A post on Egoist Japanese brand shop staff in Naha Okinawa but first I really liked all the talk that the last post generated. It even spilled over to tumblr. Although people somehow thought I was saying gal was ending? Nope! I just think gyaru is becoming harder to define especially around the edges because of the a) natural make influence b) street style & mode c) dying of out-there-genres like hime. So the problem of know what gyaru is when you see it, is becoming more problematic. But I also feel some things are going against the general dilution of gal and I’ll be talking about those trends soon!

I’m going to do a follow-up post next week to add more thought-fuel to the fire (thoughtful? oh god puns… why do I love them)! But for now let’s go back to enjoying all the gal now, like shop staff snaps and more of the Gyaru Japon comics (next post!).

This Egoist girl from Okinawa was so pleasant. I’m ashamed she wanted to take pictures with us after I had spent the majority of the day hiking around and walking a goat. She’s from the old Egoist Japan store in OPA Naha. I hope Egoist comes back to Okinawa! I’m so happy the white trend from this summer is continuing into winter. I love the clean-look of white.

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You’d think when faced with the entire gorgeous island of Okinawa I would be on a beach somewhere blorping like a contented lazy seal. But no I’m some sort of gyaru insect and gyaru malls are the bug zapper that draws me in.

Proof that gyaru is everywhere in Japan, gyaru mall chain OPA has one in the main city Naha (那覇オーパ) http://www.opa-club.com/naha/. It’s actually on the main drag is a mix of discount brands and more popular gyaru stores like Egoist and Lip Service. Sadly though it closed this July. I don’t know what the gyaru youth will do now, but I guess the declining youth population had a big deal to do with it in Naha Okinawa. Shucks.

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