Finally I’m going to do another kawaii make-up review, this time FITS Love Switch “Pink Brown Mascara” in the Long Type (website) (ラブスイッチ ピンクブラウンロングマスカラ). I’m really excited to review this because it starts me on my brown make-up reviews that I’ve been meaning to do since I’ve talked about the brown trend.

Even though I took these photos months ago I’ve been really uninspired to do make-up reviews. I got on Accutane for my acne that started when I turned 20. If you’re one of those people who decided to love someone in their 20s then overnight your perfectly clear skin went all acne crazy, I feel you. I put off doing the medicine for a long time until I finally realized it was my ONETRUECOURSE. The medicine’s side effects have ranged from “hmmm this is mild” to “leave me in my dark hole, I’m a monster, but please pick me up some food while you’re out???”. But I’m almost done with my course. After I’m done I’ll throw a big make-up party. hehee!

Finally back to do a review on a product that actually delivers as promised.

Love Switch Pink Brown Mascara in Long Product Shots


Newish casing. Love Switch Pink Brown Line used to have a Curl formula but they’ve ditched that to just have the “Long” and “Volume” types.

Love Switch Pink Brown Long bills itself as separating each individual lash.



The actual casing isn’t as cute, but it’s more a natural-cute.

You can see the fibers attaching to the brush. Pink Brown Mascara Long is definitely a fiber mascara.

In Store Love Switch Promotional Shots



I took these pictures at Okadaya in Shinjuku kabukicho. Below are @cosme  reviews by women of different ages. Cosme is a popular make-up review site in Japan, comparable to make-up alley with much much better organization.

Pink Brown mascaras and liners advertise as being a 3D pearl pink on it.

 Love Switch Pink Brown Mascara worn



I have stubby eyelashes to begin with so any fiber mascara makes a big change for me. The color is hard to tell its an actual brown in photos, but it definitely was noticeable IRL.

It’s a medium brown and works with black lashes as well as brown.

I’m wearing Koakuma Ageha’s brand of monthly circle lens in “Moe Brown” I bought in Japan. I’m thinking about doing a post on buying circle lens in Japan, would you like that?



More brown make-up swatching. I’m using the CanMake Perfect Stylist Eyes eyeshadow, the Excel Eyebrow set in Apricot Brown and the Eyescream Brown liquid liner along with the Pink Brown Long mascara in the above photos.

Just-the-facts Love Switch Pink Brown Mascara in Long Review

– cute packaging
– moderate price 1280-1640yen
– fiber mascara
– is an actual brown mascara, hard to find a competitor
– never notice smudging

– hard to find (Imomoko & Sasa currently don’t carry. Sasa only has Pink Brown eyeliner)
– not as cute actual container

Overall: 4/5

Final thoughts:
I bought this mascara not expecting much, but it actually was lengthening and the color was a nice brown. It’s become my regular mascara because the applicator is easy and the fibers stay in line. I’ve tried to search for dupes available for overseas, but both Dior and Benefit‘s brown mascaras are too dark of a brown and more expensive than Pink Brown.

If only the actual packaging was more cute.


I love Kawaii Make-up and love to review it. Read more Kawaii make-up reviews here 

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