Fint Japan is part seiso, part otome, part otona kawaii and all great as demonstrated by these super adorable shop staff. Nagoya Passe is a great mall right near the main Nagoya train station and always has stellar staff. The Fint Nagoya Passe store is quite small, really just kind of a short spur of a place, but always has great staff manning it. I went there last Spring and last Fall and I’ll probably be back this Spring because I do love Nagoya and a quick drop to Passe is always fun.

fint japan nagoya passe shop staff

The whole gang at Fint Japan Nagoya Passe!

So much individual style. Their shoe choices are just so damn cute!

Gingham again will be a trend for Spring. Gingham can’t be stopped. Along with girly denim.


Fint Japan staff are the best. I love this giggly shot.

I wouldn’t have paired that seashell look with gingham, but I think it looks cute together. Fint has such a mix-and-match style. You can really take it a lot of style directions.


It’s always the great details that keep me going back to Fint, and their great prices. Check out that super detailed seashell collar and her cute flower headpiece.


Two girls were both rocking the double braids so I guess it was a trend within the staff. I like how her clear rubber bands don’t distract from the style. I think her coordinate and style look very otome. A detailed collar over a cardigan and a girly prim length skirt.


Some really cute lashes on this girl! Lashes may have started in Japan as an everyday gal thing, but they’ve really dissipated and now everyone wears lashes. This girl reads as very seiso to me. Straight hair, dainty acessories, girly outfit but still simple and clean.


Her hand painted nails and delicate accessories really seemed to match her sweet personality.


Maybe a bit hard to tell but mermaid nails! Even though her nails are grown out I think they’re still pretty. It’s a process of everyone who has nails.

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Nagoya’s cool discount shopping district Osu doesn’t get a lot of press, but Nagoya Osu Kannon shopping should be well known for those who plan to travel to Nagoya. I was looking up posts about it in English and they were pretty few Atashida wrote a great post about Osu that inspired me to go there. Of course any shopping district is a district you’ll see me in. Atashida says it’s like Osaka’s Amemura which I agree with but it’s also like Tokyo’s Koenji, Ueno and Harajuku had a big baby. Since Nagoya is a smaller area it’s forced to be a lot of offbeat things. (a cool Japanese website built during the Geocities age with old Osu pictures)


It’s pretty cool that getting off at the Osu Kannon stop (大須観音駅) of the Nagoya subway you have go pass by Nagoya Osu Kannon Temple (大須観音) to get to the shopping area. It was a nice day so couples, schoolgirls, and the occasional oraora/yanki guy.

Below are pictures of all the different funky and discount shops Osu has to offer. It’s also got a lot of different ethnic foods and products too and a giant Maneki Neko. :lovecat:

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During my Japan trip in June I got a chance to check out Nagoya’s Maruei mall 名古屋の百貨店丸栄[マルエイ] and of course I had to take pictures of the cute gyaru stores and their adorable items.

One of the stores I took pictures of is One*Spo and their blog is one of my favorite shop staff blogs for a long time since they update so much, their shop staff are so cute and dedicated, and were the only One*Spo blog for a while. So my quest to go to this mall was mainly all about that One*Spo! Check out their blog here:

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Since Hiroshima was a city I’d never been to I was so excited to check out the city and how gal was. Admittedly I was a bit downhearted by the reaction I’d received there. Honestly most didn’t know how to deal with foreigners in their store since it was a bit harder to get there and a few floors up. I’ve heard from others that Hiroshima is extremely nice, but honestly I can’t feel that way. Especially not after the warm hearted way I’d been treated in Nagoya and Osaka. :worries:

Duras – Hiroshima Parco

While the lace dress didn’t suit me as much it really shined on the shop staff on the left. I love their butterfly belt trend. Everything like usual from Duras feels a bit Bridget Bardot and I can’t help but love that. Great paisley and lace help out the nice 1970s retro feel.

The shop staff on the right’s simple acrylic nails. A nude feminine look that really suits Duras clothing.

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