Last post we saw the good, the bad, and the OH HELL NO. :x Hopefully this post is the unicorn chaser for your soul if you felt a bit worried by Camping-Gyaru and Nordic Cabin Vacation Gyaru. :yayblush:

Spiral Girl

One of my favorite gal brands and also one of Tsubasa’s as well :heartsmile:

Key points: Lace up long boots, nordic prints, monster fur, oversized knit, khaki shorts

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Yes I haven’t forgotten my last mode posts, just a little sidetracked/stressed :^_^;;:

Keep the questions coming on Ask Anything #3!! While looking up things for answers I found some shocking things and some fun things, so I think the questions are quite awesome! I promise I’m working on everyone’s question and haven’t forgotten any!

I have also not forgotten about Agejo Week, the first post is ready just need pics, but I’ll get to Agejo Week after Ask Anything and the last of Mode :up: All in good time :waves:

Also a giveaway and a pay it forward soon!♥

Mode Gyaru is littering the stores

Until now in Mode Weeks I’ve been mainly showing Emoda and Murua, but lots of other stores are showing they’re into Mode Gyaru as well. :sparkle2:

Delyle: A gorgeous bandage skirt and a bodycon dress paired with a short tee

Sly: A chic mini jacket and a gorgeous ethnic mode look going on.

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Since I hadn’t shown the Murua catalog, but shown the Emoda catalog take a look at some great catalog shots. So much fun attitude in these! :up: I also discovered some staff blogs for all Murua stores so let’s dig in to tons of lovely pics :hearts2:

Now Murua can be considered Oneegyaru (お姉ギャル), it’s a brand that appeals to those older gals. The types of gals who shop at Sly, Moussy, snidel, Mercury Duo, Egoist, Golds 81 and Duras. Murua gets coverage in SCawaii, Blenda, Nuts and Jelly which appeal to older gals. These kind of gals are most found on 6th floor of 109 that houses Moussy and Duras. However, they’re also found at Marui, Marui Jam and Lumine EST in Shinjuku.

Murua details:
katakana: ムルーア
number of stores: 13 (already!!)
stores in Tokyo: Marui Jam Shibuya B1F, Ikebukuro Parco B1f, Lumine EST Shinjuku B1F
producer: Momoko Ogihara 荻原 桃子
this season’s concept: “Charming Girl” Sometimes sweet, sometimes cool, this girl is able to change depending on her mood.
random facts:
1. Their offices are located in Osaka. Which is pretty rare for any fashion brand.
2. They are owned by a conglomerate which also runs Emoda, Dazzlin’, Mercury Duo, Laguna Moon and Han Ahn Soon.

Shots from their Spring Summer 2010 Catalog. All shots can be found on their website. :stars:

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A few ways to wear your hair while in mode style and keep it interesting: the Mode Bun, Mode hair accessories, straight vs. curled bob, and two Mode ways to use a scarf in your hair. I’m also trying out Momoko Ogihara’s make-up look. :stars: It’s a reallllly long post :wink:

I first thought of the post, because I really loved Ena Matsumoto’s Mode style bun.

Disclaimer: I am not a model just a simple gal. Also, she’s using a texturized look to offset her sleek outfit.

I went for a more sleek look for a busier outfit. We also do not have the same bangs (obviously).

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