After the brand introduction yesterday, it’s time to get into the style of Spring for Fint and An Another Angelus.

Before you go down the road about Fint and An Another Angelus just being Lolita-lite, their new Spring line was recently featured in April 2014 issue of Vivi.


Showing off that who and how they wear it are almost as important as the actual design of the clothes. Not very Lolita right, just a relaxed girly feel. Fint and An Another Angelus can both be very mixable brands.

Lili for Fint

Fint’s design for Spring is based on a 1953 movie called “Lili” about a naive French girl who has a relationship with a carnival puppeteer.

(fear warning marionettes)

Honestly I have no idea how Japanese brands get a hold of much less pick their inspiration from 1950s films (Dazzlin did a 1960s french film inspo last year), but there we have it. Lots carnival elements and prim blouses do give homage to “Lili”.

Fint’s Summer Collection Video

Fint also did a collection movie to show off their Summer looks. I can’t say I recommend it unless you like hazy shots and not to many clothing images.

Fint for Spring 2014


Most items from Fint have wonderful details. The Shell collar shirt was very muted but on trend. There are carnival horse themes throughout and majority are wonderfuly done on skirts like the one above.

As usual their cardigans are excellent and they would fit right in with an Ank Rouge, Mercury Duo, Liz Lisa or any other sweet or adult girly brand.

03041921_5315a91ae09c6 03101055_531d1b75a73fb 03181650_5327fae170a99 03171853_5326c5fdefeb2 03151115_5323b7d18a161 03131549_532154e5edfeb

Lots of carnival motifs, some retro nautical looks, knee-length trend.

An Another Angelus

More adult brand “An Another Angelus” is more of the same but with a few more girly twists.  An Another Angelus is doing more of a rose theme than a carnival theme. No merry-go-round horse prints to be found.  However you will find roses on most every item of Spring “An Another Angelus”




Those ghost-heart shoes are super cute. A rose theme in everything!

Shinjuku MiLord An Another Angelus Blog ( has fabulous shop staff style and here’s some modeling their Spring collection.





Lots of cute style that looks sweet yet comfortable.

In case you missed it, all Fint and An ANother Angelus info is on the previous post here

These are two brands featured in the new bimonthly magazine Larme. I will be talking about Larme and its style upcoming, but before that I’m going to highlight three brands that are showing Japanese fashion is becoming “everysize” instead of “freesize”. Please look forward to it! :bow:

Fint is a classical brand that works as a classic brand, a mix with lolita or a mix with sweet gyaru brands. I’m going to take this post to introduce the brand, talk about some regular items and show off  Fint shop staff snaps. Next post I am going to talk about their current season, show off more shop staff coordinates and trending items.

Brand details:

shop blogs:
Stores: 17 (4 in Tokyo area)
type: classical
brands own definition: A 60s classical brand that mixes vintage and trend into a girly style. The goal of the brand is to make your heart race when you see it.
season’s theme: It’s a 1950s French look. The theme was based on the 1953 movie “Lili” (wiki) about a French girl who has a relationship with a carnival puppeteer. Elements of carnivals and France intertwine.

News and store separation:

This season the store has split off into two stores: Fint and An Another Angelus. Fint used to carry An Another Angelus brand items selectively in their stores, but now it’s in two separate stores. 14 Fint stores and 3 An Another Angelus stores. Fint’s items tend to be more youthful and slimmer fitting. An Another Angelus does a more mature and freer sized selection.

Fint Daikanyama stand-alone store


fint shop staff





You can see some of the trends of the season: burgundy and lace inners. Mixed with the more traditional styles of the brand: retro shoes like court shoes, and the traditional 3 stripes. Although this is a winter look, it’s common for the brand to have longer skirts. To compare: Liz Lisa is usually mid thigh while there skirts will be an inch above the knee or such.

Fint always balances tailored vs. feminine. More often they side on the tailored side, but it’s a cleaner girly look.

Fint Shinjuku MiLord Shop Staff







Flatform shoes mixed with a more tailored skirt. Fint is all about cardigan life.

Fint’s season (Spring or Winter) revolves around onepieces, blouses, skirts and cardigans along with a few jackets and shorts or pants.

