I have no idea what made purchase Etude House’s Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips Lipstick. I reviewed the blush poorly, so why would I go back the same product line? I think it’s the packaging. Stupid, cute packaging. Thankfully I’m glad I bought the Crystal Shine Lipstick another Etude House Princess Etoinette Review for you!

I’ve previously introduced the Princess Etoinette collection so I’ll just get down to talking about the lipsticks. Crystal Shine Lipstick is a combination opaque lipstick and hydrating gloss. So it’s not a true lipstick and it’s made to finish in a gloss not a usual matte. They were released last winter and they’re still in stores.

I bought my two from the Etude House store in Shinjuku Lumine EST. Cost is midrange, around $13.00 USD. They can be purchased from Korea from KpopStore $12.90 or Yesstyle $22



As with the rest of the Princess Etoinette collection super cute packaging even down to the metallic bits on the box.

princess etoinette crystal shine lips


I purchased the pink (PPK004) first and went back and got the nude orange (POR201) next.


With both you can see the shine they have without need for a topping of gloss. Because both shades are opaque the orange turned out to be not so orange worn.


In different light and angle you can see the POR201 orange does look slightly orange.


The coverage is buildable and those are the two colors after several applications.


Just-the-facts Etude House Princess Etoinette Review

– cute packaging
– mid-range price
– very hydrating (perfect for winter!)
– opaque style means color wusses (like me) can choose bolder colors

– still plastic case
– doesn’t stain enough to last more than 2 hours
– only bottom in tiny font tells color difference, kind of hard to grab the right one in a hurry

Overall: 4.75/5

Final thoughts: This lipstick is made for winter. I wore it constantly in dry Japan and it really helped my lips. I also like the opaque style of the lipstick. I’m usually a color wuss when it comes to lipstick sticking to mostly nudes, but opaque made me be a little bold with my choices. I repurchased, and I (spoiler) got 2 lipsticks along with some other products from the second Princess Etoinette line that just came out!

Etude House didn’t put a blush out in the second Princess Etoinette line, so maybe the blush wasn’t as loved eternally?

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Side note:  I’ll be doing more make-up reviews and talks lately, I feel like I ignored them a lot  and I’m really into make-up right now, especially super cute packaged make-up. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Etude House Princess Etoinette Review. I’ve got a trend report to talk about, Gyaru brands ss14 trends and maybe a kind of off the cuff discussion on gyaru with some more recent observations of seeing current gal in Tokyo and beyond in November.

I’m back in Houston from my month of Japan in November so now I have time to reply to all the wonderful comments you guys have left. Thank you!! :loveword:  I’ve been reading them while I’ve been traveling and appreciate them and your likes on blogluvin’ as well. If you need to read the Doll on mobile Blogluvin’ has a great FREE (and ad-free) app for android and ioS (iphone, ipad) that includes a wonderful mobile reader. I’ve been using it while traveling and it’s a fabulous way to keep up with your favorite blogs all in one place.

Korean make-up brand Etude House launched a line “Princess Etionette” that was an obvious rift of Laduree’s ultra-expensive Japan-only Make-up Line “Les Merveilleuses” (link). But cheaper!! Les Merveillesuses blush is 10,000 yen ($110). While Etude House’s Princess Etionette Cheek is 2,500 yen ($28). Not drugstore, but not made of diamonds!

I bought the Etude House Princess Etoinette Blusher in OR201 Coral Masquerade.

Gratuitous Princess Etoinette Blusher Shots





Princess Etoinette’s entire line-up, which is not seasonal and still available in stores!


The puff given to apply and the very orange color the hearts combine to make.


etude house princess etoinette heart blusher coral masquerade

Much softer than the Liz Lisa blush and less pigmented. I would call the color more “pearl” as well.


Other reviewers have written about the hearts breaking, 7 months in that’s not an issue for me.


Comparison next to my Liz Lisa blush (reviewed here). I’m not a fan of the dull gold/pewter on the Etude House blush, but I do like their baby pink.

Just-the-facts Etude House Princess Etoinette Heart Blusher Review

– cute packaging
– comes with applicator
– mid-range price

– not very pigmented
– too pearlescent for problem skin
– bulky case and delicate product not travel friendly
– plastic case up close is just… plastic

Overall: 2.75/5

Final thoughts: A cute make-up product that’s more looks than substance. With problem skin I think the pearl shimmer instead of glitter shows up my scars more. I would purchase from this line again, but not the blush (edit: I did, review on Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips Lipstick here in two shades)