aren’t Larme’s style. Instead she wants to interpret trends in a Larme way. She gives the example that Neon colors were very popular, but Larme is a pastel-based magazine so instead she decided to do “Milky Neon”.

larme-street-girly larme-street-girly2

Larme Magazine doing street trends but deciding to call them “Street Girly”



Larme’s design

In order to make the magazine look more like an artbook than a traditional magazine there are no flashy side headlines in most magazines. The magazine also resists using black to highlight or outline words on the cover. The pages themselves are made from a thicker paper and are supposed to give off the feeling of more a keepsake than throwaway.

Inside the magazine it’s more focused on one large picture per page or an illustration to get the point across. Illustrator EcoNeco has worked with Larme as well as other girly illustrators like Mokoxxx. Each issue is also based around a theme or look. The first issue was “Antique” the second was “Dreamy” for the fourth issue it’s based on the 1962 film “Lolita”.



sources: blogos | model’s press | nogizaka journal

This is part one of the series on Larme Magazine.

Part one features history and creation behind the magazine
Part two features Larme brands and collaborations
Part three features Larme reader poll, see what the common bond is for Larme girls
Part four features style breakdown on popular looks for hair, styling, and nails for Larme girls


This post is part of the Japanese Fashion University section. Want to learn more in depth about Japanese Fashion? Click here


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