Fint and An Another Angelus  Recent Shop Staff Coordinate examples

0f835ff6200b71c7d993b80ce088dac944245dbb 4a22a470ebfe200823b6f6caa2d0dc4884671402 b73bd567c47aaa843465f52ce32c7ce70264dd84 fint-springcoordinate fint-springcoordinate2 fint-springcoordinate3

As you can see there’s a lot of cardigans, a lot of blouses, and tons of retro styling.

Last year I blogged about the Muchacha main store in Osaka with photos inside. I didn’t really talk about Muchacha (ムチャチャ) the brand.

Muchacha Room Room Shop Staff

First more shop staff, from their main store in Osaka taken last fall.


I like the fur shoe and stole combination fashion-wise. Although I think fur is becoming less popular in Japan, there’s not really an anti-fur campaign in Japan and animal rights are handled differently. The rabbit print dress is a theme style for the brand.

Muchacha Brand Introduction

Although the brand is not popular overseas and only has a niche following in Japan. Its cat bag was a huge hit and it was widely faked and popular overseas.

masked Street Snap Queen of 2012-2013 Juria with her Muchacha Cat bag.

Brand breakdown:

katakana: ムチャチャ
where to find: It has one store in Osaka and is selectively sold by group stores such as Zozotown ( and (
History: Founded in 1994 by Shinya Masako (しんやまさこ personal twitter) right after they graduated college.


Left is Masako Shinya’s Twitter profile photo. Don’t they look a lot of fun?  :dotbow:

motto: “Happy Clothing with Heart”
what the brand is about: It’s really an avant garde brand that focuses on retro childhood items mixed with modern sentiments.
Repeating themes are cats, dolls, and rabbits.

Muchacha Mook: They have put out a popular “mook” (magazine/book) each season that contains a full-size tote bag that is very popular ( The Juria tote bag was actually from the 2012 ss mook. They’re order-able off of

Muchacha Spring 2014 Collection

bunnysocks-spring2014 hats-style muchacha-snowwhite-spring2014-style snowwhite-spring2014 muchacha-spring-aliceinwonderland-flats spring2014-aliceinwonderlandsocks spring2014-furrysocks spring2014-jacket spring2014-styles-squirrels

The left socks are the work of illustrator Tsuda Motoshi and right are by a designer called “Hat”

Being a small brand, they often collaborate with illustrators or lets designers like “Hat” showcase at the Muchacha store in Osaka.

Personal faves: I really want the wig socks, hair floral blouson, Alice in Wonderland shoes and the furry socks. I’ll have to check out the stock in April!

You can see their full collection on the Muchacha website here.

If you’re in Osaka I recommend checking out their Room Room store and large Monomania shop nearby. Both stores have that friendly Osaka hospitality and great items.

JugeETTA ( ジュジュエッタ previous post one | two)  is the adult line of popular gyaru brand Liz Lisa. It’s a bit of a struggling brand as it has 3 stores only (the Harajuku store and two Chiba stores). JugeETTA is already in a saturated market of popular adult cute lines that are similar. Similar brands include: Mercury Duo, Snidel, Lodispotto, Pinky Girls, Fabulous by Cecil Mcbee etc…

Shop staff Snap in Harajuku JugeEtta

I got to snap this cute shop staff last Spring and she should give you a good look of how Juge ETTA girls are styled.


Casual JugeEtta style with mint and beige. The colors really suit her hair and skin tone.


The simple twist and pin-back hair style was popular with shop staff last Spring of all styles. I imagine it will come back this Spring as well as as easy way to keep your hair down but away from your face and stay cool.

JugeEtta Spring Trends

It’s theme for this season is “Flower of Trip”

JugeETTA’s take for Spring is using a few popular trends seen in gyaru that will also be popular in the adult cute Japanese brands:


Photos inside the Harajuku JugeEtta store last Spring

juge-etta-harajuku-storephotos juge-etta-shop-harajuku juge-etta-store-harajuku-clothes

Just a few photos from last Spring of the JugeEtta store in Harajuku above the Liz Lisa main store on Takeshita. It’s occupying the former home of the beloved Liz Lisa roomwear line Chambre a Coucher’s sole store (previous posts: one two three).