Shop staff week at the Doll as we ring in 2015, including this cutey from Liz Lisa in Okayama Ichibangai main trainstation mall. I’ve snapped pictures of the Liz Lisa staff here before  and I’m glad I’ve got a new shop staff to show. I took her last year at the same time I got to snap the Dazzlin Okayama cutey.

Okayama which is halfway between Hiroshima and Osaka is known as a transit town. Many of the trains going to the far West to Fukuoka and Kagoshima change over in Okayama. It does however have a cool castle, stellar gardens, and is pretty during sakura season. It may not be a big tourist draw, but it’s a nice day trip and has lots of shopping options between Okayama Ichibangai train station mall and Okayama OPA.



Liz Lisa Christmas trees are the best! So happy I got to snap it along with classic Liz Lisa style. I also got to snap the tree with a Harajuku Takeshita Liz Lisa shop staff.

That casual girly gyaru style. I’m sad thigh-high boots aren’t en vogue this year but they’ll definitely come back.


Classic Liz Lisa style shows you can never go wrong with a camel coat and and you can always transform your summer dress wardrobe to winter with the right accessories.


She was so photogenic! I always take snaps from the “selfie high angle” because I want to take pictures of how I want pictures taken of me, but she didn’t need any angles.

Her contacts and make-up look so nice on her. Gold circle lens are so popular now and she really does the make-up to make them pop. And those Otona casual waves I’m sure she spent a long time on look effortless.


From the side you can see her lovely orange blush and soft waves. Her nails were older so she didn’t want photos, but they’re lovely. Red it seems goes with any style.


Her petite Chanel necklace really hung well to suit her neckline. Lovely all around style.

Okayama may be a smaller town but from what I’ve seen that doesn’t stop any of the shop staff from having great style.

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