I went to Kumamoto, Japan (熊本) on my way back from Kagoshima a few years back. Kumamoto recently has had a big tourism boom thanks to local mascot Kumamon. Admittedly I was swayed by the Kumamon boom and decided to check out the city.

I found Kumamoto to be a small friendly city full of great local food and kind people. Its a city dominated by the largest castle in Japan Kumamotojo (熊本城), and has a large garden complex, Suizenji (水前寺公園) as well. Transit is by car of tiny street cars and the city felt like a large neighborhood. Every seller was kind and an old lady stopped and complimented on my Mariju nails. It was only a day trip, but I’d like to go back maybe during koyo and sample their ramen.


Kumamoto Castle

kumamoto-kumamon-dragon-emba-shinto-shrine kumamoto-kumamon-suizenji-gardens-2 kumamoto-kumamon-suizenji-gardens-shinto-foxshrine kumamoto-kumamon-suizenji-gardens

Lovely walk inside Kumamoto garden


A cute matcha store


From the top of Kumamoto Castle


Shrine inside Kumamoto garden


Cute giftshop outside Kumamoto garden featuring Kumamon

kumamoto-suizenji-garden-shintoshrine kumamoto-tram-streetcar-sakura

The super convenient and cute light rail of Kumamoto


Yomogi Ikinari Dango, a Kumamoto speciality of sweet potato and azuki bean.

kumamoto-monogatari-gelato-flavors1 kumamoto-monogatari-gelato-flavors2 kumamoto-monogatari-gelato-tomato-outside kumamoto-monogatari-gelato-tomato-tasting

The great interesting flavors of Kumamoto’s own gelato. I got tomato. It was tasty and ate it while looking at Kumamoto castle.

kumamoto-ikinaridango-tsumeshidango kumamoto-inaridango-kumamotocastle

A frozen Ikinari dango eaten with the Kumamoto castle ticket


Kumamon souveniers I bought for my friend Alice.


Citrus stand inside Kumamoto gardens.

kumamoto-localfoods-ikinaridango-cold kumamoto-localfoods-ikinaridango-eating

People gearing up and me eating another Ikinari dango.

kumamoto-localfoods-ikinaridango-shop kumamoto-localfoods-karashirenkon

Karashi renkon: The lotus roots, holes filled with the Japanese mustard mixed with miso paste, is battered and deep fried. It’s one of the most famous local dishes of Kumamoto.

It was suprisingly tasty!

I had such a lovely day trip I keep suggesting to my man to visit there again. He’s not very swayed but I promise Kumamoto is definitely a great stop if you’re heading to Kagoshima, Fukuoka or Nagasaki.

Why so long no posts Mitsu?

So your girl Mitsu made a post about oh woe I was going to quit blogging but blogging is important and we need more words and such and so forth and forthwith… Then what do I do after two measly posts? Take a damn break. Every blogger is hypocritical, every damn one of us.

Well I got older and somehow that meant a lot of busy birthday time and then my man got a job. A job that is in Atlanta. A job they decided they wanted him to start right away at. Houston to Atlanta sounds like no big deal since it’s still the South but America is just damn big. It’s 800 miles away or the equivalent of London to Stockholm or Tokyo to Kagoshima. Atlanta being a place I’ve never even visited before (unlike London, Stockholm, Tokyo and Kagoshima oddly…). So we had to drive out there find an area we like and a place we want to stay for at least a year… in two days. Madness!

But we did it and my new place will be awesome and maybe I’ll even post decorating and we’re slowly moving there so posts will stay hectic. My twitter is a billion times more updated on real life stuff and instagram is semi-updated. I also promised to post a place of my Houston digs on twitter so if you’re a curious bee you may want to check?  I need to edit pictures for the book review/summary but expect two posts of that soon(ish). Other than that lazy blogger is real life frazzled so give me some time.  :peace:

I went to Vienna and Budapest last year, so this is my Vienne travel blog post! I’m so behind on European trips it’ll look like I keep going on them until I post. Vienna has been huge on my list because of two things:

:bow: I love the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. I’ve loved his work since high school. A Gustav Klimt artbook is the first present I got from my man many years ago so in two ways Klimt’s work is very special to me. They were having a retrospective on his works so buildings that were usually not open to the public were.

:bow: SO MUCH BAROQUE. #ThankyoubasedHAPSBURGS So much art and architecture to see all around the city.

I also learned Vienna is clean, easy to walk around, great transportation, lots of great food, splendid coffee and a place I’d want to live. Austrians, I’m jealous.

vienna-belvadere-01 vienna-belvadere-02 vienna-belvadere-03 vienna-belvadere-04vienna-belvadere-06 vienna-chapel vienna-austrian-desserts-menu vienna-gugelhuph-dessert vienna-Karlskirche-inside vienna-karzplatz-apple-struedel vienna-karzplatz-art-nouveau vienna-peepshow-car vienna-russian-memorial-01vienna-baroque-carriage-museum vienna-baroque-crypts vienna-baroque-tomb vienna-belvedere-dome vienna-castle-water-garden vienna-einspanner-coffee vienna-jugensteil-clock vienna-lippanzaner-pony vienna-lippazaner-arena-practice vienna-lippizanner-carriage-house vienna-sacher-torte vienna-strudel-show vienna-weiner-schznitzel-sausages

Lots of wonderful things above like the Viennese food and coffee. Going to an apple strudel cooking lesson. Traipsing around castles and crypts and churches. Just a fatty enjoyable time. The weather was also quite perfect when I was there so thanks Vienna for really being kind to me on my trip  :heart:
I will be back soon Austria to go to Salzburg!

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