A super fun and zany fashion styling thanks to gal this season. The S/S 2010 season was all about rabbit ears, but now Chinatsu Wakatsuki has gotten her way and we’re living in a bearverse. :kumatan: In late December of last year w♥c released a bear eared coat that seems to have carried love to this season. You can see the cute coat in question on the cute Samispoon.

Now there are lots of bear items by gal brands that make their own trends, not just reproduce. So let’s check them all out, if you can bear with it… har har (god I love stupid puns :yayblush: )


From the w♥c F/W MOOK, Chinatsu is rocking the bear eared vest in a more trendy brown fur. Coat of the same cut also available in stores right now :star2:

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