This post came to be because many ladies asked me about the specifics of Japanese nails in Ask Anything. So I thought I’d make a post and hopefully answer a lot of the questions. Thanks everyone for asking, I’m always happy to do requested posts if I have the capability to do so :heartsmile:

Egg model Nemoyayo and her gorgeous nails from Carry

Egg Model Nemoyayo at Carry Ikebukuro


Make an appointment!!

Walk-ins are incredibly unheard of and I promise you will win the award of super horrible gaijin if you do so. Even if you walk-in, try to make an appointment in person for the next day instead.

Show up exactly on time!!

Too early and the staff feel rushed and it will unsettle the atmosphere. If you’re late it’s beyond unheard of. Apologize profusely. Lateness is considered a horrible trait.

At your appointment:

When you show up you will probably be asked to sit in the waiting area (usually small) and possibly asked if you’d like a drink. Usually it’s the choice of cold or hot tea.

My view from the waiting room of Shibuya Carry. Notice the giant Sparkly hello kitty? The woman in the pink jumpsuit is a hostess, we chatted a bit.

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