A few different tutorials on how to tie and wear the Mode scarf turban popularized by Murua producer Momoko Ogihara. It’s so popular that Jelly called it the “ogimomo” style after Momoko Ogihara.

I’m going to show several different ways to wear it and one should suit your face shape and hair style :cheery:

As a note Momoko seems to have more of a heart-shaped face. Ena has an oval-shaped face, as do I. I’d love to see how this looks on other facial shapes. :stepup:

One of the great things about the scarf turban is your hair can be any length to do these.

You will need a long scarf and/or headband or bobbypins if you have bangs. That is all :up:

We’re going to be doing the vertical scarf turban or true “ogimomo” first as shown by Murua ladies

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To be honest the Jelly August issue is a blatant in-between season issue. Full of diet tips, models own coordinates and pages of make-up. No news breaking trend in sight. :^_^;;: Well that’s what all August issues of magazines will end up being :depressed:

The cover is fly!

But wait, there’s awesome…!

However, they might have heard all my calls and put a WHOLE LOT OF AWESOME into ONE FEATURE!

Does is have Mode Gyaru? CHECK
Does it have superbod and style icon DETSU KOROHI? CHECK!
Does it have charisma shop staff girl extraordinaire EMINA? CHECK!

….and it has Gilfy, W♥C, Emoda, and Murua all with regular-ish gals doing coordinates! :cheery:

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Since I hadn’t shown the Murua catalog, but shown the Emoda catalog take a look at some great catalog shots. So much fun attitude in these! :up: I also discovered some staff blogs for all Murua stores so let’s dig in to tons of lovely pics :hearts2:

Now Murua can be considered Oneegyaru (お姉ギャル), it’s a brand that appeals to those older gals. The types of gals who shop at Sly, Moussy, snidel, Mercury Duo, Egoist, Golds 81 and Duras. Murua gets coverage in SCawaii, Blenda, Nuts and Jelly which appeal to older gals. These kind of gals are most found on 6th floor of 109 that houses Moussy and Duras. However, they’re also found at Marui, Marui Jam and Lumine EST in Shinjuku.

Murua details:
katakana: ムルーア
website: http://murua.co.jp/
number of stores: 13 (already!!)
stores in Tokyo: Marui Jam Shibuya B1F, Ikebukuro Parco B1f, Lumine EST Shinjuku B1F
producer: Momoko Ogihara 荻原 桃子
this season’s concept: “Charming Girl” Sometimes sweet, sometimes cool, this girl is able to change depending on her mood.
random facts:
1. Their offices are located in Osaka. Which is pretty rare for any fashion brand.
2. They are owned by a conglomerate which also runs Emoda, Dazzlin’, Mercury Duo, Laguna Moon and Han Ahn Soon.

Shots from their Spring Summer 2010 Catalog. All shots can be found on their website. :stars:

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