If my last two Punyus updates haven’t won you over I bet this shop staff snap will. Punyus is an all size brand in Shibuya 109 and they actually do mean all size. There were a lot of different body shapes working the three times I visited. Also checking out the #punyus tag on instagram a lot of sizes and styles seem to be rocking out in the brand.

Not only was this Punyus shop staff a wonderful shop staff in every way, friendly, helpful, knowledgable. But she was also styled to the gods and had fabulous gyaru make-up. And girl loves one color, you’ll never guess what it is…



So adorable right? The hair, the make-up, the casual but stylish clothing, and her fabulous smile.


Such a cute smile. She’s holding another iconic Punyus print.

Fun fact: A corndog is known as an “American Dog” in Japan. Corndogs aren’t popular in America so….yea. I think I saw more corndogs in Japanese convenience stores than I’ve ever seen in America.


Check out her lavender life. I don’t think I’ve ever been that committed to a color. Heck I don’t think I’ve shown such strong feelings toward a significant other. She’s totally dating Lavender.


Her make-up is so current but gyaru. Thick eyebrows, light eyelashes, bold but brown circle lens, but strong classic nose shading and perfect blush.


I was freaking out over her blush. Seriously it was just the most perfect combination with everything else. I was like you have to tell me. It’s too perfect.


She went behind the counter and pulled it out from her bag to show me. It turns out it’s MAC “Full of Joy”. To sell in Japan brands like MAC have to put these stickers on their products. Mostly to give the name in Japanese but also to tell the company. MAC cosmetics are super expensive in Japan (as are other big brands such as YSL, Chanel and such) so buy before or duty free before stepping on Japanese soil. A lot of Japanese vacation to Hawaii and Guam to load up on brand goods (bags & make-up) because they’re cheaper, Hawaii especially.

She also told me a great secret about Punyus Button UP tops the tops are specifically made with extra buttons for busty girls. Or just girls. No one likes when a nicely tailored button up pops out right at boob level. punyus-buttonup

Uniform extra buttons! As a busty girl myself it was such a “eureka” moment! Why don’t other brands do this? Many women big and small are busty and yet I don’t usually see this. And reminded me that there was truly someone who understood the needs of women behind the brand. Go PUNYUS!

Their bestsellers on their webstore  seem to be the original prints so that’s a good sign the PUNYUS aesthetic is here to stay. Judging by the #Punyus instagram tag it seems like a lot of different styles like the brand.

 Punyus iPhone app

Punyus has recently put out a free iPhone app, available at JP and US iPhone stores (search “PUNYUS”). Please update if your regional store has it too. It’s an update app that links to punyus instragram, Naomi Watanabe’s blog, punyus twitter, and the punyus twitter tag. You can also view the new collections, check their online store and sign up for their point program.

But the big deal with the PUNYUS app is the super cute stickers.


The app’s opening screen


One of the four pages of stickers available. You can resize and add as many as you want.


Franklin got PUNYUS-ed :omg:

In a comment on their official instagram they stated they were planning an overseas webstore. Don’t get too excited however. Many companies always seem to be planning one yet ignore the overseas audience.

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Punyus Shibuya 109 opened in b2 (basement 2 next to Evris) on last Friday. I dropped by this Monday and the friendly shop staff allowed me to take pictures of her and the shop. Punyus Shibuya 109 is their first store and quite small, but stocked with pretty much all of the items in their catalog.

Punyus details

Previous post with brand introduction and producer discussion
On-line webstore: http://store.punyus.jp/

Website: http://punyus.jp/
Punyus twitter: https://twitter.com/PUNYUS_press
Punyus facebook: https://www.facebook.com/punyusjp


Punyus Shop Staff


Cute pop personal style! The strawberry print seems popular. Another shop staff (as seen in pictures below) was rocking it as well. The shirts of the egg, cabbage and strawberry prints are a knit while the skirts are a looser lighter cotton which is perfect for summer.


The giant platforms they are doing.

Punyus comes off as part Harajuku pop style and part NeoGal. Producer Naomi Watanabe is a big Fig & Viper fan so I can see her original NeoGal style take place.


I’m really excited by this brand. Lots of originality and bringing a whole new style to 109 and a whole new ideal of ALL SIZE.

Next month I’ll get back to more posting with lots of travel photos, sakura bits, fun things to do in Tokyo, delicious things to eat and brand reports. But I’m really busy in Japan so this was a quick one. :cat2:

Just like Plumprimo by Yumetenbo x LaFarfa, PUNYUS by WEGO is another brand bringing plus size (and all size) to the masses. It’s produced by plus size icon and LaFarfa head Naomi Watanabe, who was born to be a star.


PUNYUS producer Naomi Watanabe (center) surrounded by all size PUNYUS style

Who’s Naomi Watanabe?: She started out as a talent dancing to Beyonce’s on TV and got the nickname the Japanese Beyonce (video of her getting down). Oh talent on TV, it takes so little. But from those humble beginnings Naomi Watanabe pushed even further. She appeared in a ton of variety shows because of her quick wit and actual humor.

She starred in her self-named TV series Naomi’s Closet (ナオミクローゼット) (http://www.bs4.jp/naomi/) last year all about fashion. See how she’s funny here (full episode on body massage here).


Naomi Watanabe interviewed Emoda producer Ena Matsumoto, Murua producer Momoko Ogihara, Fig & Viper producer Alisa Ueno and Ank Rouge creative director Okarie Matsuoka.

Naomi has also been the face of 109 as well as being the main face of plus-size Japanese magazine LaFarfa.

Here she is as the face of Shibuya 109 for their 7Days Bargain this January.
naomiwatanabe-shibuya109 Yup! A plus-sized woman was the face of Shibuya 109!

Video of her showing off her cool attitude for the making of the Shibuya 109 ad.

So it’s a big thing that she’s partnered with megastore WEGO for a PUNYUS brand.

PUNYUS details:

katakana: プニュズ
website: http://punyus.jp/
by: Collaboration with Harajuku mega-brand WEGO. Who helped launch W♥C
producer: Naomi Watanabe (渡辺直美) (blog: http://watanabenaomi.laff.jp/ instagram: http://instagram.com/watanabenaomi703)
concept is: 60s, 90s era items with hip hop influence and harajuku street mentality

PUNYUS is not open yet but will open in SHIBUYA 109 


YUP plus-sized clothes in Shibuya 109.

PUNYUS is not just for plus-size! It’s actually an ALL size brand that focuses on low-priced items with cool prints. PUNYUS offers sizes in Free to 6L. Representation? Yup!

PUNYUS for Spring 2014

PUNYUS had an exhibition and their upcoming collection looks pretty cool!

punyus-egg punyus-style2 punyus-style

all of these are from Tokyo Front Line, these are just a sample. They did an excellent job taking pictures of the exhibition. Check them all out at their website.


And the LaFarfa models showing off their cool individual PUNYUS style.

I hope you can tell I’m so excited for this brand. Original prints, original look, all size friendly, fronted by such a cool producer in Naomi Watanabe, and in Shibuya 109 representing all girls small to big. It’s like a revolution all in one store. I hope this store does well, but with WEGO backing it, it’s got hope!

And you know what this means? All size shop staff. Hurray for all size “pocca-tive”