The entrance of Makishi Market Okinawa Japan where there’s a little bit of everything in the open-air market.

Wherein I drag Lucie to food places because I’m a local food pig. But this post is more than my Okinawan Eats post, it’s all about Makishi Market and all the foods you can eat there!

Makishi Market. Known as “the kitchen of Okinawa”, This market started as a kind of black market after WW2. There are more than 400 shops in one floor. You can buy any Okinawa’s traditional foods like dried sea snake (イラブー irabū), pork (Okinawas say they eat everything except the hooves and the oink), special vegetables not found on the mainland, colorful fish, or edible seaweed. There are many restaurants upstairs, serving traditional Okinawan home cooking.  – wikitravel on Naha

If you take a right inside that sprawling open-air market (above) you get to the “Kitchen of Okinawa” which is the super cool reason to visit! Traditonal food markets are always awesome to me. I love local sellers showing off their freshest produce. As someone who loves to eat this to me is what food is all about.


I know you guys saw the pigs head with sunglasses. Pork is king in Okinawa and the pig’s head is a famous attraction of the food court.


All the orderly clutter of meat and vegetable sellers. For some reason I just love the visual clutter yet organized porn of it. //weirdo

But what about the eating Mitsu….?

Onto the second floor where there’s a collection of small restaurants making only the freshest of Okinawan traditional food.

Like going to Okonomimura in Hiroshima where all the restaurants look delicious it was hard picking one but we settled on “Adan” because Lucie doesn’t like fishy smells and it was the least fishy.


Like any Japanese traditional place the menu with prices is posted on big laminated signboards like above. But they tend to give you your own menu with more selection.


Lucie got the English menu and I took a picture to show because this is pretty much how most English menus look in Japan. Being a tourist destination I’m sure all restaurants had one here.


The rest of the restaurant chowing down on seafood and other local specialities.


Being a Goya pig I got the Goya Chample. It came with miso and was 750 yen (around $8.00). $8.00 for a delicious local meal? Yes please!


Why did I take a picture of shochu? Because they had Goya Shochu! AWWWW YISSS :rockoutguy:

Definitely worth a visit! Lots of food choices for inexpensive prices.  :smiley:

Taking pictures of this Lip Service Japan shop staff in Okinawa Naha OPA (photos here) happened by the sheer niceness of shop staff. I was in Egoist with Lucie taking a pictures of the Egoist girl (post here) and Lip Service Japan store was next door and she popped on over to see what the fuss was. She was as sunny as her expression shows and readily agreed to pose for pictures as well. Hurray for curious shop staff!

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SLY style is always so centered no matter the trends season to season (previous post on SLY Japan brand). You can spot a SLY girl on the street, especially with the cool prints and pops of color she’s wearing. SLY Japan is one of the biggest stores in 109, was the biggest store in Naha OPA (previous post). It’s clientele range from cool gyaru lovers to chic girls who just want cool accessories.

These two girls from Okinawa really portray SLY style, the glamorous mixed with casual and not afraid to mix color. I love their statement necklaces and simple hair.

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okinawa naha
No edit, right before landing. So gorgeous :alpaca:

Okinawa has been super high on my bucket list of Japan for so long! That I went still shocks me! I had wanted to go for years but the cost of hotels and airfare are both usually crazy, but since a ton of budget airlines have moved into Japan it’s made it so much cheaper to fly to Okinawa. My flight cost: $175 via Jetstar and Peach. If you’re a foreigner ANA and JAL visitor deals (visitor visa required) to always keep it at around $210 USD, too.

I went with my girl Lucie and it was our second time traveling together. We make good travel companions. Our tiredness just makes us more sarcastic, usually towards each other :cat: She told me I was spending too much time primping and goes “Hurry up Scubasa.” ….best damn pun ever for gal and beach. I live for Scubasa.

Sadly since it’s an ocean resort a lot of things I did I couldn’t capture on film. :heartbreak:


:bow: Lucie’s first time kayaking and my first time trying to kayak in the ocean!
:bow: Getting an amazing massage, body scrub and sauna

and best of all

:bow: We got a private boat trip to snorkel! For only $30 each we signed up for the group trip but it ended up being only Lucie, me and the driver! Such good timing! During our trip our scuba our driver (and diver) picked up a blue starfish and put it on his head like a hairpin. So hilarious! Why did I not buy a waterproof camera for these things :heartbreak: We also got to feed fish and watch them follow us which as great!

A lot of the days were overcast, but islands tend to do that. :sweatbubble:

Lucie in Black Milk and GOA walking to the lighthouse


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