I was tempted to start a whole new blog about vintage brand just because I’m quite addicted. You may have noticed on my instagram but I’m a Chanel fan. Fan is taking it lightly, I’m a Chanel stan. My collection has straight up exploded in the past two years. Last year I bought about 20 Chanel pieces (not only bags). I shamefully hunt sales and bargains.  I’ve hawked the Chanel market especially that going into a shop and looking at a few items I can tell you if they’re inflating their prices or at current market or below.


August of last year’s Chanel bag collection pic. My collection has doubled since then.


I was thinking of calling the new blog Chanel Poverty. Either because I’m going broke buying Chanel or because vintage Chanel can be done on a budget. I’m still not sure which.

But I’ve decided to include it in the Doll, especially since so much vintage is popular in Japan right now and you will see several producers, talent and other famous fashionistas wearing vintage brands. Post on this later. I recently bought the new AneAgeha and they had paired vintage bags with new clothing. I also really want to talk some changes in vintage recently. I’m extremely vintage Chanel addicted so that will be a primary focus of this series, it’s also what the resellers are focusing on, some stores have opened that sell 90% Chanel. However, I also want to speak about all types of vintage high brand.

I absolutely hate discussing money on-line it’s one of my 3 big no-nos about talking on-line. I believe age, weight, and money are my business. I guess I’m old fashioned that way. But I will give you ranges of items I’ve found and how to find within that range.

If you think Forever 21 can be expensive this is not the segment for you. I blog about cheap clothes and discount outlet stores too so please check a later post. But if you’ve got a $100 or more to spend and feel like treating yourself then please read on. I just scored a deal on a vintage Chanel print top for 48$ but those deals are rare.

I also have zero plans about talking about fakes. I don’t like them. I hate that they exist. They’ve only made the more recently brand market murky. I avoid them. Japan takes its counterfeiting seriously so fakes are not as prevalent and shops certainly would be shut down if they advertised as selling them, but always buyer beware. VintageHeirloom has a wonderful guide on how to spot Chanel fake bags, and etinceler authentications is a wonderful authenticator that will do many brand authenications on-line (for a fee). I may do a post on authenticating jewelry and clothing because I do not see many around but we’ll see.


Inside a vintage shop I will talk about in Tokyo.


What is Vintage Brand?

When I speak about vintage brand: I primarily mean the high brand houses originating from Europe. Big sellers are Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, Moschino, Gucci, Versace, Sonia Rykel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Celine.

When I discuss Vintage for brand items. The term Vintage is universally accepted for clothing, jewelry or bags that are 10 years or older from the current date. Which means 2004 currently is the cut-off for “vintage” items. Some may scoff and say only 1950s or such era is truly vintage, but with the wear that everyday items get 10 years is the accepted cut off within resellers and collectors circles.

I will be concentrating on Japan because my blog is a Japanese Fashion Blog. I’ve bought vintage brand all across Japan online and off. The market and the desire for vintage brand right now is insane in Japan!! There are so many resale shops with two stores opened while I was just in Japan. Buyers from Japan go overseas and soak up all the old items and bring them back to Japan. There’s just a huge interest in vintage right now, especially Chanel.

I’ve taken photos and visited lots of vintage stores across Japan as well which I’d like to share. Also, I’d like to review stores and give recommendations. However if your interest is only in brand and not within Japan I should be able to help there too.


Chanel Poverty or Mitsu’s Guide to buying Vintage especially in Japan

:bow: Intro to the Series

:bow: Reasons I love Vintage Brand

:bow: Japanese celebrities, models and producers with vintage Chanel

:bow: A History of High Brands in Japan and Japan’s First Wave of Resellers

:bow: Japan’s Second Wave of Resellers store talks and reviews (multipost)

:bow: Popular Vintage Brands and key pieces from each brand (multipost)

:bow: Navigating on-line and in personal buying of Vintage Brand and learning market price (multipost)

:bow:  related eating at the Chanel restaurant Beige in Ginza Chanel

:bow:  possible… My full vintage Chanel collection

:bow:  possible… Chanel vintage jewelry and clothing authentication guide


Yes a new series on the Doll, I’ve got a Larme post on the way and a new hair series post as well so just in case I don’t ignore series. I’ve already written three of these future posts on Vintage Brand in Japan so please stay tuned they will come out!

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A bit shocked by the comments on the Doll changes post, pleasantly shocked! Thank you everyone taking the time to say such kind things. It really pushed me to blog more, but that just means all you see is zero posts and while more typing, research and photo taking before anything comes out.