Heading back to the States for Winter Vacation today. I’ll have some time to relax and finally respond to all the lovely comments. Also time to reveal more prizes for the giveaway :cat: Until then enjoy some great pictures of shop staff, helped along by a fabulous chihuahua named Frances :up:


Arisa of 109 w♥c

With Frances!! My friend Stella loves to bring her adorable chihuahua, Frances, around and everytime she pulls her out, she’s beloved by all types of people. It was the candle novelty first day and so busy but all the staff had to stop and molest Frances.

Arisa was beyond ecstatic for Frances, she completely forgot about working and played with him for a good 20 minutes. LOL

Frances is also the most well behaved dog I’ve ever seen. So sweet :korila:  Just like it’s owner :up:

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New design for that Doll. I just wanted to make it a bit easier loading. I’ll soon outfit the Doll with a mobile version for those of you who cannot get your phone out of your hand. Also, new icons :happydance: :yayyay: Same great flavor, different can :smiley:

Discussing two polar opposite gal brands, in so many ways, today. JSG & Murua’s fall selections. I decided to post these two to show the broad spectrum of what gal can be. :love:


JSG details:
katakana: ジェイエスジー
style: hade, trend
number of stores: 5
years around: Fall 2006 (walked the TGC A/W 2006)
this season’s concept: “Bubble Pop Electric” simple items mixed to have impact
what it’s really this season: Monotone military trends with a hint of BritPOP look.
model: Ranzuki’s Nicorun

JSG – aka Japan Super Girl – the brand Kaoru Watanabe helped produce. The brand that was known for being so hade (aka flashy), that it was made for Egg magazine covers.

The two headline looks for this season. Styled their remind of late JSG.

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Last post we saw the good, the bad, and the OH HELL NO. :x Hopefully this post is the unicorn chaser for your soul if you felt a bit worried by Camping-Gyaru and Nordic Cabin Vacation Gyaru. :yayblush:

Spiral Girl

One of my favorite gal brands and also one of Tsubasa’s as well :heartsmile:

Key points: Lace up long boots, nordic prints, monster fur, oversized knit, khaki shorts

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