MA*RS released their catalog yesterday and it’s full of really lovely pieces that should delight MA*RS fans. MA*RS continues where they left off with their excellent Spring/Summer catalog with Suzuki Mutoh. Still a sexy look to their catalog, and trademark pieces. :stepup:

MA*RS details:
katakana: マーズ
style: agejo
number of stores: 11 (4 in Tokyo)
years around: 20!!! (since 1990)
this season’s concept: “Alice in MA*RS Land”
what it’s really this season: Agejo extravaganza with playing card prints
model: Eriko Tachikawa (Nuts), thanks malignita :heartsmile:

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I’ve decided to revisit two of the most popular gal brands because there’s been significant changes since our last updates. Back in late January and Early February I blogged about Gilfy’s Spring and Mars Spring collection. (Read Gilfy’s here and Mar’s catalog here). However, both stores aren’t exactly controlling the trends, they’ve had to change to meet them.

Both Gilfy and Mars have HUGE sway within the gal fashion world. So I’ve decided to revisit how their new releases are following the gal trends. Mars today and Gilfy tomorrow!

Mars has such a strong brand look, meaning if you see someone in Mars you can tell it easily. In Mars catalog with the sexy Shizuka Mutoh, there were light echos of trends such as denim, lace, and bows. However it seems their new pieces are even stronger trend followers.

I doubt Mars is losing any business by not following the trends so closely. Its devoted followers will wait in line for a simple new season’s release.

So Mars makes a demin shirt. Cute, huh. Nice bust pleats, some lace accents. It’s nice…

And then you see the back. BAM! Such a hot way to combine both bow, denim and lace trends.

And if that wasn’t enough you could have a matching ribbon barrette to finish off your look. (and yes the models eyes in the looking left pic do weird me out :evil: )

And if you needed something a bit more simple. More lace + denim in the snap front thick denim shirt.

Shown worn as a onepiece by a Nagoya staff-chan.

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I e-mailed the winner of the giveaway. :sparkle2: If you haven’t gotten an e-mail, there’s always next month’s giveaway :bear:

The trip distracted me, but all is up again except for the w*c dress. Tons of Liz Lisa stuff up. I will be putting some Mar*s items up later this week, so please pay attention if you’re agejo interested! :oops:

After someone stopped contact to buy this, I have decided to do a silent auction to determine who gets the Liz Lisa rolling luggage.

HOW TO BID: E-mail me at chougai [at] gmail dot com with Liz Lisa Luggage in the title and your bid. Lowest bid accepted is $90.00.
:sparkle2: Highest bid wins! :sparkle2:
Payment rules: Bidder will be notified on March 2nd. Bidder has 3 days to pay or second highest bidder will be notified.
Time: Today February 23 until March 2nd (so one week)
Shipping warning: The original person who promised to buy this was in Canada and the cheapest shipping I found was $40.00. So be aware of the shipping costs.

Other items HERE


A little departure from mostly gal items to do a bit of a trip blog. I hope to include fashion updates as well, although my internet time is a bit limited ATM. Hopefully you’ll indulge me in a bit of travel related posts for this week and then will get back to full force gal-dom next week. :o

Such a chilly day. Glad News coat and Lip Service scarf. The Louvre is on the left behind me.

First day in Paris and I’m a happy bee. It’s actually the first country I’ve visited where I don’t know the language. I lived a summer in Mexico; spent a few months in Vancouver, Canada; and of course a few years in Japan. But I knew Japanese and spotty Spanish (which I have quicky forgotten). But, being in a country where I have 0 familarity with the language is a bit jolting, but fun.

It’s also nice to be in a country to where I blend in (before I open my mouth :-D   ). Spending most of my year getting stared at is not really fun. I know some people enjoy getting looked at, but I’m much too shy. I enjoy expressing myself through fashion and realize I will get stared at, also being white in an Asian country doesn’t hurt either, but it’s nice to have it a bit less. :roll:

First day was spent mostly in the Louvre and it surpassed my expectations. I was once an art student who hated computer graphics and wanted to be an Art History major, but I absolutely love going to museums. Too bad I am not a good artist. If any of my readers are, I really envy you. :love:

There was a Japanese tour group (well two actually) and one of them had a gal in them. Hisashiburi gal-tachi :love:

In front of the the Louvre with a bit of snow.

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