I was an adult and got excited and went to the Liz Lisa My Melody character meet and greet in Shinjuku Alta Liz Lisa. Since Liz Lisa and My Melody have teamed up to put out a line of goods they’ve been doing character meet in greets all around Japan with the LLGals, the shop staff charisma unit of Liz Lisa.

Liz Lisa My Melody collaborations have been dresses, stationary, phone cases, and cosmetic cases (photos and review). Each season they put out a catalog and a few products that usually sell out. Liz Lisa My Melody character has the flower headdress and they usually make her a dress that is a collaboration item for that season.

The character meets are advertised on the Liz Lisa blog (http://ameblo.jp/lizlisa-official/). In order to do the meet and greet you had to buy at least 20,000 yen on the day of the event and there were only 40 spots available so you had to do it pretty quickly. Those 40 spots were split up into two time bunches: 20 spots for afternoon and 20 spots for the evening session. I was one of the last numbers, I think I got number 38 so I was in the evening session.

You’re handed a ticket and a photoboard and requested to arrive on or a bit early to queue up.


They had props set out (pic above) when I was purchasing my items, but they were gone when the actual event started.


Once I arrived back for the night session there was already a line forming up. We were told to wait in line. Shinjuku Alta Liz Lisa is broken apart by stairs so it’s easy to queue without clogging up the shopping area. There was a divide between obvious Liz Lisa fans and obvious My Melody fans.


Once Liz Lisa My Melody was actually there the shop staff gave us individual instructions and made sure we had our tickets and photo boards.


Once with my Melody we got one photo for our photo boards (LLGal and Shinjuku Alta stafff Risato pasting the photos on the photoboard) and one photo with our camera of choice. Everyone chose their smartphone.

Check out the cutie Liz Lisa fan who dressed in the same Liz Lisa My Melody collaboration dress.  :korila:


Liz Lisa My Melody in all her glory. I love the floral shoe touch to match her headband.


One girl who seemed to be more of the My Melody fan group gave My Melody a plushie of herself to hold and pose with.


My Melody obliged to her adoring fans.


The fan also made her own headdress to match Liz Lisa My Melody. Dedication!


Outside of Liz Lisa was clogged with curious onlookers and those who already did their photo session. The older woman with the pink hair was nudging into everyone’s shot.  :heartbreak:


After all the people who got tickets for photos were done the shop staff played pattycake games with My Melody. Since she can’t talk it’s a good idea.


Then the shop staff gathered together for some photo ops with My Melody.


Cute and silly fun with the LL Gals and My Melody.

Overall it was a lot of fun and no regrets!

Liz Lisa is having one of the best seasons of their 11 years. With everything they do natural: florals, denims, frills being in season they’re producing a ton of clothing.

They’ve also branched out into a home line. Under the Chambre à Coucher (bedchamber in French) label on their website they’ve added tons of girly accessories.

While I do not primarily spend my $$ on Liz Lisa, I must say I would be quite happy decorating a Japanese apartment with these sweet touches. :up:

Liz Lisa Home Office & School

Liz Lisa is starting girls young and it seems to be working. The home office/school accessories seem to be the best selling pieces of the Chambre à Coucher collection.

These pretty Gerbera Daisy clips could be a great gal home DIY project :sparkle2: (630 yen from Liz Lisa)

These Ranunculus magnets I’d love to try to DIY (also 630 from Liz Lisa)

The best selling item on the entire Liz Lisa site are these Rose pens. I really love their tiny Eiffel logo :hearts2:

Their notebooks (available in 3 designs) are gridded for kanji ease. (1,470 yen).

Most adorable is their slim planner, priced at 1,375 yen. So girly :hearts2:

Liz Lisa Stemware

Sadly no plates yet or tableware, but they do offer I nice drink selection.

Logo & Rose tumblers and sweet mugs. These look so relaxing and romantic to drink out of after a stressful day.

1,500 to 2,100 yen per glass from Liz Lisa (quite expensive!)

Liz Lisa Household Goods

Hand, face and bath towels in the Plain and Floral ranging from 2,100 to 3,675 yen.

Bathmat available in one design, while floor mat is available in several. Such a fancy entrance those roses make :stepup:

Such adorable pillows. The heart pillow has stolen mine. Except they’re 4,062 yen (around $42 USD… ouch!)

And to fully outfit a hime girly home, tissue box cover and bedspread.

Such a shame the bedspread doesn’t fit a queen. So tempting :hearts2:

While in the previous posts I have bemoaned the denim x floral overload that we’ve been seeing in collections. However, I admit I’m always happy to have more sweet floral home goods. I just love coming home to such girlish items. :upheart:

Liz Lisa is taking a bold step with their home goods. While it’s not new ground with Cecil McBee’s logo home goods, Cecil has made theirs only an on-line item and with boring logos.

In Japanese apartments, buying even a towel or a bathmat is done with care because of space issues. I do hope this line sells, and I will definitely be buying a few items when I’m back in Japan. However, it’s quite a gamble since the home wear market is pretty crowded.

I say BRING ON MORE GAL HOME! I’d love to see a chic Lip Service line next :up:

Super quick post since I’m yet again out of town and being a busy bee. :cheery:

The ultra fabulous Chinatsu Wakatsuki has released a ton of items for WC summer.

There’s tons of new clothing on the website, including WC logo underwear teehee! Too fun!

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the new releases. :loveword:

So much to buy and so little money :^_^;;:

Golden Week Lucky Bags

What’s even worse money wise is the 109 webstore is offering fabulous Golden Week lucky bags. All are 5250 yen (around 50.00 USD) and contain around 5 items. The best thing… they’re not all sold out! :icon_eek:

Agejo lover Golds Infinity, rock-kei Glad News, amkaji Vence, pop-style Miia and more are offering grab bags. Ohhhh dear, so hard to pass up :!:

Miia – 15000 worth of items (around $150.00) clothing + a small item

Liz Lisa – Denim bag, a t-shirt, a scrunchie and some other things. 5 items in total.

Glad News – All they say is it’s summery items. (still want)

Golds Infinity – 5 items in total. A top, bottoms, hair fragrance and popular items

Arghhh I want the Glad News and Miia ones. Damn you fabulous gal stores. :evil: I’m going crazy with clothing want :-S :hearts3:

It’s the time during the Spring fashion cycle that we see which brands triumph and which brands hold massive sales. Sales means benefits for us, so for those who love a good bargain can reep the fabulous deals :up:

Liz Lisa

The girlish queen herself is offering a 24hr sale that you have to jump on! Most of the items are 50% off and it’s not the out of fashion pieces, but trending maxi dresses, sweet Spring jackets and delicate lace onepieces. :stars:

All the sales here

Both Dress and Jacket are 50% off. The dress is now 5000 yen ($50.00), great for Liz Lisa!

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